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It’s 2020 and we’re ringing in the new year—and decade—with an addition to our senior ranks! If you read our previous post welcoming AssureSign’s new chief revenue officer, you already know we’re growing!

AssureSign first began reinventing the dotted line in 2000 shortly after the ESIGN Act legalized verbal and electronic means of agreements and contracts. Now, after nearly twenty years, we’ve supported more than 800 million eSignatures for thousands of the world’s largest brands! And that number is climbing quicker than ever as more beloved brands like Tropical Smoothie Café and Junior Achievement USA choose the convenience and security of AssureSign.

“When the signatures grow, we grow” is frequently quipped by our President and CEO. Keeping this in mind, we’re excited to introduce our newest AssureSTAR, Matthew Smith, VP of Finance here at AssureSign!

Matthew Smith: AssureSign’s VP of Finance

After graduating from Auburn University with a B.S. in finance, Matt moved to the Nashville, Tennessee metro area, where he received his MBA from Belmont University’s Massey School of Business with a concentration in finance. After graduating, Matt dove into a career of finance as the controller for Entrada, where he later helped navigate its acquisition by NextGen Healthcare. In addition to Entrada, Matt has worked in senior finance positions for Clearwater Compliance, LLC along with other SaaS-based companies.

Starting with AssureSign in November of 2019, Matt hit the ground running, immediately fostering innovation within our financial division.

“When systemic innovation pervades a company’s growth model, it’s difficult to imagine a future in which that company isn’t successful. AssureSign emphasizes its core values, including innovation, in every facet of its operations and projected growth, making it an extremely exciting company to be a part of.”

– Matthew Smith, Vice President of Finance

Genuinely Valued Feedback

Matt quickly noticed how AssureSign’s core values—People of Character, Invested, Innovative, and Genuine—are integrated both internally and within our go-to-market strategy.

“In my first few days at AssureSign, my most notable observation was unwavering adoption of the core values by nearly every process and person within the company. It became clear that a sense of character, innovation, genuineness and investment in the company, in one’s colleagues, and in one’s self is pervasive.”

But Matt’s not the only one with genuine feedback. Check out these reactions from a few AssureSTARS out of AssureSign’s Atlanta office:

Dave Madison, COO at AssureSign

“Matt’s accomplished tenure makes him exceptionally qualified to lead our finance division. We’re lucky to have him with us.”

– David Madison, COO

“I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Matt over the past few weeks; however, I knew somewhat instantly he’d be a great fit at AssureSign. His experience working in finance with multiple SaaS companies is a phenomenal asset. I’m excited to see what else he’ll bring to the table!”

– Anna McDonald, Partner Sales Manager

“I met Matt his first week at AssureSign and liked him instantly! We’re both from the Nashville area and instantly found a lot to talk to him about. His alma mater, Belmont University, is an excellent school, and from what I’ve seen of his experience in tech, we’re lucky to have him aboard!”

– Jackson Burke, Marketing Manager

Company Growth

Crafting the VP position within our financial division couldn’t have come at a more exciting time. In addition to the eSignature and document management platform acquiring a plurality of new features last year, AssureSign just rolled out streamlined pricing for 2020!

Wave goodbye to extra costs for additional seats or subaccounts. All AssureSign plans now include unlimited users/seats and subaccounts and are designed to include the features and functionality your SMB, mid-sized, or large business needs!

Discover AssureSign’s redesigned and streamlined eSign and document management  plans today!

There’s a chill in the air. Fall is in full swing. Which can only mean one thing at AssureSign… it’s conference season! Here’s a recap of four of the best conferences we’ve exhibited and attended so far in Q4 2019:

User Group Summit North America (CRMUG)

The AssureSign/Dynamics 365 offering leverages our V3 REST API framework along with the latest in Microsoft’s innovative framework to provide CRM users with the cream of the eSign crop. Yet, remaining the preferred eSignature integration among Dynamics users requires consistent innovative homework. That’s why our creative team annually attends the D365 User Group Summit, where emerging Microsoft technology is dissected through the lens of Microsoft Dynamics users and Partners.

