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The AssureSign Newsletter. Reimagined.

Seasons. Outfits. Technology. Prices. Your outfit. Days of the week. What do all these great things have in common? They’re all things most of us enjoy reliably—yet they’re constantly changing. And more often than not, they change only to evolve into something even better than they were yesterday. With every passing day, progress has a way of bringing out the best of the best.

But it’s not just the best things in life that change for the better… now, the best thing in your inbox is even better, too!

Every month, the AssureSign Newsletter updates our customers, industry leaders, stakeholders, and everyone in-between with what’s new at AssureSign and within the electronic signature industry. Whether it’s a run-down of next month’s industry events, an eSign ‘How-To’ tutorial, or even highlighting tricks to reduce stress at work, the AssureSign Newsletter digests what every modern professional needs (and wants) to know into one snackable, time-conscious email.

For years, the newsletter has informed and helped our audience with its repertoire of resources. We think it’s high time we extend some gratitude. That’s why we’ve given the monthly digest a bit of a facelift. Its resourceful nature isn’t going anywhere, but launching this month is a fresh and modern redesign of your favorite digest!

The reboot includes all your old favorites plus some new features we think you’ll enjoy. In addition to the new minimalist design, we made it even easier to find exactly what you’re looking for! The reimagined newsletter has what you care about the most—front-and-center! Paired with its new minimalist design, it’s never been easier (or more fun) to navigate the newsletter and find

  • New product features
  • How-To tutorials
  • New blogs
  • Industry news

Look for the June edition of our newsletter to land in your inbox early next week! For those who hate surprises, here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come…

  • The AssureSign Community: Have a feature request? Want to see how other businesses maximize eSignature? AssureSign’s new community feature is designed for just that! Check out June’s newsletter for more details, or give yourself a tour of the new AssureSign community here.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: This security feature introduces an additional layer of signing security by adding another method of authenticating signers. Look for more on that and the three other newly rolled out features later today!
  • New Customer/Partner Spotlight: Each month, we’re highlighting a new AssureSign customer or partner with dedicated space for their trademark and a link readers can follow to learn more about them. What lucky company will enjoy the new customer limelight in June? Was it yours? Tune in to June’s newsletter and find out!

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