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Digital transformation has been pervasive for nearly a decade or so. But it’s not just our smartphones or day-to-day processes that are transforming… so are client expectations.

In a survey of nearly 300 insurance buyers*, more than a third said online self-service was “very important” when deciding who to do business with. Clients are willing to pay more in exchange for online service that’s both reliable and secure… raising a good point.

There’s an array of solutions that can help extend your services online, but not all ECM solutions, claims management solutions, and other software are created equal… and in a digitally conscious world, the ones you choose matter. In fact, 31% of buyers from the abovementioned survey say that the particular software used by a carrier or agency will absolutely influence their purchase.

Adopting the right technology already impacts your market share and client acquisition… that impact is expected to double within five to six years. Here’s how electronic signature meets both your and your clients’ expectations while keeping you a step ahead of the competition:

1. Reduce Cost. Improve Productivity.

Ever stop to consider the cost associated with the dated ‘print, send, receive, scan, and store’ process? A year’s supply of paper, printer ink, couriers, shipping, return postage, physical storage, etc. can drive quite a wedge between the black and red on a P&L sheet. These manual processes create unnecessary costs while creating a huge drain in productivity among agents and staff.

With AssureSign for insurance, agencies and brokerages eliminate excess cost, reduce turnaround, and provide seamless service. For Knight Insurance Group, reaping the most benefit of eSignature meant deploying an AssureSign integration with their existing TAM software.

“We’re delivering a premier, fully modern experience to our customers. The ease of electronic signature serves as just one more testament to our commitment to our clients’ complete satisfaction… and AssureSign helps us deliver the best.”

John Gauge – Systems Administrator, Knight Insurance Group

2. Diminish E&O Exposure.

When agents send contracts, policy applications, coverage election forms, onboarding paperwork and other client forms with AssureSign, they’re choosing a legally compliant and digitally secure solution. However, agility and security aren’t the only benefits eSign brings to insurance.

No client or agency wants coverage to lapse because of an unchecked box or a missing date. Electronic signature eliminates errors and omissions by automatically alerting clients of any fields they leave blank on your form(s).

Need to send claim paperwork or other forms that require photographs, I.D. or other attachments? Clients can easily attach supporting documentation during the signing process! All forms and associated attachments/documents are stored in a single, digital file… making retention or accessing them later easy!

With eSignature, your forms are completed to satisfaction the first time, making it easier to extend world-class service to clients without exception.

3. Create a Competitive Edge.

Providing an exceptional client experience certainly lends a competitive advantage. Yet, factors like faster onboarding and increased close rates—benefits that other ECM solutions and claims management solutions lack—are what put your agency or brokerage ahead in the game.

In the survey we mentioned earlier, two thirds of buyers made purchases directly through carriers as opposed to brokerages or multi-carrier agencies. This further highlights the need for agencies to remain competitive by offering a rapid, user-friendly onboarding experience. With eSignature, clients can complete the entire onboarding process on your agency’s website, through email, or even with a single text message.

4. Delight Clients with a Legal and Secure Digital Alternative.

If you’re looking to attract new clients—while delighting your current portfolio—digitizing your entire value chain from cradle to grave is pivotal. In fact, many consumer analysts point to the rise of non-traditional digital insurance alternatives to support the conclusion: clients don’t just look for online functionality, they demand it.  

But in a time when consumers are more digitally conscious than ever, you can’t simply choose ECM solutions or claims management solutions arbitrarily.

Since the passage of UETA (1999) and the ESIGN Act (2000), electronic signatures have been leveraged within insurance and beyond as a legal and more secure alternative to wet ink signatures. AssureSign gives insurance groups like Farm Bureau and Grange Insurance peace of mind with a long-standing cybersecurity record and a 100% Microsoft Azure-based data environment. Client and other sensitive data are protected with 256-bit encryption and our multi-layered security protocols, which have earned FIPS 140-2 and ISO 27001 certifications.

eSignature empowers agents and brokers to provide their clients with the exceptional service they deserve and the security they expect.