If you’re utilizing Dynamics, or any type of CRM/ERP system, and plan to retain innovation in your 2020 business model, here’s three key take-aways from the Summit to note:

1. ePayment

A streamlined customer funnel requires an intuitive ePayment process existing within your current transaction or deal lifecycle. What does that mean for you? Looking to a stand-alone payment processing solution like PayPal or Stripe won’t cut it. To achieve an innovative and superior customer experience, invest in a PCI Certified ePayment solution capable of integrating with your existing CRM/ERP ecosystem.

2. Invest in Customer Service

We’ve said it before—and we’re saying it again—customer service is king for any B2B and B2C company, regardless of product or industry. Topical sessions centered on the idea of simplifying and adding efficiencies to both service and sales lifecycles. Automating activities like case creation, contract routing, form creation, document signing, and other tasks within Dynamics, or any CRM/ERP, diminishes time spent on menial tasks and greatly improves your end-customer’s experience.

3. File and Document Management

As one session quipped it… “OMG! WTF?” (Oh My Gosh! Where’s That File?). This and many other sessions highlighted the cruciality of centralizing document retention and storage as your offerings and customer pools expand. Most significant company losses originate from lost or misplaced forms and documents. This is why businesses are advised to look for solutions capable of identifying and storing all of a customer’s documents and forms in one, central location. What’s more, centralized document repositories should be equipped with access controls, granting access only to those deemed necessary. Look to solutions that can both organize and properly secure your documents within Dynamics or other system.

AgentLynx 2019

AgentLynx is an annual conference created and hosted by EZLynx, the single platform that hosts any and every digital tool necessary for success in the modern insurance sector. During the conference, EZLynx announced the launch of several new products, including EZLynx 5, EZLynx Submission Center, EZLynx MAP, and EZLynx Connect, among others.

One of our favorite things about this year’s AgentLynx, aside from bull-riding networking events, was the “EZLynx Experience Center.” Attendees were invited to experience the latest EZLynx innovations—including not-yet-released products—through hands-on demos and leave feedback for the EZLynx team.

Mass Torts Made Perfect & LitiQuest 2019

Both the Mass Torts Made Perfect (MTMP) and LitiQuest conferences cater to plaintiff law sectors within the legal industry. An immediate, albeit abstract, take-away from both these legal summits: technology has caught up to the legal profession.

In 2017, our Marketing Manager, Jackson, discussed a technology lag among traditional law firms in an article published by Law Technology Today, an American Bar Association publication. Plaintiff law is one of the most competitive sectors within the legal profession, and, over the last half of the decade, a plethora of tech solutions aimed at gathering more cases and prospects have emerged.

AssureSign partners like GrowPath offer mass torts firms benefits such as:

  • Identify potential mass tort cases
  • Mine past cases for new mass tort cases
  • Intake scores to verify legitimate and applicable cases
  • Save valuable intake time

Conferences such as MTMP and LitiQuest provide a wealth of solutions such as GrowPath that can help firms get a leg up on their competition.

Discover the eSignature solution specializing in the legal and insurance industries. Schedule a 20-minute demo to try AssureSign free of charge and strings!

With only 12 days to go until the start of 2019’s fourth quarter, we’re rounding out our blog’s mini-series, ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go’—a series highlighting our top picks among the many events and conferences happening each quarter.

So without further adieu, here’s the top four conferences to check out in the upcoming quarter:

1. AgentLynx
October 21-23 | Fort Worth, TX

This year, AgentLynx, an annual conference hosted by EZLynx primed with tech stacks designed to breed success among independent insurance agents, is traveling to the Lonestar state! Expect all your favorites from years past like panels on how to best grow success within the insurance industry, communication and marketing best practices, and of course myriad sessions that delve into the plurality of software offerings on the EZLynx platform. Like keeping up with the latest and greatest? Check out one of the sessions that unveil a fresh product or feature for 2019—EZLynx 5, MAP, Submission Center, and Virtual Agents all have dedicated sessions during this year’s conference.

If you’re heading to AgentLynx—you can still register here—stop by the AssureSign booth in the expo hall to learn more about how the AssureSign-EZLynx electronic signature integration can simplify your document lifecycles… and for some free swag!

