Create, Send, and Get Quotes Signed within Dynamics 365

New: Create, Send, and Get Quotes Signed within Dynamics 365

At AssureSign, we are devoted to delivering the best possible eSignature solutions to our customers. Strategic partnerships allow us to incorporate our technology into other vendors’ software products enabling robust end-to-end services. Our integration with Microsoft Dynamics, and now also with Experlogix, allows us to help even more customers improve their paperwork processes and operate more efficiently than ever before. Sounds pretty good, right?


Who is Experlogix?

Recently we partnered with Experlogix to provide Dynamics users with a better experience creating quotes and orders and obtaining signatures all within Microsoft Dynamics. Experlogix is the leader in Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) technology, and they specialize in fully integrated quote and order automation solutions. Their powerful yet easy-to-implement tools allow sales reps, customers or channel partners to create quotes and orders fast and error-free. Experlogix has been in the game since 2002, and in 2016, was recognized as Microsoft’s Independent Software Vendor of the Year.


Why AssureSign?

Experlogix has built a beautiful solution to creating custom quotes in multiple languages and currencies directly within Dynamics 365. But creating a quote is only one half of the process. To complete the transaction, the AssureSign integration allows you to send a customized email to your signer, alerting them to the new document. Our tool allows you to track their processing of the document every step of the way – from the moment they receive the document in their inbox, to each stage in the signing process. You can even set up reminders to check-in with your customer if they’re having trouble with a certain step. The transparency of this process and the shorter turnaround time on creating and receiving quotes will help your team be more productive – and that means increased sales and more satisfied customers. 


How can this integration improve my business processes?

AssureSign’s seamless integration with Dynamics 365 and Experlogix makes obtaining signatures on a quote as easy as it is to create one. With this new partnership, you’ll now be able to:

  • Create custom quotes with a clean, elegant interface
  • Complete the entire document process, from creation to signature, without ever leaving Dynamics 365
  • Ensure you never receive an incomplete or improperly completed form back from a customer
  • Improve your team’s productivity by reducing administrative tasks
  • Create customized emails to build upon your sales representative’s relationship with the customer
  • Track your customer’s progress during the entire document signing process
  • Have an archive of every document created and received complete with timestamp and IP address

When creating documents and obtaining signatures is easy, you’ve taken the majority of the busy work off the shoulders of your sales team, freeing them up to do what they do best: sell your product.

Learn more about how you can benefit with the industry’s premier eSignature partnership program, AssureSign Connect