Download your eSignature for Insurance whitepaper today.


Lawyers, judges, legal tech providers, and other legal staff process and manage more documents than any other industry. Consequently, they have quite the comfortable lead regarding time spent (and wasted) on managing documents and signatures.

By the numbers: Lost productivity within the legal industry…

Document creation, delivery and management: 11.2 hrs./week

Time wasted (searching for but not finding stored documents, recreating lost documents, etc.): 6.0 hrs./week

Total loss of annual productivity: 9.8%

Total loss (per lawyer): $9,071/annually

➡ Total loss (firm = 100 lawyers): $900,000+/annually

These “losses” are simply the revenue firms will never see. If considering losses from resulting lawsuits after classified or sensitive information is leaked—an eventuality when documents are misplaced or lost—these figures spiral. Many legal firms have had to declare bankruptcy or even close their doors, while the ones that survive are left with an irreversibly tarnished reputation.

With high document counts, a pervasive loss of productivity, and the crucial need for security and cybersecurity, it stands to reason that law practices along with the rest of the legal sector would be an early and frequent adopter of document management innovation. Yet, law offices and legal service providers are on the lower end of the spectrum regarding the adoption of innovations like digital transaction management (DTM) and eSignature solutions.

Unfortunately, this is often due to firms and legal vendors simply being unaware of the benefits and versatility an eSignature solution brings to their business.

Tired of being in the dark?

Here’s four benefits law firms and legal service providers can reap when trading their manual processes for a DTM and eSign solution:

1. Cost Savings

Don’t take our word for it. Just ask the leading intake software provider, Captorra! After beginning to use AssureSign’s eSignature in 2013, they nearly eliminated their monthly printing, shipping, and storing costs. But it wasn’t just their P&L sheets cheering in adoration… The law firms utilizing AssureSign–via the Captorra-AssureSign integration–experienced an average cost reduction of 900%! Extraneous costs like overnighting documents, return postage, paper and ink purchases, and more were transformed into things of the past!

By using AssureSign, Captorra and subscribing law offices send and receive documents in minutes! What’s more, their clients enjoy a continuous signing flow, free from distractions and self-promoting tactics found among other eSign vendors, like “log in” or “create an account” prompts. When legal firms and vendors digitally transform their onboarding process, new clients are secured in minutes instead of days.

The online signing process is agile, but how do firms and legal vendors secure a document return time that’s nearly twice as fast as their competitors? They think outside the box. Inbox, that is. Documents are reviewed up to 5x faster when they’re sent using the only communication channel touting a 98% message open-rate…

2. Competitive Edge

eSign via Text—the only native electronic signature via SMS/text message feature currently on the market—receives high praises from nearly every industry. Yet, the highly competitive nature among many mass tort and other firms makes sending client onboarding forms via text msg a game-changer!

One office secures more than 60% of its clients through eSign via Text. That’s business they could’ve lost if their prospects weren’t empowered to review, complete and sign client onboarding forms from the device in their back pocket!

“Providing the electronic signature process on a consumer’s smartphone is invaluable. Over 60 percent of our own deals are closed with AssureSign’s text to eSign feature. Both our customers and my own sales team agree… mobile eSign determines whether deals are won or lost.”

Chris O’Brien, President & CEO of Captorra

eSign via Text leverages the most direct and client-preferred form of communication to yield the most agile client onboarding experience possible, all without sacrificing the legal standing or security of your documents!

3. Security

Security is pivotal for businesses and clients alike. It’s always recommended that businesses leverage the digital solutions meeting only the highest of security standards.

Yet, for legal firms and clients, we understand the need for an electronic signature and document management solution with best-in-class cybersecurity is a paramount concern…

“As lawyers, we are trained to protect our clients and vigorously represent their interests. We have historically protected the attorney-client privilege, the work product doctrine, and other applicable privileges with regard to our clients. In the current technology environment… Cybersecurity is yet another way that lawyers must now protect their clients.”

