When mentioning the electronic signature industry’s only partner program with a proven revenue stream, AssureSign Connect, we never fail to mention its most outstanding benefit… mutual success!

This benefit often comes to fruition through additional channels of revenue and referrals for partners.

However, now and then, a partnership lends prosperity in an unexpected way. This was certainly the case after Captorra partnered with AssureSign, which yielded one of today’s most sought-after eSignature feature!

But, first things first…


Who is Captorra?

As the legal industry’s leading case and client intake software solution, Captorra provides services for bankruptcy, consumer, family, personal injury and mass tort legal practices.

Captorra is designed to assist firms in varying legal verticals by organizing case and client data, while increasing the amount of cases they’re able to secure. Captorra’s mission is to take firms beyond outbound, phone-based sales strategies and adopt systemic nurturing campaigns, generating more leads and clients.

After using Captorra’s solution, one law firm saw a $335,000 increase in new monthly revenue and over $4 million in new yearly revenue (that’s some serious ROI)!

In addition to a new, effective and prosperous sales process, law firms using Captorra’s solution have access to intuitive analytics, such as:

  • Best ROI efforts
  • Time slots yielding the best results for each vertical
  • referral/lead production from each selling medium


Sounds pretty robust, right?

It’s designed to be.

But don’t let its extensive repertoire of features and intuitive analytics fool you, Captorra was crafted with simplicity top of mind. Captorra enables experienced intake officers to quickly and efficiently gather details, yet its seamless UI gifts new or unfamiliar employees with navigational ease.

Not only does the software integrate into nearly any case management software, it’s designed to be mobile friendly. Whether in the office or on the road, legal professionals, attorneys and investigators have access to the Captorra platform.


Captorra & AssureSign: Developing Signature for Text Message (SMS)

Captorra takes its commitment to a mobile experience seriously. While they’re not the only partner currently leveraging AssureSign’s electronic signature for text messages… they were the FIRST.

In 2013, not long after choosing AssureSign as their electronic signature integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Chris O’Brien, Captorra’s President and CEO, reached out to us. He informed us of the growing need for mobilized communication between (1) Captorra and prospective firms, and (2) firms and their clients and prospects.

Where some may have seen a problem, we saw an opportunity

AssureSign and Captorra collaborated to develop, create and implement the industry’s only signature for text messages.

Since that time, we’ve enhanced our signature for text message feature to not only be usable by nearly any business… but become one of the most highly sought after features among eSignature vendors.


“Providing the electronic signature process on a consumer’s smartphone is invaluable. Over 60 percent of our own deals are closed with AssureSign’s text to eSign feature. Both our customers and my own sales team agree… mobile eSign determines whether deals are won or lost.”

-Chris O’Brien, President & CEO, Captorra


Read the Captorra Success Story to learn how AssureSign’s Dynamics CRM integration:

  • Closes deals faster by offering agile features like signature for text message

  • Reduces printing, mailing and shipping costs

  • Eliminates manual updates in CRM


Download the Captorra Success Story to learn more

When was the last time you purchased an app outside of an app marketplace?

On your smartphone for example, the marketplace defines itself based on the phone’s brand… Apple has its “The App Store” and Android has “Google Play.” These stores provide what makes having a smartphone worth the hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of dollars we pay every year or two worth the investment. After all, while Siri or Google can find a YouTube video or hail a Lyft, they need the hosting application to do it!

Our point? Integrating applications or software with your device is what takes it from ordinary to digitally extraordinary… and application marketplaces are often where the magic begins.

But gone are the days that app stores are secluded to personal markets.

Corporations and organizations are now, too, finding their digital enhancements at one-stop-shops…  only instead of installing video streaming or rideshare applications onto a smartphone, companies can look for new business solutions to enhance their digital ecosystems.


AssureSign & Microsoft: Digital Transformation Catalysts

More than six years ago, we chose to partner with Microsoft because of their insistence on only offering the best quality software and solutions.

So, it comes as no surprise that the tech leader’s CRM, Dynamics is consistently recognized as the customer relationship manager of preference.

As a native eSignature platform for Dynamics 365, we’ve dedicated much of our own partnership program, AssureSign Connect, to connecting with others specializing in all things Microsoft. This allows other MS partners like Hitachi Solutions, PowerObjects, and mscrm-addons to resell our preferred electronic signature alongside their products or as part of a packaged integration for Dynamics. 

And now, discovering opportunity for alliances with other 365 specialists is even easier thanks to Microsoft’s application marketplace for enterprise, AppSource.


What is AppSource?

In late 2016 at its then Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC)—now “Inspire”—Microsoft announced its launch of AppSource, an application marketplace hosting digital solutions built for businesses and corporate use.

At WPC ’16, AppSource was introduced as “a new destination to help business users find, try and use line-of-business Software as a Service (SaaS) apps from Microsoft and its partners. Users can also discover content packs and add-ins for Microsoft business apps like Dynamics CRM, Power BI and Office.”

