How Signatures for Text Message Cut Cost by 90%

Partner Spotlight: How Signatures for Text Message Cuts Cost by 90%

When mentioning the electronic signature industry’s only partner program with a proven revenue stream, AssureSign Connect, we never fail to mention its most outstanding benefit… mutual success!

This benefit often comes to fruition through additional channels of revenue and referrals for partners.

However, now and then, a partnership lends prosperity in an unexpected way. This was certainly the case after Captorra partnered with AssureSign, which yielded one of today’s most sought-after eSignature feature!

But, first things first…


Who is Captorra?

As the legal industry’s leading case and client intake software solution, Captorra provides services for bankruptcy, consumer, family, personal injury and mass tort legal practices.

Captorra is designed to assist firms in varying legal verticals by organizing case and client data, while increasing the amount of cases they’re able to secure. Captorra’s mission is to take firms beyond outbound, phone-based sales strategies and adopt systemic nurturing campaigns, generating more leads and clients.

After using Captorra’s solution, one law firm saw a $335,000 increase in new monthly revenue and over $4 million in new yearly revenue (that’s some serious ROI)!

In addition to a new, effective and prosperous sales process, law firms using Captorra’s solution have access to intuitive analytics, such as:

  • Best ROI efforts
  • Time slots yielding the best results for each vertical
  • referral/lead production from each selling medium

Sounds pretty robust, right?

It’s designed to be.

But don’t let its extensive repertoire of features and intuitive analytics fool you, Captorra was crafted with simplicity top of mind. Captorra enables experienced intake officers to quickly and efficiently gather details, yet its seamless UI gifts new or unfamiliar employees with navigational ease.

Not only does the software integrate into nearly any case management software, it’s designed to be mobile friendly. Whether in the office or on the road, legal professionals, attorneys and investigators have access to the Captorra platform.


Captorra & AssureSign: Developing Signature for Text Message (SMS)

Captorra takes its commitment to a mobile experience seriously. While they’re not the only partner currently leveraging AssureSign’s electronic signature for text messages… they were the FIRST.

In 2013, not long after choosing AssureSign as their electronic signature integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Chris O’Brien, Captorra’s President and CEO, reached out to us. He informed us of the growing need for mobilized communication between (1) Captorra and prospective firms, and (2) firms and their clients and prospects.

Where some may have seen a problem, we saw an opportunity

AssureSign and Captorra collaborated to develop, create and implement the industry’s only signature for text messages.

Since that time, we’ve enhanced our signature for text message feature to not only be usable by nearly any business… but become one of the most highly sought after features among eSignature vendors.


“Providing the electronic signature process on a consumer’s smartphone is invaluable. Over 60 percent of our own deals are closed with AssureSign’s text to eSign feature. Both our customers and my own sales team agree… mobile eSign determines whether deals are won or lost.”

-Chris O’Brien, President & CEO, Captorra


Read the Captorra Success Story to learn how AssureSign’s Dynamics CRM integration:

  • Closes deals faster by offering agile features like signature for text message

  • Reduces printing, mailing and shipping costs

  • Eliminates manual updates in CRM

Read the Captorra Success Story to learn more