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New Customers: Adopt eSignature Today with No Startup Costs

In early April, we launched the AssureSign blog’s latest mini-series, Corona-necting.

The series provides enterprises like yours with a COVID business survival kit, filled with tools, resources, and everything you’ll need to move your business forward. The series covers a range of topics:

The pandemic’s impositions are palpable among all of us, yet, what amounts to mild inconveniences for some are very different for others. For many businesses, daily operations have evolved into unsustainable financial hardships, forcing many to close their doors. According to Yelp’s mid-September Economic Impact Report, 60% of businesses that have suspended operations due to impacts from COVID-19 will never again reopen. What’s more, for those having weathered the storm thus far, current economic climates make managing business operations anything but smooth sailing.

While impacts of the coronavirus pandemic continue to present operational barriers, it’s now easier than ever to move your business forward by streamlining your entire business flow with a single digital solution.

During the month of November, we’re waiving all startup costs for new AssureSign customers who sign an annual contract for a business, professional, or enterprise tier account by November 30th. Start sending your documents with the “Market Leader” in eSignature and document management today and pay $0 in startup fees for your entire year of eSign!

Still uncertain how beneficial eSignature could be for your business? Read below about how Junior Achievement U.S.A. immediately began saving time and money after adopting eSignature.

Junior Achievement U.S.A. Saves Time and Money with AssureSign

Junior Achievement U.S.A. (JA), one of the largest nonprofits in the U.S., recently transformed their national volunteer registration and the internal processes among many of their 100+ local offices with eSignature. Before adopting eSign via Text, eSign Anywhere, and eSign In-Person, many JA offices wasted upwards of 30,000 pieces of paper each school year while sacrificing time, driving up cost, and losing volunteers.

After Junior Achievement U.S.A. implemented AssureSign at their national office and most of their local offices, volunteer numbers began increasing dramatically as did the number of documents they received back within 24 hours. In fact, JA leadership estimates 160% more forms are returned same-day compared to same-day returns under their previous process. What’s more, each local office saves anywhere between 10 and 60 hours of work time every month thanks to digital automation.

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