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Integrating eSignatures into Existing Web Forms

When you think of electronic signatures, you might think of the signature pads you sign at a brick and mortar store front location. Or if you’re in business, chances are you think of an email with a ‘begin signing’ link. Although they may seem different, both of these methods to obtain signatures are legally equivalent to that old fashioned wet blue ink (thanks to the ESIGN Act of 2000). The only real difference is the customer experience, which is created by each organization’s workflows.

Our years of experience have taught us that no two eSignature processes are exactly the same, because no two organizations are the same – so to meet the needs of different businesses, AssureSign offers a variety of solutions for how and where you choose to implement electronic signatures within your organization.

In a previous post, we discussed Local Sign, an AssureSign application that enables the use of those signature pads for brick and mortar store locations. Today we’d like to introduce another AssureSign solution for obtaining signatures electronically: Web Form eSignature Integration.

Web Form Integrated Signing

Before we get into the details of how this signing works, let’s quickly review the now well-accepted electronic signature process…

First, two parties agree on something (a contract, a sale, employment, etc.).

Next, an email is sent to the appropriate individuals for signature. Those individuals click to open the electronic document, sign it – electronically – and click “Done Signing.”

Then, both the document originator and the signer receives an email confirming that the document has been signed, with the attached completed document.

Simple right? Well it is if emails fit into your everyday business process…

But what if your business offers an online self-sign-up service – industries offering this type of service could be insurance, shipping, event ticketing, or even summer camp for the kids – these all present opportunities that are great for Web Form Integration! Using AssureSign’s DocumentNOW APIs, organizations can immediately present the electronic signature form to obtain data, at the customer’s demand.

Now, let’s look at another example.  Do your clients meet you in a physical location – an office, at an event, or maybe even a Starbucks? It would be pretty silly to send a document for signature via email to a client that is sitting right in front of you, wouldn’t it? Using the same DocumentNOW APIs, users can configure ‘Immediate Presentment’ to populate the electronic documents on their laptop, ipad or tablet for clients to sign on the spot!

Web Forms = eSignature Documents

Think about your business for a minute… How many forms or documents do your customers complete in your regular business process? Using AssureSign’s ‘Web Form Integration’ method for obtaining data and signatures, each one of those forms can now be turned into an electronic signature form to be signed on the spot!

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