According to Huffington Post, we spend over one third of our lifetimes at work—second only to sleeping! That’s over 90,000 hours organizing documents, scheduling meetings, guaranteeing a quality customer experience, or otherwise punching the clock.

A cumulative 13 years and two months is quite a large chunk of our lifetime no matter how you slice it. With so much time spent in one place, it’s understandable that we try to learn all we can about a company before considering a job change or perhaps doing business with them. Factors such as workplace culture, compensation, flexibility, diversity and inclusion, and even corporate structure have tremendous influence on who we’ll work for or do business with! As a result, many of us rely on objective workplace review forums like Glassdoor or Comparably to discover more about a company of interest.

A cumulative 13 years and two months is quite a large chunk of our lifetime no matter how you slice it. With so much time spent in one place, it’s crucial to learn all you can about a company before considering a job change or perhaps doing business with them. Factors such as workplace culture, compensation, flexibility, diversity and inclusion, and even corporate structure have tremendous influence on who we’ll work for or do business with! As a result, many of us rely on objective workplace review forums like Glassdoor or Comparably to discover more about a company of interest.

Workplace culture and compensation forums like Comparably provide a platform for current and previous employees to leave transparent feedback and reviews on a company they work—or worked—for. In turn, visitors to the site can search for an organization and review ratings or comments on their workplace culture, CEO, compensation, diversity and inclusion efforts, demographics, and more.

These ratings and comments are transparent and voluntarily provided by employees. It’s because of this that we’re so proud to announce AssureSign’s performance in Q1 2019. Here’s how we stacked up both locally and nationally:

Workplace culture and compensation forums like Comparably provide a platform for current and previous employees to leave transparent feedback and reviews on a company they work—or worked—for. In turn, visitors to the site can search for an organization and review ratings or comments on their workplace culture, CEO, compensation, diversity and inclusion efforts, demographics, and more.

It’s because these ratings and commentary are voluntary and transparent that we’re so proud to announce AssureSign’s performance in Q1 2019. Here’s how we stacked up both locally and nationally:

In addition to these rankings, AssureSign ranked within the top 30 percent of similarly sized U.S. companies and among the top 15 percent of companies here in Atlanta.

“The comparably ratings are a testament to the company and culture that we’ve built. We’ve cultivated an environment that embodies innovation while leading the industry as people of character.”

David Brinkman, President & CEO, AssureSign

Take a look at AssureSign’s profile on Comparably here.

The second Sunday of May is upon us. For those of us in the U.S. and most other parts of the world, that means one thing and one thing alone…Mother’s Day.

The one day a year we push pause on the hectic hustle of daily life—no matter how momentary—to thank a very special woman for some of the amazing things she’s achieved in her lifetime. This year at AssureSign, we thought we’d celebrate moms around the world by indulging in some trivia about their special day…

The Origin of Mother’s Day

The exact date Mother’s Day was first celebrated isn’t clear, but commemorative traditions can be traced as far back as ancient Greece. These early celebrations were in honor of Rhea, the “Mother of the Gods.”

In the U.S., Mother’s Day was mostly recognized by woman’s peace groups. Recognition was given to the mothers of sons who served or died in the American Civil War. Outside of this, there were very few activities related to honoring moms. It wasn’t until 1914 that President Woodrow Wilson signed the order declaring Mother’s Day a national holiday. It’s widely disputed that the holiday would have been declared much earlier had Wilson utilized eSignature to sign the order.

Mother’s Day Around the World

In the U.S., Mother’s Day is set on the second Sunday of May. However, other countries around the world celebrate the holiday not only on different dates, but in different ways.

In France Mother’s Day—referred to as Fete des Meres—is celebrated on the last Sunday in May and is regarded as more of a family birthday. Spain celebrates its mothers on December 8th and the holiday is closely associated with Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus. 
In Sweden Mother’s Day is on the last Sunday in May and is a family holiday. The Swedish Red Cross sells small plastic flowers on days leading up to Mother’s Day and the money raised is used to help needy mothers and their children. In India Mother’s Day is celebrated nationally on the 19th of August. The UK still cites the holiday as Mothering Day—the now dated but once popular name for the holiday—and celebrates on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

Fun Facts

  • An AT&T survey estimated that 122.5 million phone calls to Mom are made on Mother’s Day
  • In most languages around the globe, the word for “mother” begins with the letter ‘M.’
  • Mother’s Day accounts for one-fourth of the flowers purchased for holidays. 
  • The carnation is the flower most often associated with Mother’s Day. Red and pink carnations for moms who are still living, and white carnations for mothers that have passed away.

