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Feature Spotlight: Static Links

Whether you’re a nonprofit needing more volunteer registrations or an HR department wanting to simplify employee form submissions, providing universal or commonly requested forms readily and accessibly is key.

AssureSign’s Static Links feature empower nonprofits, HR departments and your business to make registrations, inquiries, form submissions, and other universal processes available to your audience on a self-service basis.  

When enabled, AssureSign Professional and Enterprise customers can generate a Static Link (URL/link) within the Simple Setup > Template environment. You can then embed that URL/link onto your organization’s intranet or website or send the link to signers by email or by leveraging AssureSign’s Bulk Send function.

Signers can click the link to complete/sign your forms and documents. Once submitted, the completed forms are sent back to you (or the document originator) and individually stored with the rest of your “Completed Documents” in the AssureSign Portal.

To activate the Static Links feature, you must currently be an administrator on an AssureSign Professional or Enterprise account (AssureSign Business customers: contact our customer success team to learn how you can upgrade to activate the Static Links feature!)

To activate Static Links, follow these steps:

  1. Login to AssureSign > navigate to the top-right menu > select “Administration”
  2. Select “Settings” from the menu on the left
  3. Look under the “Application Features” Group for “Enable Static Links” and click “Edit”
  4. Select the “Yes” radio button and then click “Save”

After enabling the feature, you can generate Static Links while editing any of your Simple Setup templates!

To generate a static link for one of your existing templates, navigate to the template’s editing environment (AssureSign portal main page > select the “VIEW TEMPLATES (SIMPLE SETUP)” option from the main menu > click “EDIT” on the extreme right-hand side of the desired template).

Once you’re in editing mode, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Static Links icon from the left-hand icon menu.

  2. Under Link Settings, toggle “Enable Static Link” to the blue position

  3. Set your desired settings (link expiration, signer verification, etc.). Not sure what settings fit your use case? Use the Static Links Knowledge Base article for help!

  4. In the “Redirect URL” field, enter the website signers will be redirected to once they’ve finished the signing process (e.g. https://www.yourbusiness.com)

  5. Once you’ve adjusted the options and settings as desired, click the “VALIDATE” button and wait for the “Validation Successful” message to appear.

  6. You can now copy the Sharable link (or iFrame code) and embed the link on your business’s website, intranet, email message, or wherever desired! (Click the ‘SAVE CHANGES” button when finished)

AssureSign's Static Links feature in action

The AssureSign Static Links feature is ideal for several use cases across multiple industries, including:

  • Liability waivers
  • Activity registrations/releases
  • Sign-up for new volunteers/customers
  • Events (registrations, attendance, etc.)
  • Sales orders
  • Standard NDAs
  • Account change requests
  • and more!

Current AssureSign customers can contact the AssureSign customer success team to learn more about Static Links.

New to eSign? Schedule a demo and see Static Links along with the entire AssureSign platform in action!

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