Jadu adds AssureSign's Electronic Signatures to eForms

Jadu Adds AssureSign’s Electronic Signatures to eForms

eSignature is often a necessary last step for enterprises within the SaaS eCommerce market. Because businesses and organizations offering SaaS rely on eSignatures to complete their solution’s transaction cycles, they often seek an eSign vendor that provides a seamless integration with their solution. That’s why enterprises like PowerObjectsSpruceBooks, and many others leverage our partnership program, AssureSign Connect.   

AssureSign Connect enables our partners to  

  1. integrate our eSignature software into their SaaS product,  
  2. market their product as one solution, and  
  3. maintain their branding, look, and feel throughout the eSignature process.  

Enabling partners to maintain their branding throughout our eSignature process is particularly important for businesses building front-end software—the interface that clients and consumers will see. This is the market segment our newest partner, Jadu, is an expert in.  

Who is Jadu  

Jadu, based in Chicago, is a web experience software provider, whose solutions are designed as a web content management platform for organizations of all shapes and sizes. An organization employing Jadu’s solution, such as Fordham University in New York or the Manchester City Council in England, can provide its end user—student, citizen, vendor/supplier, consumer, and so on—with access to specified content, forms, documents and activities. Administrators can easily  manage what materials and documents each user may access by assigning privileges based on a user’s log-in credentials.   

It works similarly to the method your email provider utilizes. Google’s Gmail houses tens of millions of emails, but logging in with your user credentials only grants you access to your  emails… did you just have an “a-ha! ” moment?  

Jadu’s largest customer base is represented by higher education and public sector. However, despite the varying needs of each industry, Jadu can modify its solution to align with specific use cases of nearly every enterprise and market.  As a result, Jadu has a growing customer base across many verticals, industries and business processes. 

Why Jadu Chose AssureSign  

Jadu’s technology is often implemented as part of a larger solution to address specific business processes across an organization. As a result, Jadu’s customers have requested that there be ‘out-of-the-box’ integrations with other technology such as eCommerce and eSignature. Last year, Jadu announced the release of Integrations Hub, an extensible area of the platform where integrations for partner technology can be added to the system.  Jadu is now adding AssureSign’s eSignature technology to the growing list of Integrations available to their customers through Integrations Hub. 

  1. AssureSign Connect  

It was our popularity among Jadu’s users that brought Jadu to the table, but our partner program is partially to credit for sealing the deal. AssureSign Connect provides Jadu the simplicity of reselling the AssureSign eSignature technology as one unified solution to its customer base while benefiting from additional revenue stream. 

  1. Open APIs  

In fact, the ability to market their product as a unified solution while retaining their platform’s branding, look and feel during the signing process is among the top reasons Jadu chose us to reinvent  their dotted line. By leveraging our open APIs, Jadu can achieve this seamless eSignature integration, all while enjoying the full capabilityversatility, and security AssureSign can offer.  

  1. Knowledge Base Authentication  

Speaking of security, this is another factor that helped us sign, seal and deliver  the partnership best aligned with Jadu’s needs. With many customers in the education and public sector, Jadu required an eSignature vendor that provides best-in-class security protocols. Our knowledge base authentication (KBA) enables Jadu to present a signer with a series of questions generated from public data sources to confirm their identity. This helps to prevent fraudsters from impersonation attempts and gaining access to privy information. Specifically, this addresses a very high level requirement for Jadu’s higher education customer base using the system to have parents sign documents in the Financial Aid process. 

Jadu plans to roll out their solution enhanced with our eSignature integration to existing customers in the coming weeks. What’s more, they’ll be demonstrating their new eSignature integration, along with other Jadu capabilities at the 2017 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in Philadelphia this November! If you’re planning on attending, make sure to stop by booth 1629 and say hello!   

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