2. Mass Torts Made Perfect
October 22-24 | Las Vegas, NV

Every year, you’ll find the largest gathering of those working in plaintiff mass torts and class action law gather in Vegas—twice! Mass Torts Made Perfect (MTMP) occurs bi-annually and attracts over 1,000 attendees from 500+ firms. Four paths—business of law, class actions, litigation, and nuts & bolts—respectively define a collection of sessions associated with the path’s topic. Sessions will host a variety of speakers and incorporate popular mass tort verticals, such as prescription drugs, defective products, medical devices, and consumer fraud, to name a few.

Register here and join nearly every major plaintiff law firm along with AssureSign at the world’s largest mass tort gathering. Interested in how eSigning via text message can garner up to 60% more clients for your firm? Stop by the AssureSign booth located in the foyer for a quick demo of eSign via Text and learn how its already benefited countless legal firms.

3. Amazon’s AWS re:Invent 2019
December 2-6 | Las Vegas, NV

Opening the holiday season is Amazon’s conference dedicated to its touted on-demand cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Service (AWS). At re:Invent, attendees can choose among numerous tracks to find sessions related to Alexa, Application Integration, Blockchain, DevOps, Financial Services, Healthcare, Mobile, Oil & Gas, Robotics, Startup, Windows & .Net to name only a few. While attending, you can even validate your expertise with a(n) Foundational, Associate, Professional, or Specialty AWS Certification.

re:Invent has a different, light-hearted vibe than much of the tech conference playing field, which may be best described in one word—their own descriptive word, in fact—quirky. In addition to having one of the most diversified and plentiful track/session catalogs, re:Invent will offer unique ways for you to unwind! Attend the Midnight Madness ‘pep rally,’ try your hand at a ping pong tournament, sprint for success in the 4K/8K Run, or Amazon and chill with popcorn and a (Prime) movie night! Think AWS re:Invent could be a (fun) way to prime the pump on your business goals? Go here to register today.

4. Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference
December 9-12 | Las Vegas, NV

Rounding out our list of conferences and events to check out in Q4 2019 is Gartner’s IT and Cloud conference taking place in—you guessed it—Vegas. Infrastructure and operations (I&O) is quickly shifting, as are the functions and roles across I&O teams. In addition to networking, a perk that spans across most professional events, Gartner’s annual conference aims to bring those in I&O up to speed with modern strategies and innovative technologies among IaaS, PaaS and SaaS verticals. Specifically, Gartner sums its rationale for attending in six bullet points:

  • Increase your knowledge of cloud computing and tactics related to migration, vendor selection, and cost optimization
  • Learn how to invest in success in a hybrid, cloud/noncloud world.
  • Redefine the relevance and role of I&O
  • Enhance I&O security by considering elements of DevSecOps, disaster recovery, cybersecurity, cloud security, and data privacy
  • Capitalize on trends emerging within I&O technology
  • Cultivate change with leadership methods designed for the digital age

Register for the Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference here.

AssureSign Free Trial CTA (blog posts)

For nearly two decades, the Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act (2000), commonly known as the ESIGN Act, has enabled businesses and consumers to conveniently and legally engage in electronic transactions and agreements. Businesses reap the benefits of saving money and time while eliminating common risks associated with manual, paper-dependent processes. Moreover, companies have enjoyed faster internal processes and greater profits from more rapidly closed transactions—a consumer benefit as much as it is a business one!

Yet despite enormous benefits to consumers and businesses alike, electronic signatures are still burdened with a few mistruths that manufacture unnecessary skepticism. If you happen to fall into the skeptic camp—or have a decision-maker who does—take a look at some of the eSign fake news after it’s been fact checked:

1. eSignatures aren’t legally binding.

Fact check: Electronic signature—or eSigning—provides businesses with a secure and legal alternative to pen and paper signatures. The UETA (1999) and the ESIGN act (2000) afford the same legal standing to digital and eSignatures as physical signatures. Citing this legislation, courts have time and time again upheld the validity of agreements and contracts completed via electronic signatures.

Businesses should ensure they’ve selected an eSign vendor that complies with all UETA and ESIGN Act guidelines. Utilizing a compliant vendor like AssureSign ensures every electronic signature is 100 percent valid and legal.

2. eSignatures and digital signatures are the same thing.

