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5 Hitachi Solutions Conference Sessions That Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Users Can’t Miss

In a prior post, we announced our newest partnership with Hitachi Solutions and the value our collaboration will bring to consumers of Microsoft business solutions. Hitachi Solutions is well known among Microsoft Dynamics CRM online users, which is why we’re excited for the venture.

As a thought-leader in the digital solution realm, Hitachi Solutions hosts its annual Customer Conference event as a platform for discussions on emerging innovation. Customers can come to learn what’s new in multiple realms of digital transformation, along with the opportunity to network and promote their solutions.

This isn’t the first time we’ve attended Hitachi’s annual conference, but it will be the first time AssureSign sponsors the event at the gold level and hosts a breakout session for Hitachi’s audience…

Before heading to Denver, we wanted to give you a quick breakdown of the event, some new elements to this year’s agenda, and our top five fav sessions for this year’s conference…


11th Annual Hitachi Solutions Customer Conference

For the groundbreaking of its second century stint, the Hitachi Solutions’ 11th annual Customer Conference will embrace the theme of “Digital Transformation” as it aims to help attending businesses with digital hurdles of the current era.

Hitachi Solutions mentions one of the reasons that businesses should consider attending is that “digital transformation is becoming a priority for organizations around the world…”

“50% of the global 2000 will see the majority of their business depend on their ability to create digitally-enhanced products, services and experience by 2020.” – V.P. Rachael Mott


 (new) Quality Packed Agenda

Much like in years past, Hitachi Solutions will offer unique sessions during its conference that aim to educate audiences on the best methods of using MS technologies—Dynamics 365, Azure, and field service.

However, this year, Hitachi will begin its Customer Conference’s second generation with a new way of segregating its agenda…

New for 2018 are the five defining tracks that group breakout sessions into similar collections, making selection for attendees much easier:

  1. Digital Transformation Track*

  2. Innovation Track*

  3. Manufacturing & Distribution Track

  4. Financial Services & Insurance Track

  5. Retail Track

Of the five, the Digital Transformation* and Innovation* tracks are crafted to be cross-industry, while the remaining three are industry specific. Attendees can choose the track best suited for their presenting business needs or challenges.

We did some digging and thought we’d highlight some of our favorites…


Our Five Favorite Breakouts:

#1 “Innovative Approaches to User Experience” (Innovative Track)

Why it made our list: Being considered an innovator within our industry, we know the importance of innovation all too well—it’s one of our four core values after all. Innovation within the realm of user (UX) and customer (CX) experience is pivotal in driving more customers (and ultimately sales) to your website and product. Putting UX and CX first in your go-to-market strategy puts your business in a one-way revenue elevator… “going up.”


#2 “Digitally Transform Your Business with SMS eSignatures for Microsoft Dynamics 365” (Digital Transformation Track/Sponsor Showcase)

Why it made our list: We know we’re slightly biased, but our mobile-first breakout session should be at the top of your agenda. 4 out of 5 consumers leverage text messages for business purposes… signaling the need for organizations to adapt to an increasingly mobilized commerce. Further, 55% of consumers report not having mobile access to their email, meaning businesses leveraging SMS for document completion stand to gain quite the competitive edge. Keep your pipeline flowing strong with the newest of digital transaction management innovations: SMS for eSignature.


#3 “How Dynamics 365 can Improve Demand Planning and Forecasting” (Manufacturing & Distribution Track)

Why it made our list: Demand is one of the trickiest elements within the Manufacturing and Distribution space. Inaccurate forecasting can leave you with quite the shortage or overage of product. Microsoft Dynamics CRM online, when paired with digital transaction management, can streamline and aid forecasting models. Because we know microsoft dynamics crm online and eSignature easily simplifies demand and inventory forecasting, this M&D breakout session has our seal of Assure-proval!


#4 “Governance, Security & Compliance, and Dynamics 365” (Financial Services & Insurance Track)

Why it made our list: Much like the public sector, the financial industry is heavily regulated, leaving many with questions surrounding the security, legality, and compliance issues of migrating to the cloud. This session looks to put ease the inquiring mind while providing specific take-aways on how to handle compliance inquires and promote exceptional customer service. Two thumbs way up!


#5 “50 Tips in 50 Minutes” (Retail Track/Customer Engagement)

Why it made our list: Walking away from online and in-person learning experiences with tangible take-aways is always a plus. Leaving this breakout session with 50 differing methods of utilizing social CRM, User Adoption, Office 365 interaction, and mobility is an invaluable asset for Dynamics users. Capturing ideas to “make Microsoft Dynamics CRM online and 365 really sing” with regard to CX is a can’t-miss opportunity!



These are our  favorites, but every day brings an opportunity for you to add value to your business with a value-packed agenda and exceptional breakout hosts.



Heading to the conference? We’ll see you on Thursday at 1:45p for our SMS eSignature breakout! You can check out the full agenda here.