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New Partnership: SAPIENS Accelerates Insurance Claims and Policy Processes with AssureSign

Agencies, carriers and other insurance enterprises depend on technology when providing services to their customers. That’s why, when it comes to integrating with a reliable electronic signature provider, insurance software and solution retailers look to AssureSign’s  premier eSignature partner program.

And SAPIENS is no different…


SAPIENS, a leading global provider of insurance software, empowers insurers to succeed in myriad evolving markets, including property and casualty, life, pension and annuity, reinsurance, financial and compliance, workers’ compensation, and financial. Their solution offerings enable carriers and agencies to simplify customer acquisitions and renewals among several distribution channels, including agency portals, carrier consumer portals, internal CSRs, and others. For over 35 years, SAPIENS has and continues to satisfy the core data and digital needs for over 500 insurance organizations worldwide.

AssureSign & SAPIENS: Building Better Insurance

By integrating AssureSign’s eSign Anywhere and eSign via Text functionalities into its Workers’ Compensation Platform, SAPIENS can streamline your existing insurance workflows while accelerating claims and policy processes.

“SAPIENS is always looking to offer a faster experience for insureds’ customers and reduce insurers’ operational costs. Integrating electronic signature functionality into our workers’ compensation solutions will achieve these goals, without compromising on security. We are pleased to partner with AssureSign and plan to expand its technology to some of our other offerings in the near future.”

-Roni Al-Dor, president and CEO of SAPIENS

Unparalleled eSign innovation may provide insurance businesses and servicers with a unique competitive advantage, but that’s not the only reason SAPIENS chose AssureSign as their eSignature integration provider. In a time where in-person communications are limited, SAPIENS needed a vendor capable of providing high-quality remote experiences.

“Insurers know they must provide an immediate customer experience, while ensuring that documents are verified. The recent pandemic has increased pressure among insurance carriers to offer a high-quality remote experience to insureds. Whether customers or agents are signing in an office setting, on a laptop from home, or from a mobile device via text message, they can provide a secure and legal signature for any document, anytime, anywhere.”

David Brinkman, President & CEO of AssureSign

For more information on becoming an AssureSign Connect partner, contact us today, or… read more about the four benefits of eSignature in the insurance industry brief.