Fact Check: Despite the two often being used synonymously, electronic signatures are different than their digital signature counterparts. Digital signatures are accompanied by a uniquely assigned digital certificate key (think of this as a digital fingerprint), and uniquely identifies a document’s signer. Both the originator and signer of a document must possess a certificate issued by a certification authority (CA) in order for a digital signature to be used. Because digital signatures require more steps and a third-party issuing agency, many businesses simply prefer the electronic signature. Like digital signatures, eSignatures are automatically accompanied by verified data that identifies the signer, such as their public IP address, geolocation, operating system, method of identity verification, and more. This metadata is stored in a document’s audit trail, which can be used to uphold the validity of any eSignature. This is how the United States Olympics (USOC) uses AssureSign’s simplified electronic signature to keep athletes focused on the sports they love.

3. Electronic signature is an unnecessary expenditure.

Fact Check: Since its adoption in the U.S. and U.K. nearly two decades ago, businesses implementing eSignatures have experienced a decrease in cost, increase in profit, and faster document lifecycles.Consider all the different types of  documents that you send out in order to do business: sales contracts, change orders, field services, and employee/contractor onboarding, just to name a few. Shipping/mailing expenses, printing costs, and oversight are just a few of the unnecessary expenditures eliminated with a digital transaction management solution.That’s exactly how Captorra saved over $4K annually while gaining 60% more business using AssureSign’s eSign via Text solution.

4. eSignature platforms aren’t secure enough for highly sensitive documents.

Fact Check: AssureSign employs a three-layered data encryption algorithm to protect even the most confidential data when sent for eSignature. In short, all three layers are constantly rotating and encrypting data via geo-dispersed databases, rotating encryption keys, and protected data storage. All three layers leverage SHA-256 data encryption, the industry standard in high-grade digital security. Additional security measures such as two-factor authentication and knowledge base authentication (KBA) leverage unique identifying information to prevent fraudulent signing attempts. These security features are how educational and government content management vendors like Jadu offer convenient online services without sacrificing consumer security. For more information on the eSign vendor with the industry’s best security track-record, download AssureSign’s Legal and Security Commitment eGuide.

5. All eSignature vendors are essentially the same.

Fact Check: It’s true that all eSign platforms can offer a method of digitally exchanging documents and electronically completing transactions. However, not all vendors will fit the unique needs of your business!

Look for an eSign vendor who can best meet the unique needs of your department or organization, compare those needs with the vendor differences, such as:

For help finding the best vendor tailored to your needs, download the “Getting Started with eSignature” eBook. This guide sets up a system that produces the best suited eSign vendor for your business.

AssureSign Demo CTA (blog posts)

The AssureSign Knowledge Base describes conditional logic as the feature that “allows you to enable or disable jotblocks when they only need to be presented based on a certain condition.”

In layman’s terms, the new conditional logic feature in AssureSign’s Simple Setup (drag & drop) environment empowers users to create ‘smart’ or ‘intuitive’ forms. Using conditional logic, designated input fields (jotblocks) can populate—or stay hidden—based on a signer’s prior input(s) or selection(s). Gone are the days of signers tabbing through unnecessary or inapplicable fields. With conditional logic, your forms know which fields to require from your signer based on your jotblock settings!

To get started, you’ll need to turn on the conditional logic function via your settings in the AssureSign portal. After logging into AssureSign, click on “Configure Settings” from the main navigation. Conditional logic is located under the “Application Features” tab. To turn it on, simply click “edit” > “yes” > “save.”

In the example below, we’ve uploaded a standard W9 form into the AssureSign Simple Setup environment. A W9 form contains many elements where conditional logic could come in handy. For example, Section 3 prompts the signer to select his or her tax classification from a list of several options. Notice how if the signer were to select “Limited liability company” (LLC), he or she must also indicate their tax classification (C, S, or P).

First, you’ll need to created a multiple choice jotblock (i.e. fields where signers can input responses or provide signatures) for Section 3 along with a separate text or drop down jotblock for the tax classification area next to “Limited liability company.” After both jotblocks are created, you can leverage conditional logic so that the tax classification jotblock only appears when a signer selects “Limited liability company.”

To do this, you’ll simply open the multiple choice jotblock and click “CONDITIONAL LOGIC” at the top of the editing window.