Elizabeth Shirley, Partner, Burr & Forman

NDAs, venture capital agreements, master service agreements, job offers, client onboarding forms, and your other sensitive documents can’t be vulnerable to security blunders.

When firms choose to send documents with AssureSign, they’re entrusting a carrier-grade eSign solution that:

  • Meets the standards of industry regulations (HIPPA, FERPA and more)
  • Earns trusted controls certification (SOC 1, SOC 2 and more)
  • Is certified by trusted security standards (FIPS 140-2, ISO/IEC 27001)

AssureSign’s geo-dispersed data centers employ multi-layered security protocols with 256-bit encryption and operate solely within the Microsoft Azure environment. It’s because of our consistent record and constant pledge to securing your documents that AssureSign’s earned and kept the trust of the world’s top brands for nearly twenty years.

4. Efficiency

According to Aragon Research, electronic signature is the foundational and essential building block of a functional digital transaction management infrastructure. In a 2019 brief, the independent research firm discusses the digital overhaul of paper-laden or otherwise manual processes and DTMs essential role in any modern, efficient workplace.

In an article published by the American Bar Association in 2017, AssureSign’s marketing manager highlighted reasons why some law offices are seeing great success in the digital era, while others lose ground to competitors…

“The firms smart enough to adopt what are now considered essential technologies like electronic signature are dramatically reducing their overhead costs along with the length of its client onboarding process. Firms that continue to leave digital efficiencies like streamlined workflows, automated document audit trails, and electronic retention of sign documents won’t be comfortable in today’s market for long.”

Start using the most cost-effective, competitive, secure, and efficient way to secure clients. Discover eSignature today.

Can you guess your odds of finding a four-leaf clover? About 1 in 10,000.

Another fun fact… each leaf of the rare clover has its own meaning: Hope, Faith, Love and Luck*. Fitting for St. Patrick’s Day, no?

It may be a fun theme for St. Patrick’s Day, but here at AssureSign, we don’t think luck should factor into the way you do business. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on luck when sending documents out for signature! AssureSign’s electronic signature and document transaction management enables companies from SMBs to large enterprises to send documents quickly, efficiently and digitally.

Wondering exactly how efficient and effective using eSign can be for your business? Skip searching for the end of a rainbow and discover how eSignature fares better than a pot of gold with these four reasons:

1. Quickest way to send and receive your documents.

It’s true. Electronic signature makes manual and dated processes like overnighting documents or attaching scanned documents to an email seem about as fast as a Windows 98 boot up (did we just inspire a flashback?).

By sending documents via eSign, you can send, receive, and digitally archive completed documents in just a few minutes. Still not quick enough? Eliminate even more wasted time when you leverage SMS/text message technology. Sending documents using AssureSign’s eSign via Text feature—the only eSignature via text messaging feature native to an eSign provider—empowers your consumers to review, complete, sign and send forms back in seconds… all by simply grabbing the device in their back pocket!

See how this company wins 60% of their business by using eSign via Text.

2. Cost effective and efficient.

“Gotta spend money to make money…” How many times have you heard the big guys and gals upstairs throw that idiom around? Despite its catchy nature, the roman poet and philosopher, Plautus made a good point when he coined the term more than two thousand years ago. (Though, we’ll admit he wasn’t likely thinking of digital workflows in 200 BC 😉)

Streamlining processes, consolidating business practices, and eliminating cost are pillars of remaining competitive. Invest in your organization and it will pay dividends.

“It’s absolutely worth the investment…”

Senior Director, Junior Achievement of Kansas City

3. Eliminates errors and omissions.

Waive goodbye to receiving incomplete documents! With an eSignature solution like AssureSign, your end signers are automatically prompted to complete areas left blank on your forms prior to sending them back. What’s more, you can include customized step-by-step instructions for signers as they make their way through the signing flow—making even the most complex forms a breeze to complete and sign.

