AssureSign & CSE Make A Microsoft Dynamics Duo

New Partnership: AssureSign & Computer Solutions East—A Microsoft Dynamics Duo

Electronic signatures guarantee a modernized workflow, digitally transforming an organization’s method of gaining consent or assent from their customers and prospects.

Yet, to transform their entire front-to-back business process, many businesses must leverage other solutions to arrive at their digital nirvana.

AssureSign Connect, the industry’s leading partner program, lends businesses the opportunity to combine the power of eSignature with industry-specific applications to meet the unique digital needs of the companies and industries that comprise a modern market.

AssureSign recently joined forces with yet another solutions partner, whose assortment of customizable digital tools and resources create the conduit for business efficiency and growth.


Who is Computer Solutions East, Inc.?

Computer Solutions East, Inc. (CSE) is a company devoted to providing information technology (IT) services and digital solutions across the SaaS landscape.

Specializing in small to medium business markets, CSE partners with digital product vendors like AssureSign to offer robust integrations capable of streamlining the entire spectrum of a client’s end-to-end workflow.  

In addition to offering custom solutions and integrations, CSE offers education, training, and specialized support for the array of digital tools a client subscribes to or licenses. Providing this support are knowledgeable and industry-certified specialists who are trained to provide best-in-class service to CSE’s 600+ licensed subscriber base.


New eSignature Partnership: AssureSign and Computer Solutions East—A Microsoft Dynamics Duo


The solutions, custom integrations, and support services offered in CSE’s marketplace lend SMBs the capacity to compete with mid- to large-scale enterprises.

From network design overhauls to troubleshooting a user’s application, CSE simplifies the use of technologies that allow businesses to remain competitive and current.


Microsoft Focused

While CSE offers a range of products and services for a wide-variety of digital systems—Symantec, Cisco, Lenovo, BlackBerry Servers, etc.—many of their utilities cater to Microsoft solutions and products. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, CSE provides well-suited add-ons and support for popular MS platforms, such as SharePoint, Azure Active Directory, Office 365, and Dynamics 365.


AssureSign and Computer Solutions East are Microsoft Dynamics Focused


Users of Dynamics 365—Microsoft’s branded CRM—can leverage more ways of engaging with their consumer through purpose-built add-on applications available in CSE’s marketplace. From Delve analytics to cloud storage options to social posting applications, CSE yields intelligent solutions capable of enhancing Dynamics users’ entire  front-to-back workflows.

Remaining devoted to enhancing the full spectrum of user workflows, CSE recently made the power of AssureSign eSignatures available to its subscribers.


AssureSign and CSE: A Dynamics  Duo

Because of its dedication to Microsoft platforms, CSE builds integrations with the digital solutions that best harmonize with Microsoft’s intelligent business applications.AssureSign and Computer Solutions East—A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Duo

When CSE discovered AssureSign’s premiere Dynamics 365 eSignature integration, their search for the optimal eSign integrator was over! As the newest member of AssureSign Connect, CSE can now license Dynamics eSignature integrations within its marketplace.

The best part? CSE can incorporate other valuable solutions when it sells eSignature to its subscribers! So, whether it’s an eSign add-on or a combination of our electronic signature with other solutions to form a multi-function integration, as an AssureSign Connect partner, CSE can provide the industry’s most capable and secure eSignature to users of Dynamics 365 and beyond!


Together, AssureSign and CSE are enabling more businesses to lower cost, improve time to market, and propel positive change in processes and business models.



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