After clicking “ADD CONDITION,” you should see the two elements that support each instance of conditional logic: “If” and “Then.” This is how you’ll instruct the form to populate the tax classification jotblock if “Limited liability company” is selected. Simply begin following the prompts to add the “If” element to the condition (reminder: make sure you’ve created the separate text or drop down jotblock for tax classification first):

When finished, click “ADD CONDITION” and move to the “Then” element directly below. For this instance of conditional logic, you’ll toggle the “Hide this Jotblock” option OFF and the “Show this Jotblock” and “Make this Jotblock required” options ON.

These options can be manipulated to fit the needs of whatever form you’re working with. However, because the W9 requires the signer to provide his or her tax classification when selecting “Limited liability company,” you’ll want the tax classification jotblock to appear (and be required) when this is selected. When you’re done, click “SAVE JOTBLOCK” to save your work and close the jotblock’s editing window.

You can check the status of all your form’s conditional logic instances at any time by selecting the conditional logic icon to the left of your form.

For more help using conditional logic or to see if it’s included in your subscription tier, contact a member of our customer success team.

AssureSign Demo CTA (blog posts)

While you’ve been out enjoying barbeques, pool days, vacations, and other festivities in the hot summer sun, AssureSign developers have been hard at work building enhancements and fresh product features within our recently rolled out RESTful V3 API environment. When we built our V3 environment, we ensured all the functions you’re accustomed to—like eSign via Text Message, certified jotblocks, and our drag-and-drop UI—rolled over. However, we didn’t stop there! We designed V3 with the capacity to support future innovations and unique features, fueling a superior signing experience for both you and your customers.

Here’s four new electronic signature features you can start using now:

1. Static Links

What is it?

The new static link feature is an efficient method of making generic or commonly used forms available to multiple signers. Signers from everywhere and anywhere can utilize a generated link (URL) to complete the same document or packet of documents. It may be the same (static) link utilized for multiple signers to click on, but upon completion, each individual signing session is sent to you separately and stored independently in your AssureSign portal. And of course, each completed document of packet of multiple documents is accompanied by an audit trail, including the date, signer’s name, IP address, operating system, geo-coordinates, and other verifying information.

How to use it.

Static links can be enabled for most documents in the Simple Setup environment at no extra cost. Visit the AssureSign Knowledge Base Static Links article to learn how to enable static links along with special considerations when using the function. (Static Links article)

2. Two-Factor Authentication

What is it?

Two-Factor authentication is an additional way AssureSign users can verify their signers. After enabling the “SMS two-factor authentication support” setting in AssureSign, signing sessions will require signers to enter a unique code before they’re able to complete and sign their documents. The code is sent to the phone number you indicate for an individual signer. The signer can choose to receive their unique code via SMS/text message or a voice phone call when the phone number is associated with a mobile phone but must opt to receive it via a voice phone call when entering a landline number. The code is automatically matched with the signer via the AssureSign service. If the code is incorrect or not provided, the signer is unable to complete their documents.

How to use it.

Two-Factor authentication can be enabled by contacting your account manager. Read the Two-Factor article in the AssureSign Knowledge Base for more information. (Two-Factor article)

3. Instant In Person Signing

What is it?

Does your business often involve interacting with customers face-to-face? What about an HR department that requires forms to be completed in office? When enabled, instant in person signing immediately generates a signing link at the conclusion of your document and template set-up in Simple Setup. Signers can immediately begin completing and signing the document(s) utilizing the same computer or device.

How to use it.

You can begin utilizing instant in person signing immediately after enabling the feature in your AssureSign portal at no extra cost. Visit the In Person Signing article in the AssureSign Knowledge Base for instructions on how to activate the instant in person signing feature on your account today! (In Person Signing article)

4. eSign via Text Message in the U.K.

What is it?

It’s the same eSign via Text function you know and love, but now available in the U.K.! Empower your customers to sign documents by doing nothing more than reaching for the device in their back pocket! Whether your client’s in the U.S. or the U.K., you can utilize the only eSign via Text function native to an eSignature platform to receive completed documents back in five minutes of less.

How to use it.

If you’re currently utilizing AssureSign’s eSign via Text message feature to complete your document lifecycles in record time, you’re already set! Simply ensure you’re running the latest version of AssureSign and start sending documents via SMS/text today!