4. Integrates with your pre-existing solutions and workflows.

Whether it’s a universal CRM like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce, a document management system like EZ Lynx or Captorra, or a proprietary digital management software, AssureSign’s eSignature solution integrates with the digital solutions and processes you’re already using! Using an AssureSign out-of-box integration or leveraging our RESTful APIs to build your own webhooks means keeping your end-to-end customer lifecycle in one environment!

Luck won’t deliver an easier way of doing business. Discover how eSignatures can bring the digital gold to your business!

Duck Creek Technologies, a Premiere AssureSign Connect Partner, empowers P&C insurers to digitally enhance their policy, rating, billing, and claims processes. Their array of solutions, deployments, configurations, document management systems, and sales tools empower users to streamline workflows, improve client service, and set themselves apart from competitors.

With the Duck Creek Platform, insurers go-to-market and remain competitive with a single, innovative digital provider. Yet, to provide the continuous competitive edge that carriers, brokers and other insurance professionals require, Duck Creek insurance solutions must adapt to transforming technology and evolve alongside client expectations.

To meet this need, the Duck Creek insurance suite is built with ‘Future-Ready’ solutions, providing subscribers with automated product upgrades, transformative features, and new functionalities.

To showcase these enhanced and new-to-market offerings along with future potential, every year, Duck Creek invites the P&C insurance vertical to its annual Duck Creek Formation conference. This year, there’s a lot to look forward to during the three-day span in Miami—March 31-April 2nd—but here’s three experiences you won’t want to miss if you’re heading to Duck Creek Formation 2019:

Formation 2019
3 Things You Can’t Miss

1. Keynote Speakers

The Duck Creek Formation 2019 conference has quite the lineup of industry-expert speakers hosting its two keynote addresses, breakout sessions, and other events.

Mike Jackowski and Scott Parazynski lead the pack as Formation 2019 ’s two keynote speakers. Mike Jackowski, Chief Executive Officer of Duck Creek Technologies, will provide the Keynote Welcome on Monday, April 1st. Scott Parazynski, physician and a former NASA astronaut, will lead the final keynote address—”Leadership Under Extreme Adversity, On and Off the Planet.” His astronomical background earns his keynote a solidcan’t miss!

2. Breakout Sessions

Keynotes are just the beginning of Duck Creek Formation 2019. Formation 2019 has more than six consecutive hours exclusively dedicated to breakout sessions. During the first two hours, Formation 2019 attendees will choose one of five topic tracks/clusters:

  1. Delivery Assurance and Configuration Best Practices
  2. Insurance Core System Functionality in the Cloud
  3. Introducing Duck Creek Insurance Distribution Management
  4. Optimizing User Engagement
  5. What’s New and Enhanced in the Duck Creek Insurance Platform & Policy Offering

Each track is made up of two to three breakout sessions that build on the track’s topic.

The remaining four hours provide an a la carte selection style. Attendees can choose from a pool of breakout sessions that address a variety of insurance innovations , such as “Improving Billing Operational Efficiency and Customer Experience,” “Streamline Claims Handling,” and more.

3. Expo Hall

Of course, no annual conference would be complete without the opportunity to kick back and watch the latest industry innovations in action at the exhibition hall (not to mention the free swag!).

And, the Formation 2019 sponsors and participating vendors are certain to make this year’s Duck Creek Formation expo one for the books. Both tech–and CRM–pioneers Salesforce and Microsoft will exhibit their a-game alongside premiere Duck Creek Partners vendors like Hyland, Deloitte, HCL, and AssureSign!

eSignature via the AssureSign for Duck Creek Integration completes end-to-end insurance operations for carriers, brokers, and agents alike!

Find us on the Formation 2019 expo floor or discover how AssureSign can be tailored to fit your customized workflows!

The philosophy behind AssureSign’s core value, Innovation—“Learn from yesterday. Transform tomorrow.”—is embodied in everything we do, from our customers to our employees.