The Best Gift for Mom

According to AssureSign’s Director of Client Services, Andrea (a mom herself), the best gift moms can possibly receive are those alleviating time and stress in their day to day. Take a look at how eSignature waivers cut the time taken for her son’s soccer team signups.

Conference season is ratcheting up as summer’s embrace comes within striking distance. While there’s no shortage of tech events happening throughout the entire summer solstice, May is particularly full of events that offer insight into emerging technology.

Attending even just one conference can throw a wrench in your typical schedule. So, to help determine those that may be worth your while, we surveyed the scene in search for the cream of the conference crop. Here’s a rundown of the top tech conferences you should know about this month:

Directions North America
May 5-8 | Las Vegas, NV

This conference is created and organized by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners that service the small business (SMB) market. Directions North America invites collaboration between developers, implementers, technical experts, sales reps, executives, and business owners from an array of service providers, ISVs, SMB partners, and Microsoft. If you’re looking to tap the full potential of Dynamics 365 within the scope of your go-to-market strategy, this conference is worth looking at. Learn more about the Directions North America conference here.

Microsoft Build
May 6-8 | Seattle, WA

We’ve attended MS Build in the past and have nothing but great things to say about the Microsoft-led event. This conference homes in on ways for developers and engineers to utilize emerging technology in building, modernizing, or migrating applications. Session topics include AI/machine learning, DevOps automation, creating cross-platform applications, mixed reality, IoT, and more. Click here to learn more about Microsoft Build.

Gartner Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation
May 14-15 | Orlando, FL

Hosted by Gartner, the Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation Summit is an attractive event for IT executives and decision makers. The agenda focuses on divulging insight into how the innovation landscape will likely evolve over the next five years and how to lay the groundwork for what’s to come. Like many, Gartner’s early summer summit agenda is segregated into five “tracks,” each with a “focus area” that groups sessions with similar themes. Track focus areas include: 1. Enterprise Architects: Drive Digital Business; 2. Become a Trusted Adviser to Leadership Teams; 3. Leverage Today’s Strategic Technologies; 4. Lead the Pack with Emerging Technologies; and 5. Executive Track: Your Pathway to Success. Discover more about the Gartner Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation Summit here.

Cyber Security Summit
May 16 | Dallas, TX

The Cyber Security Summit is rather unique from the other conferences in this list. The event is ongoing throughout the year and is scheduled to visit over a dozen cities along and between both coasts. For $350, C-suite and senior executives can invest in their companies’ cybersecurity infrastructure by learning of the field’s latest innovations from various industry leaders. In Dallas, speakers from Cisco, Dell, the FBI’s Cyber Task Force, American Heart Association, the Secret Service, and Delta, among others. In May, the Summit will head to the Lonestar state before making way to Seattle in June. Find out more about the Cyber Security Summit here.

May 20-23 | Las Vegas, NV

Positioned as the “unbiased view of what’s happening across IT disciplines,” Interop19 delves into the latest and greatest (and maybe not so great) changes across IT technologies and their implications across your current digital environments. Interop will also host leadership and development sessions that lend insight on how businesses can maintain and grow their success in a digital-centric market. Anyone from IT newbies to those tenured in the field will walk from Interop with a synergetic understanding of cross-platform innovations… “This is one of the only IT shows that talks about all of IT without focusing on a single company’s line of products. The leadership track is outstanding.” Read more testimonials or register for Interop19 here.

SharePoint Conference
May 21-23 | Las Vegas, NV

Rounding out our list is yet another conference hosted in fabulous Las Vegas! The SharePoint Conference is headlined by both Microsoft and SharePoint Conference North America. The sessions look to share unique perspectives on how SharePoint and related technologies can bolster businesses ranging from beer breweries to libraries. In addition to sessions, attendees can head over early or stay late for one of the day-long workshops happening May 19th, 20th and 24th. Learn more about the SharePoint Conference here.

What did we miss? Tweet your favorite 2019 conference at us… it could be featured in our next can’t miss tech events post!

