Mother's Day Trivia

Mother’s Day Trivia

The second Sunday of May is upon us. For those of us in the U.S. and most other parts of the world, that means one thing and one thing alone…Mother’s Day.

The one day a year we push pause on the hectic hustle of daily life—no matter how momentary—to thank a very special woman for some of the amazing things she’s achieved in her lifetime. This year at AssureSign, we thought we’d celebrate moms around the world by indulging in some trivia about their special day…

The Origin of Mother’s Day

The exact date Mother’s Day was first celebrated isn’t clear, but commemorative traditions can be traced as far back as ancient Greece. These early celebrations were in honor of Rhea, the “Mother of the Gods.”

In the U.S., Mother’s Day was mostly recognized by woman’s peace groups. Recognition was given to the mothers of sons who served or died in the American Civil War. Outside of this, there were very few activities related to honoring moms. It wasn’t until 1914 that President Woodrow Wilson signed the order declaring Mother’s Day a national holiday. It’s widely disputed that the holiday would have been declared much earlier had Wilson utilized eSignature to sign the order.

Mother’s Day Around the World

In the U.S., Mother’s Day is set on the second Sunday of May. However, other countries around the world celebrate the holiday not only on different dates, but in different ways.

In France Mother’s Day—referred to as Fete des Meres—is celebrated on the last Sunday in May and is regarded as more of a family birthday. Spain celebrates its mothers on December 8th and the holiday is closely associated with Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus. 
In Sweden Mother’s Day is on the last Sunday in May and is a family holiday. The Swedish Red Cross sells small plastic flowers on days leading up to Mother’s Day and the money raised is used to help needy mothers and their children. In India Mother’s Day is celebrated nationally on the 19th of August. The UK still cites the holiday as Mothering Day—the now dated but once popular name for the holiday—and celebrates on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

Fun Facts

  • An AT&T survey estimated that 122.5 million phone calls to Mom are made on Mother’s Day
  • In most languages around the globe, the word for “mother” begins with the letter ‘M.’
  • Mother’s Day accounts for one-fourth of the flowers purchased for holidays. 
  • The carnation is the flower most often associated with Mother’s Day. Red and pink carnations for moms who are still living, and white carnations for mothers that have passed away.

The Best Gift for Mom

According to AssureSign’s Director of Customer Success, Andrea (a mom herself), the best gift moms can possibly receive are the ones that alleviate time and stress from their day-to-day schedules. Take a look at how eSignature waivers cut the time taken for her son’s soccer team signups.