Discover how one of the Largest Nonprofits Reimagined Paperwork | AssureSign

Discover how one of the Largest Nonprofits Reimagined Paperwork

As part of our commitment to community engagement, AssureSign’s nonprofit sales outreach team partners with local and national organizations striving to serve disadvantaged or vulnerable populations. Our team works with these organizations as they explore ways electronic signature can streamline processes and meet their needs—empowering employees and volunteers to spend more time and resources serving their communities.

Our recent community partner, Junior Achievement, continues to save time and garner more volunteers as they digitally transform the way they do business.

Who is Junior Achievement?

Founded over 100 years ago, Junior Achievement (JA) aims to “inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy” by engaging with urban, suburban and rural students through school and community-based programs. With a presence in over 105+ communities, JA serves more than 4.8 million students and 209,000 classrooms nationwide.

Antiquated processes were slowing them down and curbed volunteerism.

Like many nonprofits, JA relies on volunteers to achieve its mission. However, before volunteers can ever enter a classroom or engage with students, they must complete and sign JA’s Volunteer Conduct Standards, Social Media Policy, and Media Release forms. 

Before eSignature, those interested in volunteering with JA had to pick up these forms and either return them in-person or sign, scan and attach them to an email. This led to delayed responses, fewer volunteers and wasted resources. In fact, one JA Area office wasted over 30,000 sheets of paper every school year between volunteer registrations and other initiatives!

“Once projects and events conclude, teachers must verify completion with a verification form. We would have runners haul across Dallas and back again to deliver these forms, wait for teachers to complete them, then return to our office to file them…”

– Anna Liberty, Data Manager at Junior Achievement of Dallas

eSignature ushers in more volunteers and less hassle.

With the power of AssureSign’s eSign Anywhere and eSign via Text solutions and Static Link feature, JA can now provide volunteers with a digital registration process from start-to-finish via single or bulk email sending, tablets at volunteer kiosks, or a JA Area’s website. What’s more, JA Areas waste far less resources while enjoying document turnaround times averaging 24 hours or less!

“It was absolutely worth the investment. AssureSign helped us streamline our business practice while allowing us to provide a quality and timely response to our volunteers!”

– Senior leader at Junior Achievement of Kansas City

Learn all the benefits eSignature brings to JA…
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