Yet, innovation in isolation doesn’t define success.

Imagine yourself holding “innovation” in one hand 🖐🏼 and your current processes in the other hand 🖐🏼. What does it look like when you put the two together (besides clapping 👏🏼)?

To find out, we formed a panel of AssureSign customers and partners from a variety of industries. Enterprises and SMBs using AssureSign from a year to over twelve—MagTek, Auric Energy, and Captorra to name a few—sat down with us last week to participate in our inaugural Customer Advisory Panel (CAP).

The primary focus broke into three segments:

  1. V3 RESTful API rollout
  2. Recent and future developments of the AssureSign Simple Setup UI
  3. Security enhancements

1. V3 API Rollout. RESTful Style.

Many of our CAP attendees manage their digital transaction and electronic signature needs through the AssureSign web-based portal or one of our out-of-box CRM integrations, while others utilize proprietary integrations built by leveraging our open APIs.

During CAP, we laid out the roadmap for AssureSign’s V3 RESTful API rollout. Not only do the V3 APIs provide new benefits to all AssureSign users, it enables the migration of coveted features from our Classic Interface to the new Simple Setup UI.

“We were extremely happy to learn about the options AssureSign offers Dynamics CRM and SharePoint [users], which are significantly better than options offered by other document signing providers. AssureSign’s feature set saves our sales team valuable time every day…”

Richard Bishop, IT System Administrator for Auric Energy.

2. Simple Setup UI

Since its 2017 inception, the drag-and-drop interface has become an AssureSign fan favorite, touting features like eSign via Text, custom email design use, and combined template/envelope view.

However, with the rollout of AssureSign’s V3 APIs, features previously exclusive to Classic Interface like bulk envelope sending and workflow customization will soon be available in our Simple Setup UI. In addition to migrated features, new offerings such as ePayments and conditional logic (if-then sequencing) are on the horizon.

“[The panel] provided an excellent opportunity for me to learn more about the AssureSign roadmap and future solution enhancements. I’m excited to collaborate on integrating [MagTek] payments with eSignature.”

Rodney Vesling, Vice President and General Manager of MagTek, Inc.

3. Security Enhancements

Wrapping up the CAP agenda was AssureSign’s CTO, Donald Kratt highlighting recent and soon to come security offerings. One of which being the native single sign on (SSO) mainframe built into Simple Setup.

When using our eSignature with single sign on, users immediately have access to all their AssureSign environments after a single login! What’s more, you can use preexisting Microsoft Logins to sign into AssureSign. Much like a one-click login after initially entering credentials to your Facebook or LinkedIn account, your username and password to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Live ID or other Microsoft account will grant you one-click access to AssureSign.

Another upcoming security enhancement to the AssureSign platform is the introduction of two-factor authentication for our eSign via Text feature, the only native electronic signature via SMS/text message offering in the industry. This lends an extra layer of security when verifying signers.

Read more about the AssureSign Customer Advisory Panel here.

Not only was AssureSign named a Microsoft Gold Partner in 2018, we were the only eSignature vendor to place as a Top 40 Most Innovative Company. Learn about how AssureSign pioneers innovation in the most recent independent Electronic Signature Software Report naming AssureSign a “Market Leader.”

Learn more about AssureSign innovation from the most recent Electronic Signature Software Report issued by FeaturedCustomers

Historically, December 20 has been a substantial day for the U.S.

1803: The Louisiana Purchase was completed.

1989: President George H.W. Bush authorized the invasion of Panama.

2018: The 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act was signed into law.

While the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA) may not be as well-known as its 1989 and 1803 predecessors, its impact on government trends and government technology is rather substantial.


What is it?

IDEA is a newly signed act that will accelerate the adoption of digital transformation and electronic signatures among federal agencies. It requires agencies to offer digital versions of all paper-based services and to accept electronic signatures from citizens. Per the Act, agencies are also mandated to modernize existing websites and create digital options for in-person services, when appropriate.