David Brinkman, President & CEO of AssureSign, is featured on Business RadioX, and speaks to the company’s innovation, product features, and competitive differentiation. Missed the interview? Click here to listen.

In a previous post, we highlighted the four-fold benefit of adopting an eSignature and document management platform among insurance carriers and agencies:

  1. Reduce cost and improve productivity
  2. Diminish error and omission (E&O) exposure
  3. Create a competitive edge
  4. Delight clients with a legal and secure digital alternative

But did you know AssureSign offers unique eSigning features that help those in insurance reduce the lifecycle of common documents by even greater margins? White-labeling, out-of-the-box and customizable integrations with EZLynx and other ECMs, bulk document sending, and other features support a seamless customer experience. But when you send documents to your client’s smartphone for signature, you can instantly reduce the lifecycle of any and all your documents!

Still sending documents for signature via email?

This may shock you (it shocked us), but nearly 55% of smartphone users don’t have mobile access to their email inbox! That’s over half of your clients. But even when clients do have mobile access to their inboxes, a majority of emails are ignored or left unopened. On average, text messages have nearly four times the open rate (98%) than emails (20%). What’s more, 90% of text messages are opened in three minutes or less!

When clients receive their documents for signature on the device in their back pocket, they can instantly review, sign, and send claims paperwork, onboarding forms, and other common documents. Staying connected with clients when they’re on the go means less coverage lapses, less missed deadlines, and more business.

Will sending onboarding forms via SMS win more clients?

Sending onboarding and other paperwork via SMS not only reduces signing times, it eliminates the gap in your time-to-close rates. Businesses empowering clients to sign documents on their smartphone via text message find over half their sent documents signed and returned within five minutes or less. You can even have clients complete their forms before ending your first call! No more losing prospects between first contact and completed onboarding.

Sign clients in-person? Review and sign forms together when you send forms to their device of choice!

Is eSign via Text secure?

All AssureSign transactions are backed by our enterprise-grade security network, regardless of the device signers choose to use when eSigning! Our security infrastructure has earned SOC 2, ISO 27001, and FIPS 140-2 certifications, along with acclaim from the world’s top brands for nearly twenty years. Complete with 256-bit encryption and geo-dispersed data hubs, our cybersecurity framework safeguards your data both at rest and in motion. Whether signatures are captured on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, AssureSign guarantees a secure transaction, every time!

How do I get started?

Whether with another provider, a first time eSigner, or currently using AssureSign… You can easily get started using eSign via Text!

Start Using eSign via Text for Insurance today!

In a previous post, we illustrated the benefits that electronic signature brings to the legal industry. In case you missed it…firms are estimated to lose $9,071 annually per lawyer due to productivity lag and wasted time. Firms can reduce or eliminate these substantial losses—upwards of a million bucks for larger firms—by automating their document management process with eSignature.

Estimated revenue losses are uncomfortable. Yet, losing business to competing firms is a harder pill to swallow. Why? It’s the difference between a theoretical loss and a tangible one! When prospects and clients sign with competing firms, it’s an active loss and one that’s palpable. However, in the same way eSignature diminishes costs tied to inefficiencies, it can also keep you a step ahead of competing firms and win you more clients.

Keep Pace.

Studies show that 30-50 percent of clients are awarded to the firm or business that responds first. This statistic isn’t a hard sell, either. After all, your clients are just as busy as you are.  Prospects that find time to sit back and weigh options are by far and away the exception rather than the rule. Firms with the quickest turnaround times are positioned to secure the largest market share, particularly those in highly competitive legal verticals like mass tort.

More Clients.

It’s for this reason that leading legal software company, Captorra uses AssureSign’s eSign via Text to send out contracts—the only mobile eSigning via SMS/text message native to an electronic signature platform…

“Providing the electronic signature process on a consumer’s smartphone is invaluable. Over 60 percent of our own deals are closed with AssureSign’s text to eSign feature. Both our customers and my own sales team agree… mobile eSign determines whether deals are won or lost.”

Chris O’Brien, President & CEO of Captorra

What’s more, they don’t have to choose between sending options. With AssureSign, Captorra can send their contracts to an email and text message! Whether they’re winning a prospect among the 55 percent without mobile email access or one with immediate access, Captorra secures a large portion of their clients by working with the device in their back pocket.

Legal & Secure.

Are mobile electronic signatures legal? What about secure?