Curious about a feature you’re not using yet? See it in action today…

AssureSign Demo CTA (blog posts)

It’s August, which means it’s back to school season for millions of kids, teachers and parents. Ahhh yes, another summer fades and school year begins—a transition that’s spanned decades. Students heading back to school is nothing new, but many of the processes inside their classrooms will be!

In recent years, many classrooms across the world have digitally transformed what were formerly paper-based processes. From take-home forms to homework, teachers and schools are digitizing many classroom processes with eSignature:

  1. Permission Slips: A forgotten permission slip is an all too common classroom dilemma. Even if the form’s signed and ready to go, it doesn’t do much good sitting on the kitchen table as the first morning bell rings. With eSign, teachers can send digital slips to be signed and automatically returned. What’s more, automated reminders to parents once the slip is sent via email makes incomplete permission slips and forms a thing of the past.
  2. Student Enrollment: This year, skip the thousands of papers and dozens of papercuts when enrolling the student-body! When students are enrolled via eSign, it saves your staff their time, energy, and fingertips!
  3. Activity Payments: Together with MagTek (Magensa), AssureSign brings ePayment to the classroom! Parents and/or students can pay for activities like field trips, book fairs, uniform purchasing, and more… all from their favorite digital device!
  4. Educational Forms: 504s, IEPs, and other critical educational documents can be completed by administrators, teachers, parents, students, and other stakeholders via eSign! No more missing signatures or misplaced forms! You can even choose the order in which all parties must sign!
  5. Class Assessments/Surveys: Use eSignature to create surveys or assessments for students or parents to complete! Easily send and receive these forms for recipients to complete—no pencil required!
  6. Department and School-Wide Communication: Gone are the never-ending chain emails purposed with aiding communication yet end up confusing more than informing recipients. Administrators can leverage eSign to disseminate important information on upcoming events and initiatives. Staff have the opportunity to review and sign forms, allowing schools to exercise greater accountability.

These are just a few of the ways schools can leverage AssureSign’s eSignature to accelerate and digitize many of its current processes! And after you’ve implemented eSign into your school, the benefits begin instantly:

  1. Increased focus on students and learning: By freeing staff and students of tedious paperwork and slow turnaround times, the focus can remain where it belongs…teaching and learning.
  2. Effortless FERPA compliance: Because AssureSign is a FERPA compliant provider, you never have to worry about student data becoming vulnerable or exposed.
  3. Greater efficiency: You’ll notice things beginning to move a lot quicker inside your halls after implementing eSign (but hopefully not your students).
Click to download the How to Get Started with eSignature eBook

Want to keep tabs on what’s going on this quarter? Look no further than our list of the top five conferences taking place in Q3 2019:

CompTia’s ChannelCon 2019
August 5-7 | Las Vegas, NV

A conference headlining Shaquille O’Neil doesn’t require much explanation to appear rather enticing. For this reason, CompTia ChannelCon tops the list of worthy tech conferences for Q3 2019 (that, and chronological order). But Shaq isn’t the only reason CompTia caught our eye… It’s a great opportunity for those belonging to Dynamic Communities or who utilize Dynamics applications to gain industry insight and network with industry peers. CompTia will recognize its Member of the Year and ChannelChangers—young professionals propelling industry innovation—during the conference, along with announcing recipients of their Advancing Women in Technology Spotlight awards. You can register for CompTia’s ChannelCon here.

August 25-29 | San Francisco, CA

VMWorld is geared towards IT professionals and is aims to “capture the momentum of today’s rapidly changing IT environment…” Attendees will be equipped with the necessary information, tools and partnerships to take their IT efforts to “the next level.”  With tracks and sessions related to hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments, modern apps, networking/security, digital workspace, and emerging tech trends, there’s not much left to be desired for those in the information technology space! You can register for VMWorld here.

September 15-17 | Phoenix, AZ

Everything and anything as a service. That’s the mindset behind GlueX as over 70 percent of SMBs say it’s critical to their success. Everything as a service, XaaS, is gaining momentum across the market as consumer demand expands beyond traditional digital products. For two days, attendees will learn from leading thinkers and innovators and gain actionable insight that can be implemented immediately after returning to the office. Keynote speakers include Captain “Sully” Sullenberger, David Robertson, Paul Dippell, Mark Copeman, among others. Register for GlueX here.

