Q&A: How to Create a More Effective Sales Process

Q&A: How to Create a More Effective Sales Process

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The sales industry. Some think of door to door salesmen, others think of telemarketing. The reality? Enhanced and increasingly available technologies have enabled salespeople to do more in less time by working smarter- not harder. The marketplace is more saturated with products than ever before, but with increasing dependency on technology and digital transformation, a… Read more »

Perfectly Paired Industries & eSign Solutions

Playing Matchmaker: Find Your Industry’s Perfect Match Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

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Since its roots in 3rd century A.D. Rome, the observation of Valentine’s Day has looked very different from century to century. Some suggest its origin had very little, if anything to do with romance or love until the age of Chaucer and Shakespeare. Even in modern times, as hallmark cards and sentimental enchantments reign supreme,… Read more »

New eSignature Partnership: AssureSign and Computer Solutions East—A Microsoft Dynamics Duo

New Partnership: AssureSign & Computer Solutions East—A Microsoft Dynamics Duo

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Electronic signatures guarantee a modernized workflow, digitally transforming an organization’s method of gaining consent or assent from their customers and prospects. Yet, to transform their entire front-to-back business process, many businesses must leverage other solutions to arrive at their digital nirvana. AssureSign Connect, the industry’s leading partner program, lends businesses the opportunity to combine the… Read more »

AssureSign Winter 2018 eSignature Updates and Enhancements

❄ Cool Updates: Winter 2018 eSignature Updates and Enhancements

Product Updates

With a new season comes a new wave of product enhancements and updates that make your eSign experience with AssureSign even more interactive and useful. Our latest enhancements comprising the AssureSign winter update is rather fitting, because by any objective standards… they’re pretty cool. From formerly announced enhancements going live to simplifying the functionality of… Read more »

AssureSign’s eSignature Single Sign On (SSO) Platform with Microsoft Logins

Introducing AssureSign’s eSignature Single Sign On (SSO) Platform with Microsoft Logins!

Product Updates

AssureSign gifts all enterprises with simplification and convenience through a paperless signature. Our capable eSignature solutions and robust integrations return the time, cost and convenience stolen by outdated, paper-laden processes. Despite the velocity and acceleration our technology brings to your workflows, our commitment to eSign innovation translates to making our product better today  than it was… Read more »

Digital Transformation begins with eSignature

Digital Transformation Begins with eSign

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Electronic signatures are a powerful business tool, capable of streamlining digital processes, eliminating extraneous cost, returning wasted time, and so the list goes on. Yet, implementing eSignatures as part of your transactional processes yields more than mere perks… it enables businesses to move towards the digital transformation needed to remain competitive in the marketplace.  … Read more »

AssureSign eSignature Transformations of 2017

#Transformation Tuesday: The eSignature Transformations of 2017

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2017 was quite the year. From solar eclipses to a record-setting Primetime Emmy Awards, last year was full of exciting and memorable occasions that won’t soon be forgotten. Yet, it’s not the sun’s momentary absence or historic award wins that define what we at AssureSign loved most about 2017. Last year lent tremendous success to… Read more »

AssureSign's eSignature integration APIs provide faster medical care by providing patient consent and medical forms online

Provide Medical Forms Online with eSignature

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eSignature isn’t just a versatile product, it’s a powerful  one. Often labeled as the liberator of antiquated, paper-laden processes, electronic signatures introduce unparalleled efficiency to the workflows of nearly every enterprise. However, the diminished cost, time, and overhead hassles that coincide with digitally transformed processes only scratch the surface of eSign’s benefit… eSignature’s range of… Read more »

eSignature with Microsoft: Collab365 2017 Conference

AssureSign Exec Talks Partnerships & Diversity within Microsoft Communities: Collab365 Session with Microsoft Evangelist, Joe Darko

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AssureSign has been a proud member of Microsoft’s partner-led community for nearly a decade. While our involvement with this community produces many lucrative opportunities… it’s through fostering partner relationships  that we’ve recognized the role that partnership and partner diversity play in generating mutual success. Cultivating Partnership through Relationship In 2017, AssureSign’s own Michelle Cloninger joined Microsoft… Read more »