In short … yes and yes.

While eSign via Text propels both convenience to your client and revenue for your firm, it’s no different than an electronic signature captured on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. Its HTTPS protocol maintains mobile browser security regardless of the type of smartphone or device your client uses. Client data is guarded by 256-bit encryption along with our internal and external security provisions, which hold SOC 2, ISO 27001, and FIPS 140-2 certifications among others. You can read more about AssureSign’s commitment to security in our Trust Center.

Get Started!

Whether with another provider, a first time eSignature user, or currently using AssureSign… You can easily get started using eSign via Text!

Activate your FREE TRIAL of eSign via Text today!

Digital transformation has been pervasive for nearly a decade or so. But it’s not just our smartphones or day-to-day processes that are transforming… so are client expectations.

In a survey of nearly 300 insurance buyers*, more than a third said online self-service was “very important” when deciding who to do business with. Clients are willing to pay more in exchange for online service that’s both reliable and secure… raising a good point.

There’s an array of solutions that can help extend your services online, but not all ECM solutions, claims management solutions, and other software are created equal… and in a digitally conscious world, the ones you choose matter. In fact, 31% of buyers from the abovementioned survey say that the particular software used by a carrier or agency will absolutely influence their purchase.

Adopting the right technology already impacts your market share and client acquisition… that impact is expected to double within five to six years. Here’s how electronic signature meets both your and your clients’ expectations while keeping you a step ahead of the competition:

1. Reduce Cost. Improve Productivity.

Ever stop to consider the cost associated with the dated ‘print, send, receive, scan, and store’ process? A year’s supply of paper, printer ink, couriers, shipping, return postage, physical storage, etc. can drive quite a wedge between the black and red on a P&L sheet. These manual processes create unnecessary costs while creating a huge drain in productivity among agents and staff.

With AssureSign for insurance, agencies and brokerages eliminate excess cost, reduce turnaround, and provide seamless service. For Knight Insurance Group, reaping the most benefit of eSignature meant deploying an AssureSign integration with their existing TAM software.

“We’re delivering a premier, fully modern experience to our customers. The ease of electronic signature serves as just one more testament to our commitment to our clients’ complete satisfaction… and AssureSign helps us deliver the best.”

John Gauge – Systems Administrator, Knight Insurance Group

2. Diminish E&O Exposure.

When agents send contracts, policy applications, coverage election forms, onboarding paperwork and other client forms with AssureSign, they’re choosing a legally compliant and digitally secure solution. However, agility and security aren’t the only benefits eSign brings to insurance.

No client or agency wants coverage to lapse because of an unchecked box or a missing date. Electronic signature eliminates errors and omissions by automatically alerting clients of any fields they leave blank on your form(s).

Need to send claim paperwork or other forms that require photographs, I.D. or other attachments? Clients can easily attach supporting documentation during the signing process! All forms and associated attachments/documents are stored in a single, digital file… making retention or accessing them later easy!

With eSignature, your forms are completed to satisfaction the first time, making it easier to extend world-class service to clients without exception.

3. Create a Competitive Edge.

Providing an exceptional client experience certainly lends a competitive advantage. Yet, factors like faster onboarding and increased close rates—benefits that other ECM solutions and claims management solutions lack—are what put your agency or brokerage ahead in the game.

In the survey we mentioned earlier, two thirds of buyers made purchases directly through carriers as opposed to brokerages or multi-carrier agencies. This further highlights the need for agencies to remain competitive by offering a rapid, user-friendly onboarding experience. With eSignature, clients can complete the entire onboarding process on your agency’s website, through email, or even with a single text message.

4. Delight Clients with a Legal and Secure Digital Alternative.

If you’re looking to attract new clients—while delighting your current portfolio—digitizing your entire value chain from cradle to grave is pivotal. In fact, many consumer analysts point to the rise of non-traditional digital insurance alternatives to support the conclusion: clients don’t just look for online functionality, they demand it.  

But in a time when consumers are more digitally conscious than ever, you can’t simply choose ECM solutions or claims management solutions arbitrarily.

