“Tech Law & Business Report” Q&A with AssureSign President & CEO David Brinkman

“Tech Law & Business Report” Q&A with AssureSign President & CEO David Brinkman

Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP—a global technology-focused legal firm with offices in Atlanta, Savannah (GA), Columbus (GA), Washington D.C., Raleigh, and Beijing—has long been a fervent and contributive ally to businesses within the B2B technology/SaaS arena. In addition to providing legal representation, MMM offers a variety of solutions, resources and services, which address common needs and hurdles among growing tech companies.

Bolstering their strong support for tech companies is the MMM publication “Tech Law & Business Report,” which the firm launched out of Atlanta in 2010. The Report includes valuable content in key areas, including mergers and acquisitions, venture capital and angel investing, recent legal news, finance, accounting & compensation, intellectual property and patents, public offerings, and MMM featured technology clients.

In their most recent “Tech Law & Business Report, MMM highlighted AssureSign as their featured technology client. The decision came after the firm evaluated our leadership team’s demonstrated and proactive efforts regarding company and cultural direction during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the videocast interview below, MMM Partner, John Yates asks AssureSign President & CEO, David Brinkman to describe the ROI and positive results from these efforts along with how they’ve impacted the direction of the company. Watch as David discusses some of the positive outcomes, including increased opportunity, market growth, and the evolving culture AssureSign’s engendered during adverse times like these…

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