Under the 21st Century IDEA, these online resources executed through government technology must:

  1. Be accessible to all individuals with disabilities (over 25% of the American adult population)

  2. Have a consistent appearance across agency departments and entities

  3. Not duplicate outdated legacy websites

  4. Have a viable search method

  5. Use an industry standard and secure connection

  6. Be “designed around user needs with data-driven analysis influencing management and development decisions, using qualitative and quantitative data to determine user goals, needs, and behaviors, and continually test the website, web-based form, web-based application, or digital service to ensure that user needs are addressed.” 

  7. Allow end-user customization

  8. Be mobile friendly


IDEA also creates a set of minimum functionality and security standards that all federal agency websites and digital services must meet.


Why Now?

What government trends propelled the push for agencies to adopt government technology? The same trends and benefits that encourage AssureSign customers to adopt a digital transaction management and eSignature solution:  

  1. Improved performance and efficiency
  2. Less cost and time
  3. More business, faster

For franchises like Tropical Smoothie Café, AssureSign removes the need for manual oversight between franchisers and franchisees. Not only did they adopt the only eSignature technology that adjusts to federal franchising rules, Tropical Smoothie eliminated the hefty price tag of an outdated ‘print, send, receive, scan and store’ process.



What’s Next?

The legislation encourages federal agencies to integrate with a webform-based platform, similar to how Junior Achievement of Kansas City used AssureSign to create a webform experience for its volunteers.

Like JA of Kansas City, federal agencies will have digital access to the documents and can digitally retain their audit trails for the duration required. What’s more, volunteers of JA Kansas City can view necessary disclosures and sign required forms without ever leaving the webpage!

The 21st Century IDEA also calls for the user’s experience to be mobile friendly upon rollout in 2021. This provision is wise, as internet traffic sourcing from internet-enabled mobile devices has surpassed that of desktops/laptops. In fact, it’s for this reason that Captorra began using AssureSign’s eSign via Text Msg feature—the only electronic signature via SMS function native to an eSignature solution.

“Providing the electronic signature process on a consumer’s smartphone is invaluable,” said Chris O’Brien, President & CEO of Captorra. “Over 60 percent of our own deals are closed with AssureSign’s text to eSign feature. Both our customers and my own sales team agree… mobile eSign determines whether deals are won or lost.”


Learn more about how public agencies and private businesses meet federal mandates while garnering more business with AssureSign. Contact us today!

If your weekdays are busy enough in their own right (whose workday ends at “quitting hour” these days 🤷‍♂️)  you may have considered skipping this year’s beloved (or notorious) Valentine’s Day gestures!  Guess what. You’re not alone.  

According to the National Retail Federation, barely half of adults plan to celebrate the king of “Hallmark holidays” in 2019. Yet, while the cohort of never-Valentine-ers may view the romantic gestures as contrived or otherwise a waste of time, they’re not likely to be met with similar views espoused by their special someone.

According to Business Wire, a separate survey led by Groupon shows 70% of people in a relationship claiming that receiving a gift on Valentine’s Day is “very important,” while 60% of participants would give their partner an “F” for their V-Day efforts.

So, what to do? You could spring for a pricey bouquet and chocolate package from the corner florist, or you could opt to spread the love using a timeless (and free) commodity: words.


Use (type) Your Words

One idea espoused by suggests emailing a contractual agreement to their significant other (yes, really).

After quipping “if you came to Above the Law for dating advice, you’re doing it wrong,” the article throws some self-degrading jabs at the typical lawyer’s inability to reverberate romance. It ends by providing a contract template full of wittily twisted legal jargon, which you can email to your partner.  

While the legal blog is quick to suggest they’re devoid of sentiment savants, we think they’re definitely onto something…

Using words of affirmation has long been recognized as a way to display affection. However, considering the article was published in 2013, we’d suggest changing a core tenet of Above the Law’s advice. Instead of emailing your better half, try using the technology available in everyone’s back pocket… text messaging. After all, we find it hard to argue with a 98% read-rate!