Since the passage of UETA (1999) and the ESIGN Act (2000), electronic signatures have been leveraged within insurance and beyond as a legal and more secure alternative to wet ink signatures. AssureSign gives insurance groups like Farm Bureau and Grange Insurance peace of mind with a long-standing cybersecurity record and a 100% Microsoft Azure-based data environment. Client and other sensitive data are protected with 256-bit encryption and our multi-layered security protocols, which have earned FIPS 140-2 and ISO 27001 certifications.

eSignature empowers agents and brokers to provide their clients with the exceptional service they deserve and the security they expect.

Download your eSignature for Insurance whitepaper today.


Lawyers, judges, legal tech providers, and other legal staff process and manage more documents than any other industry. Consequently, they have quite the comfortable lead regarding time spent (and wasted) on managing documents and signatures.

By the numbers: Lost productivity within the legal industry…

Document creation, delivery and management: 11.2 hrs./week

Time wasted (searching for but not finding stored documents, recreating lost documents, etc.): 6.0 hrs./week

Total loss of annual productivity: 9.8%

Total loss (per lawyer): $9,071/annually

➡ Total loss (firm = 100 lawyers): $900,000+/annually

These “losses” are simply the revenue firms will never see. If considering losses from resulting lawsuits after classified or sensitive information is leaked—an eventuality when documents are misplaced or lost—these figures spiral. Many legal firms have had to declare bankruptcy or even close their doors, while the ones that survive are left with an irreversibly tarnished reputation.

With high document counts, a pervasive loss of productivity, and the crucial need for security and cybersecurity, it stands to reason that law practices along with the rest of the legal sector would be an early and frequent adopter of document management innovation. Yet, law offices and legal service providers are on the lower end of the spectrum regarding the adoption of innovations like digital transaction management (DTM) and eSignature solutions.

Unfortunately, this is often due to firms and legal vendors simply being unaware of the benefits and versatility an eSignature solution brings to their business.

Tired of being in the dark?

Here’s four benefits law firms and legal service providers can reap when trading their manual processes for a DTM and eSign solution:

1. Cost Savings

Don’t take our word for it. Just ask the leading intake software provider, Captorra! After beginning to use AssureSign’s eSignature in 2013, they nearly eliminated their monthly printing, shipping, and storing costs. But it wasn’t just their P&L sheets cheering in adoration… The law firms utilizing AssureSign–via the Captorra-AssureSign integration–experienced an average cost reduction of 900%! Extraneous costs like overnighting documents, return postage, paper and ink purchases, and more were transformed into things of the past!

By using AssureSign, Captorra and subscribing law offices send and receive documents in minutes! What’s more, their clients enjoy a continuous signing flow, free from distractions and self-promoting tactics found among other eSign vendors, like “log in” or “create an account” prompts. When legal firms and vendors digitally transform their onboarding process, new clients are secured in minutes instead of days.

The online signing process is agile, but how do firms and legal vendors secure a document return time that’s nearly twice as fast as their competitors? They think outside the box. Inbox, that is. Documents are reviewed up to 5x faster when they’re sent using the only communication channel touting a 98% message open-rate…

2. Competitive Edge

eSign via Text—the only native electronic signature via SMS/text message feature currently on the market—receives high praises from nearly every industry. Yet, the highly competitive nature among many mass tort and other firms makes sending client onboarding forms via text msg a game-changer!

One office secures more than 60% of its clients through eSign via Text. That’s business they could’ve lost if their prospects weren’t empowered to review, complete and sign client onboarding forms from the device in their back pocket!

“Providing the electronic signature process on a consumer’s smartphone is invaluable. Over 60 percent of our own deals are closed with AssureSign’s text to eSign feature. Both our customers and my own sales team agree… mobile eSign determines whether deals are won or lost.”

Chris O’Brien, President & CEO of Captorra

eSign via Text leverages the most direct and client-preferred form of communication to yield the most agile client onboarding experience possible, all without sacrificing the legal standing or security of your documents!

3. Security

Security is pivotal for businesses and clients alike. It’s always recommended that businesses leverage the digital solutions meeting only the highest of security standards.

Yet, for legal firms and clients, we understand the need for an electronic signature and document management solution with best-in-class cybersecurity is a paramount concern…

“As lawyers, we are trained to protect our clients and vigorously represent their interests. We have historically protected the attorney-client privilege, the work product doctrine, and other applicable privileges with regard to our clients. In the current technology environment… Cybersecurity is yet another way that lawyers must now protect their clients.”

