Enable Signing with Signature Pad Devices

Introducing LocalSign 2.0 for AssureSign

AssureSign has been processing electronic signatures for more than two decades. As more and more consumers and businesses embrace not using paper to complete credit card transactions and legal agreements, we remain focused on making it easier and easier to sign for anything electronically. For those who still want to actually, physically add your signature, we’ve got your back.

Introducing LocalSign 2.0: An application that enables you to physically sign your signature to complete a transaction using digital signature pads via AssureSign.

How does LocalSign work?

LocalSign works with your computer, browser and signing pad device to integrate signatures captured on the signing pad right into the document you’re signing with AssureSign.  LocalSign 2.0 has been redesigned from the ground up to leverage the communications pathways built into today’s modern browsers.

Who Would Use LocalSign?

Electronic Signatures are collected and applied in mostly arms-length transactions where the signing parties are separated by time and location.  However, there are many businesses that have the customer sitting in front of them, wanting to leverage the power of an electronic workflow.  Traditionally, companies use a pen and paper to sign and complete a transaction. Those types of transactions are a great fit for LocalSign, because they allow companies to start their transition to electronic signatures, while minimizing the change for their customers. Customers are still using a “pen” and physically signing their name. The “paper” just happens to be an electronic pad, but it looks and feels just like their signature.

How hard is it to setup?

It’s never been easier to setup LocalSign.  LocalSign enables businesses to connect to a supported signing pad, Wacom or Topaz, into their PC via USB to transition the normal signing process from paper to electronic. By default, because AssureSign is a web-based software-as-a-service product, AssureSign utilizes a browser to complete an electronic signature. The web browser – Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer – doesn’t know or care what hardware is plugged into the PC. All it does is capture the data from the signature pad and send it to the browser. AssureSign takes care of the rest.

In fact, we redesigned the way the browser communicates with the signature pad device in such a way that there’s even less to configure and the software is more resilient to different browsers and their settings.

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