Avtex & AssureSign Provide CX Advantage for Enterprise

New Partnership: Avtex & AssureSign Provide CX Advantage for Enterprise

Did you know that 86% of customers are willing to pay more  for a product accompanied by a better customer experience (CX)?

With this statistic in mind, the projection that customer experience will outrank key differentiators like price and product by 2020 provides little  shock value.

It’s statistics like these, coupled with the growing influence CX has on tech companies’ profit and rank, that create a thirst for the CX consultative services offered by companies like our newest AssureSign Connect platinum partner, Avtex.

Who is Avtex?


Avtex and AssureSign: a new partnership promoting eSignature for Dynamics 365


Specializing in enterprise, Avtex is a full-service customer experience consultancy that aims to build or enhance their clients’ CX strategy in the domains of:

Avtex consults within these domains by engaging their “Avtex 360° methodology,” incorporating end-to-end solutions  and support  that shore up CX strategy, innovation, implementation and management initiatives among enterprises.

Many of these customer-facing initiatives engender innovations, such as SMS/text communication, social media engagement, telephony, web chats and chatbots. Businesses can then leverage combinations of these innovations to provide their customers with exceptional experiences in what’s become a digitally pervasive market.


Avtex brings customer-facing solutions to its customer, which now includes eSignature for Microsoft Dynamics 365


Clients of Avtex receive counsel on ways to maximize their external  facing CX innovations, but their internal  processes and strategies receive just as much consult. Avtex works with clients to optimize processes involving their use of internal software, applications and digital solutions.

While Avtex will work with a client’s current or preferred software, they focus on strategic partnerships with industry-premiere solutions capable of providing clients with the most qualitative of CX platforms, like Microsoft applications and software.


Avtex & AssureSign: A Microsoft Inspired Partnership

Avtex has found Microsoft products to be the ultimate catalyst of a superior customer experience and looks to exclusively partner with vendors delivering the most coveted and robust of Microsoft integrations… making the decision to partner with AssureSign a no-brainer.

With our Dynamics 365 integration coming highly recommended by a member of their own team, Avtex looked to AssureSign as they sought to add electronic signature to their portfolio of Dynamics solutions.

AssureSign's Dynamics 365 eSignature Integration

Avtex was pleased to learn of our Silver Partnership with Microsoft—with an upgrade to Gold on the way—and that many MSFT partners use our preferred  eSignature solution for Dynamics to digitally transform and expedite workflows.


Avtex found that AssureSign’s robust APIs enabled their clients to:

  • Launch and send documents for signature at any point within their CRM workflow

  • Use their custom trademark branding for customer-facing interfaces

  • Simultaneously send multiple documents to a single or multiple signers

  • Create event triggers to automate multi-step document sending or processes


“AssureSign’s Microsoft Dynamics eSignature solution is simple to configure and works seamlessly with CRM and its add-on solutions. Its capable APIs and unique features far outrank its competition. I highly  recommend AssureSign’s eSign solution to Dynamics users.”

Michael Shrall, Vice President, Industry Alliances


What’s more, because AssureSign solutions and integrations embody industry-leading innovation, Avtex can offer their clients unparalleled features, like SMS/Text to Sign, that accelerate  the signing process and bolster CX initiatives.

As customer experience quickly becomes the market’s champion differentiator…

AssureSign and Avtex are providing enterprises with the CX advantage necessary  to outperform competition.

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