Elizabeth Shirley, Partner, Burr & Forman

NDAs, venture capital agreements, master service agreements, job offers, client onboarding forms, and your other sensitive documents can’t be vulnerable to security blunders.

When firms choose to send documents with AssureSign, they’re entrusting a carrier-grade eSign solution that:

  • Meets the standards of industry regulations (HIPPA, FERPA and more)
  • Earns trusted controls certification (SOC 1, SOC 2 and more)
  • Is certified by trusted security standards (FIPS 140-2, ISO/IEC 27001)

AssureSign’s geo-dispersed data centers employ multi-layered security protocols with 256-bit encryption and operate solely within the Microsoft Azure environment. It’s because of our consistent record and constant pledge to securing your documents that AssureSign’s earned and kept the trust of the world’s top brands for nearly twenty years.

4. Efficiency

According to Aragon Research, electronic signature is the foundational and essential building block of a functional digital transaction management infrastructure. In a 2019 brief, the independent research firm discusses the digital overhaul of paper-laden or otherwise manual processes and DTMs essential role in any modern, efficient workplace.

In an article published by the American Bar Association in 2017, AssureSign’s marketing manager highlighted reasons why some law offices are seeing great success in the digital era, while others lose ground to competitors…

“The firms smart enough to adopt what are now considered essential technologies like electronic signature are dramatically reducing their overhead costs along with the length of its client onboarding process. Firms that continue to leave digital efficiencies like streamlined workflows, automated document audit trails, and electronic retention of sign documents won’t be comfortable in today’s market for long.”

Start using the most cost-effective, competitive, secure, and efficient way to secure clients. Discover eSignature today.

Can you guess your odds of finding a four-leaf clover? About 1 in 10,000.

Another fun fact… each leaf of the rare clover has its own meaning: Hope, Faith, Love and Luck*. Fitting for St. Patrick’s Day, no?

It may be a fun theme for St. Patrick’s Day, but here at AssureSign, we don’t think luck should factor into the way you do business. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on luck when sending documents out for signature! AssureSign’s electronic signature and document transaction management enables companies from SMBs to large enterprises to send documents quickly, efficiently and digitally.

Wondering exactly how efficient and effective using eSign can be for your business? Skip searching for the end of a rainbow and discover how eSignature fares better than a pot of gold with these four reasons:

1. Quickest way to send and receive your documents.

It’s true. Electronic signature makes manual and dated processes like overnighting documents or attaching scanned documents to an email seem about as fast as a Windows 98 boot up (did we just inspire a flashback?).

By sending documents via eSign, you can send, receive, and digitally archive completed documents in just a few minutes. Still not quick enough? Eliminate even more wasted time when you leverage SMS/text message technology. Sending documents using AssureSign’s eSign via Text feature—the only eSignature via text messaging feature native to an eSign provider—empowers your consumers to review, complete, sign and send forms back in seconds… all by simply grabbing the device in their back pocket!

See how this company wins 60% of their business by using eSign via Text.

2. Cost effective and efficient.

“Gotta spend money to make money…” How many times have you heard the big guys and gals upstairs throw that idiom around? Despite its catchy nature, the roman poet and philosopher, Plautus made a good point when he coined the term more than two thousand years ago. (Though, we’ll admit he wasn’t likely thinking of digital workflows in 200 BC 😉)

Streamlining processes, consolidating business practices, and eliminating cost are pillars of remaining competitive. Invest in your organization and it will pay dividends.

“It’s absolutely worth the investment…”

Senior Director, Junior Achievement of Kansas City

3. Eliminates errors and omissions.

Waive goodbye to receiving incomplete documents! With an eSignature solution like AssureSign, your end signers are automatically prompted to complete areas left blank on your forms prior to sending them back. What’s more, you can include customized step-by-step instructions for signers as they make their way through the signing flow—making even the most complex forms a breeze to complete and sign.

4. Integrates with your pre-existing solutions and workflows.

Whether it’s a universal CRM like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce, a document management system like EZ Lynx or Captorra, or a proprietary digital management software, AssureSign’s eSignature solution integrates with the digital solutions and processes you’re already using! Using an AssureSign out-of-box integration or leveraging our RESTful APIs to build your own webhooks means keeping your end-to-end customer lifecycle in one environment!

Luck won’t deliver an easier way of doing business. Discover how eSignatures can bring the digital gold to your business!