What is Electronic Signature (eSignature)

What Is Electronic Signature?

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The 21st Century, third millennium, digital decades, electronic era… no matter which way you spin it… the digital age is upon us and seems to only garner more momentum and speed with each passing year. Since its inception nearly two decades ago, the fabric of the new millennium has been sewn together with defining digital… Read more »

AssureSign's summer 2018 esignature updates and enhancements

5 eSignature Updates That’ll Make Your Summer Even Hotter ☀

Product Updates

Another round of warm summer weather means only one thing for us here at AssureSign. We’re not talking about the ocean’s breeze or a weekend barbecue… we’re talking eSignature updates and enhancements. But don’t be fooled, our summer 2018 product updates are as hot  as they come. 🔥 1. Quick Navigation Bar (Web Portal Home Screen)… Read more »

on-demand Webinar co-hosted by AssureSign and MSDynamicsWorld that will show attendees how consumers can sign documents on a phone with AssureSign's eSignature

eSignatures and Dynamics 365: Trends Shaping the Technology

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  Did you know only 45% of smartphone users have mobile access to their email?   Did we just blow your mind? Even more daunting? The implications for your business… When consumers can’t sign documents immediately, the chances of having them completed within 24-72 hours decreases significantly. So, what are businesses like yours–with time crunches… Read more »

AssureSign and Hitachi Solutions bring eSignature to even more Microsoft business solutions customers

New Partnership: AssureSign & Hitachi Solutions Bring eSignature to Even More Microsoft Business Solutions Customers

AssureSign Partners

The year of 2018 is the year of teamwork! We’ve focused on partnering with some of the best industry players in the Microsoft business solutions space! We think all our AssureSign connect partners are spectacular, and our latest alliance is no exception…   Who is Hitachi Solutions? With nearly 2,000 consultants, developers and support personnel,… Read more »

Captorra is an AssureSign Connect Partner Using Signature for Text Message

Partner Spotlight: How Signatures for Text Message Cuts Cost by 90%

AssureSign Partners

When mentioning the electronic signature industry’s only partner program with a proven revenue stream, AssureSign Connect, we never fail to mention its most outstanding benefit… mutual success! This benefit often comes to fruition through additional channels of revenue and referrals for partners. However, now and then, a partnership lends prosperity in an unexpected way. This… Read more »