September 15-18 | Austin, TX

There are multiple reasons to consider attending Pure//Accelerate. In fact, Pure gives you SIX good reasons to consider heading to Austin, Texas come mid-September—courtesy of the conference’s “Why Attend” page:

  1. Receive the tools necessary to become a thought leader, challenger and innovator in your field
  2. More than 130 sessions that build on your current skillset
  3. Become certified in an area of interest
  4. Discover solutions that can elevate your status quo
  5. Exchange ideas with industry experts, industry peers, and more
  6. Experience the city of Austin like never before

Need help justifying the trip? Pure provides talking points and a pre-drafted approval request letter to help “convince your boss” here. Already have the green light? Register for Pure//Accelerate here.

Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit
September 23-25 | Las Vegas, NV

Hosted by 451 Research, the Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit positions itself as “a new blueprint for success in the digital age.” In recent years, markets have shifted dramatically towards a service focused economy, replacing physical assets for digital ones. The shift to a service-centric and digitally driven market will affect every industry, vertical and organization differently. Yet, despite the effectual differences across industries, “all organizations will succeed or fail based on their ability to embrace change in an era of unprecedented IT innovation.” Attendees will discover ways to leverage the digital revolution with both off and on-premises solutions that empower them to deliver a heightened CX to their audience. Register for the Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit here.

Click to schedule a demo of AssureSign electronic signature today!

We’re always enthusiastic about announcing a new AssureSTAR joining our league of signing champs… but announcing a new team member alongside a newly formed position has us downright ecstatic!

Thanks to you, we experienced unprecedented growth last year as we nearly doubled our customer base and added even more industry players to our eSign partnership program—AssureSign Connect—like Hyland, Hitachi Solutions and HCL-PowerObjects.

To both sustain our growth and continue upward momentum, we wanted to realign the way we approach consumer and customer engagement. In addition to expanding and optimizing our client services team’s bandwidth, we wanted to create innovative ways for our customer experts to identify opportunities and in-turn provide scalable solutions.

To do this, we created a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) position among AssureSign’s leadership team. This was a critical seat to fill, and the person needed to have what it took to drive an already well-oiled machine to the next level (while having some fun along the way). And when we first got to know Courtney, we knew a good fit was brewing.

Courtney Schickel: AssureSign’s CRO

Courtney’s professional tenure has no shortage of working to optimize company consumer engagement plans and go-to-market strategies.

She began her career in sales and marketing shortly after receiving her B.A. from the University of Georgia. Originally hired as a senior sales executive, Courtney was later tapped to fill a vacant vice president of sales position. After sustaining an impressive swelling of her region’s pipeline for a handful of years, she transitioned to serving as the company’s vice president of marketing. Courtney then accepted a new challenge as a senior vice president with Vyne Corporation before ultimately landing at AssureSign.

“I’m thrilled to bring my experience to a company with such a strong and successful track-record, as well as a promising future. As someone that’s worked in enterprise growth for more than a decade, I believe implementing a shared vision through collaboration will garner even greater successes for us.”

Courtney Schickel, Chief Revenue Officer

Well-Received, All-Around

Courtney may be “thrilled” to come aboard, but there’s plenty of excitement among her AssureSign colleagues and peers:

“After being introduced, I immediately knew Courtney’s qualifications and tenacity would be a great fit for our evolving go-to-market strategy. I’m excited at the prospect of growing our company, in part, by leveraging her experience and talent.”

David Brinkman, President & CEO

“In a short period of time, Courtney has brought some amazing ideas to the table, and continues to bring her expertise to the forefront when it comes to marketing strategies.  I look forward to working with her more as we propel AssureSign forward.”

Michelle Reape, Director of Marketing

“Courtney has been a such a pleasure to work with. Her vast knowledge of sales techniques has already helped me tremendously in my day-to-day activities. I am beyond excited to learn from her!”

Lynn Eaton, Account Executive

Heightened Momentum

Courtney’s joining AssureSign during a time of heightened momentum. We’ve been working diligently to not only optimize existing features, but to develop new and innovative features—enabling you to combine and streamline even more digital processes.

Over a year’s time, we’ve added several functions to the AssureSign platform, including:

Along the way, our progress and industry leadership garnered some much-appreciated recognition:

Learn more about Courtney by reading the full press release here.