11 Texts From the

Drawing a blank on what to send? After surfing the web, we picked 11 of our favorite sweet nothings—all 140 characters or less:


  1. “Thinking of you. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

  2. “It’s 2:14 What’s your Valentine’s Day Wish? I know what mine is…”

  3. “Will you be my Valentine?”

  4. “Roses are red. Violets are blue. A night out with my guy/gal, is long overdue.”

  5. “V-day? Try U + Me day! Hip-hip hooray!”

  6. “To the world you may be one person, but to me you are the world.”

  7. “I love you more than I did yesterday but not more than I will tomorrow.”

  8. “My world is brighter with you in it! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  9. “Your voice is my favorite sound. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

  10. “Nobody’s perfect, but you’re so close it’s scary!”

  11. Sending a photo, or even a blank message can inspire a mysterious or fun conversation. Give it a go if nothing above fits your style!


Bet you didn’t think a simple text message could accomplished so much.


Turns out, leveraging the power—and rapidity—of text messaging can alleviate many of your personal and professional pains! Whether it’s sentimental shortcomings or securing the fastest legal signature possible for a time-sensitive deal, text messaging can work wonders (like it does for Captorra).

Long ago, we recognized the power of text message technology, which is why AssureSign released the only native eSign via text messaging feature on the market!  


Learn more about how eSign via Text can add some love (and speed) to your document and signature flow this Valentine’s Day!


When surveying a typical conference season, you’re unlikely to think of February as the gauntlet of its prime. Yet, in 2019, it’s the month of Saint Valentine that’s hosting one of the fastest growing tech-centered conferences in the U.S.

Setting up shop February 12-15 in San Francisco, California, IBM Think 2019 delves into the modern digital landscape while defining the transformations capable of redefining your go-to-market strategy. From high-level symposiums to tech skillset trainings, IBM Think will host a guided exploration of innovations in cloud computing, AI, data and analytics, automation and more!

Hundreds of scheduled seminars, sessions, labs, and interactive experiences culminate to a refreshingly unique experience for IBM Think 2019 patrons. We reviewed the IBM Think 2019 mainframe and collated the applauding reviews from 2018. In its recipe, we found four novel ingredients that gave us quite the appetite for Think:

1. Think Campus

For starters, the floorplan was carefully (and thoughtfully) designed with IBM Think-ers in mind. The floor is segmented into four technology factions, each containing solutions and digital products that speak to similar themes and use cases:

  • Security and Resiliency
  • Smarter Business Showcase
  • Data and AI
  • Cloud and Infrastructure

Contributing to these factions are the coined “Think Tanks” and “Theaters,” which IBM Think 2019 will have sprinkled throughout its Campus.


2. Think Tanks & Theaters

Think Tanks (we’re assuming the pun is intended) are where Think-ers can gather and discuss an array of tech topics that speak to similar themes like common pain points or use cases. Their purpose? To create a ‘hub’ of sorts where attendees can informally share and discuss similar experiences and reveal potential improvements to existing business strategies. We haven’t seen this concept implemented widely outside of IBM Think; however, we’re betting it’s another anecdote that fosters the IBM Think charm.

Contrasting the tanks are the IBM Think Theaters. Theaters are designed to host the more formal conference offerings, such as sessions or planned addresses. These patrons will attend a number of the IBM Think 2019 sessions, speeches, and other conference events.


3. Think Academy

The Think Academy is designed with experiential learning in mind, offering both hands on and self-paced laboratories. Leading the labs are subject matter experts, who can pair their own field experience with topics of interest or desirable industry skillsets. And, if you plan to attend IBM Think 2019, you can look forward to an array of subjects among available lab topics—from GDPR aligned initiatives to sharpening your coding skills.


