IBM Think: 4 Ingredients Causing Curiosity to Boil Over

IBM Think: 4 Ingredients Sending Curiosity Boiling Over

When surveying a typical conference season, you’re unlikely to think of February as the gauntlet of its prime. Yet, in 2019, it’s the month of Saint Valentine that’s hosting one of the fastest growing tech-centered conferences in the U.S.

Setting up shop February 12-15 in San Francisco, California, IBM Think 2019 delves into the modern digital landscape while defining the transformations capable of redefining your go-to-market strategy. From high-level symposiums to tech skillset trainings, IBM Think will host a guided exploration of innovations in cloud computing, AI, data and analytics, automation and more!

Hundreds of scheduled seminars, sessions, labs, and interactive experiences culminate to a refreshingly unique experience for IBM Think 2019 patrons. We reviewed the IBM Think 2019 mainframe and collated the applauding reviews from 2018. In its recipe, we found four novel ingredients that gave us quite the appetite for Think:

1. Think Campus

For starters, the floorplan was carefully (and thoughtfully) designed with IBM Think-ers in mind. The floor is segmented into four technology factions, each containing solutions and digital products that speak to similar themes and use cases:

  • Security and Resiliency
  • Smarter Business Showcase
  • Data and AI
  • Cloud and Infrastructure

Contributing to these factions are the coined “Think Tanks” and “Theaters,” which IBM Think 2019 will have sprinkled throughout its Campus.


2. Think Tanks & Theaters

Think Tanks (we’re assuming the pun is intended) are where Think-ers can gather and discuss an array of tech topics that speak to similar themes like common pain points or use cases. Their purpose? To create a ‘hub’ of sorts where attendees can informally share and discuss similar experiences and reveal potential improvements to existing business strategies. We haven’t seen this concept implemented widely outside of IBM Think; however, we’re betting it’s another anecdote that fosters the IBM Think charm.

Contrasting the tanks are the IBM Think Theaters. Theaters are designed to host the more formal conference offerings, such as sessions or planned addresses. These patrons will attend a number of the IBM Think 2019 sessions, speeches, and other conference events.


3. Think Academy

The Think Academy is designed with experiential learning in mind, offering both hands on and self-paced laboratories. Leading the labs are subject matter experts, who can pair their own field experience with topics of interest or desirable industry skill sets. And, if you plan to attend IBM Think 2019, you can look forward to an array of subjects among available lab topics—from GDPR aligned initiatives to sharpening your coding skills.


4. Smarter Business Showcase   

The Smarter Business Showcase brings together the premiere tools and solutions with a demonstrated capacity to propel innovation and transformation. The Showcase is comprised of three separate areas, each highlighting different business cycles—1. Smart at Work: Stories of Business Transformation; 2. Expert Bar and Assessment Area; and 3. IBM Garage. The benefit of the Business Showcase is two-fold. Not only will you uncover the innovative technology and custom processes best aligned for your business, but also, too, the solutions most capable of executing it.


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