Free eBook: Getting Started with eSignatures for Dynamics 365

Free eBook: Getting Started with eSignature Technology for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Did you know that by 2017, 65% of enterprises will retire paper-based processes in favor of those based on digital transaction management? It’s easy to understand why: paper trails simply can’t meet the demanding quick pace of doing business in our globally connected world.

What’s worse? Paper isn’t secure. Paper documents can be misplaced; signatures can be forged. Even Hollywood knows better than to fully trust pen and ink: the movies “Talented Mr. Ripley” and “Catch Me If You Can” say more than we ever could about the importance of secure signatures.

That’s why we’ve put together this Getting Started eBook specifically for users of Microsoft Dynamics 365. We want to empower your organization to make the best possible decision on your eSignature software. Implementing eSignatures is a transformative change in your business processes, and we want you to be informed every step of the way. While we think AssureSign is the best option out there – and you can read in this eBook from a few customers who feel the same way – no two eSignature implementation processes are exactly alike, so it’s crucial you take into account what to look for in choosing the right eSignature provider for your specific business. If that sounds daunting, no worries. We’ll walk you through it.

As a Microsoft Dynamics 365 user, one of the most important considerations of any eSignature platform is whether it integrates with your CRM. The Getting Started eBook will guide you that and more. Here’s a quick look at what’s inside this eBook:

  1. An Introduction to Electronic Signatures
  2. How to Find the Right eSignature Provider
  3. Planning Your eSignature Implementation
  4. eSignature Implementation Success Stories
  5. Quick Reference eSignature Glossary

Discover how to streamline your CRM workflows with eSignature by downloading the Getting Started with eSignature for Microsoft Dynamics eBook

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