4. Smarter Business Showcase   

The Smarter Business Showcase brings together the premiere tools and solutions with a demonstrated capacity to propel innovation and transformation. The Showcase is comprised of three separate areas, each highlighting different business cycles—1. Smart at Work: Stories of Business Transformation; 2. Expert Bar and Assessment Area; and 3. IBM Garage. The benefit of the Business Showcase is two-fold. Not only will you uncover the innovative technology and custom processes best aligned for your business, but also, too, the solutions most capable of executing it.



 Speaking of best-in-class solutions…


Read how AssureSign was recently designated as a “Market Leader” by the leader of customer review platforms:

AssureSign Named a Market Leader by FeaturedCustomers. Click here to download the full report.




With the New Year, businesses across the market—from law firms to insurance agencies to franchises—rejoice at new opportunities!

Yet, despite its timing, the most favorable (and profitable) outcomes don’t hinge on New Year’s resolutions, but high-tech solutions  that optimize and cultivate go-to-market strategies.

So, how do businesses achieving year-over-year success pull it off?

By defining hurdles that stymie business objectives and identifying strategies to eliminate them.


It may sound as easy as, say, sending a document for signature

… but, finding the solution best capable of implementing your digital strategy isn’t always so simple. That’s why successful  businesses uncover the most robust solutions by leveraging objective research and leading customer reference platforms like FeaturedCustomers.


The Customers Have Spoken… AssureSign is 2019’s Market Leader.


FeaturedCustomers most recent Customer Success Report for Electronic Signature Software designates AssureSign as a “Market Leader” alongside fellow industry pioneers DocuSign, HelloSign and AdobeSign.


Discover more testimonials and references in the AssureSign FeaturedCustomers Profile.


The report—while providing an exemplary answer to the “what is electronic signature” inquiry—juxtaposes 19 electronic signature and document management transaction (DTM) vendors. Contenders are analyzed based on large-scale customer success, industry thought leadership, and company size/growth, among other criteria.


The report then segments the eSign vendors into one of three categories:


AssureSign Named a Market Leader by FeaturedCustomersMarket Leader

Vendor with substantial customer base & market share. Leaders have the highest ratio of customer success content, content quality score, and social media presence relative to company size.


 Featured Customers Top Performer BadgeTop Performer

Vendor with significant market presence and resources and enough customer reference content to validate their vision. Top Performer’s products are highly rated by its customers but have not achieved the customer base and scale of a Leader.


Featured Customers Rising Star BadgeRising Star

Vendor that does not have the market presence of Market Leaders or Top Performers, but understands where the market is going and has disruptive technology. Rising Stars have been around long enough to establish momentum and a minimum amount of customer reference content along with a growing social presence.


Based on these standards, AssureSign was identified as an eSignature Market Leader.


In addition to showcasing some of our most valued customers—FireHouse Subs, Tropical Smoothie Café, the Jacksonville Jaguars, Bright House Networks and others—the report also highlights a few of our most notable success stories:


“With AssureSign, we are guaranteed payment for all reservations, reducing our cancellations by 75%, thus increasing our revenue by 15 percent.” (read the United Limousine & Charter Success Story here)

Brandon Jacobian | President, United Limousine & Charter


“AssureSign has one of the most helpful and customer-centric client services teams in the game, the response time is phenomenal; agents find an answer for us no matter what… these are simply the kind of people you want to do business with, period.” (read the UBC Success Story here)

Jason Doiron | Director of Product Management, United BioSource Corporation


Providing the electronic signature process on a consumer’s smartphone is invaluable. Over 60 percent of our own deals are closed with AssureSign’s text to eSign feature. Both our customers and my own sales team agree mobile eSign determines whether deals are won or lost.” (read the Captorra Success Story here)

Chris O’Brien | President & CEO, Captorra


“We’re able to secure sponsorships and purchases in a matter of hours instead of weeks. It dramatically improved [our] relationship [with] sponsors and purchasers.” (read the Dynamic Communities Success Story here)

Ashley Steiner | CRM Administrator, Dynamic Communities



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