Unlike its personal marketplace counterparts, Microsoft vets its vendor applications to ensure only the highest quality solutions are made available to run on their platforms. This encourages third-party developers to design and build quality solutions while guaranteeing the continued excellence of Dynamics’ and other MS software’s UI.

Since its launch, AppSource has garnered hundreds of applications and solutions tailored for Dynamics, Office and other cloud solutions… providing a one-stop, cream-of-the-crop shop for users of Microsoft platforms.


AssureSign: Now Available in AppSource!

After submitting for review, we’re excited to say that AssureSign is now live and available via Microsoft’s AppSource…

Making it even easier  for users of Dynamics CRM to begin utilizing the preferred electronic signature for D365!

“I’m proud to say AssureSign has exceeded the highest of standards levied by Microsoft, granting our solution’s availability in AppSource. As a CEO in the technology sector, I applaud Microsoft for continuing to work with only the most quality of solutions and look forward to future milestones in our expanding partnership.”

David Brinkman, President & CEO, AssureSign


Start Your FREE Month’s Trial with AssureSign via AppSource Today!

Teamwork makes a dream work

When you ask the CEOs of some of today’s most successful businesses, they’re likely to attribute much of their success and profitability to this or a similar ideal.

In fact, one of the world’s largest tech companies—Microsoft—employs the teamwork  = dreams work mentality in its One Commercial Partner group, where companies big and small can join forces to create and foster mutual successes.


AssureSign's eSignature software has achieved Microsoft Silver Partner status


As a Microsoft Silver—soon to be Gold—Partner, AssureSign has mirrored MSFT’s communal design in our own network of partners—AssureSign Connect—where mutually lucrative partnerships are born between us and the cream of the tech company crop.

Our partnership repertoire is rather diverse…

but when fellow MS partners with a focus on Dynamics 365 team up  with AssureSign… digital dreams really do come true.

AssureSign Connect is AssureSign's eSignature Partner Program


Manufacturing  Digital Dreams: AssureSign & Fullscope

One example of teamwork  propelling much benefit to the Microsoft Dynamics marketplace: AssureSign and Fullscope.

Edgewater Fullscope works with manufacturing businesses of all sizes to compose and execute business goals and desired outcomes. To do this, they assist in the transformation of technology and digital processes that shore up existing needs and future successes.

Fullscope focuses its manufacturing consultancy with Dynamics solutions. Offering solutions that work in tandem with Dynamics CRM, consumers of Fullscope have access to technology that supports:

all facets of manufacturing use eSignature


Manufacturing Empowered with eSignature

Like with many industries, manufacturing is segregated into unique, niche verticals (medical, industrial, food, etc.) that team up  to drive the industry.

Part of Fullscope’s commitment to its entire  consumer base is to propel success among all  verticals. To do this, they offer both, nuanced solutions—meeting the unique needs of each vertical—and essential CRM/ERM solutions for overarching needs.

Ensuring they offer the most robust and capable solutions means teaming up  with solution leaders capable of supporting the business goals (and dreams) of their consumers.

At AssureSign, we often refer to eSignature as the backbone of digital transaction management… an essential need for nearly any business utilizing a CRM or ERM platform. This is why Fullscope not only offers eSignature as part of its collection of solutions but chose to team up  with the preferred electronic signature vendor for Microsoft Dynamics.


AssureSign is designed to meet the overarching needs of every manufacturing vertical (medical, industrial, pharmaceutical, food, etc.), yet robust enough to meet each vertical’s niche needs. By using AssureSign’s eSignature, expect to:

  • Expedite your product development, production, sales and service cycles by electronically sending and receiving documents. 

  • Further your compliance with FDA (Reg 21 CFR Part 11), GMP, and other regulations specific to your industry. 

  • Reduce cost and accelerates inventory management by eliminating shelf-life expiration and other expenditures. 

  • Simplify BOMs, internal auditing, timely project completion, and overall company growth with real-time document tracking & analytics.



Ready to manufacture your digital transformation? Download your FREE copy of the eSignature for Dynamics eBook here!

In late 2017, we introduced a mini-series centered on cybersecurity framework.

The prevalence and persistence of threats haven’t let up and are only forecasted to grow, causing a record number of projected business intrusions through 2020.

SMBs and Mid-Sized Companies in the Crossfire

Until recently, many SMBs to mid-sized organizations have avoided being considered primary cyber targets by observing a few select “best practices.”

Yet, the advanced nature of today’s cyberwarfare along with evolving tactics and methods employed by hackers have required a change of approach.

Hackers typically seek the most valuable data in the largest of quantities from the most vulnerable companies. Many black hat hackers are switching focus to smaller companies in the supply or service chains of enterprises rather than directly attacking large companies. When successful, this method gifts the most valuable data with minimal effort.

This intrusion methodology is rapidly gaining traction, leaving virtually no business exempt from sophisticated cyberattacks and causing organizations that simply observe “best practices” to be extremely vulnerable.

The Simple Cybersecurity Framework Designed for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

The digital interests of our customers—and non-customers—is our fore concern.

Our eSignature product heightens business flexibility and agility while enabling a better customer experience. Yet, to maintain its—and all other digital process’—efficiencies and benefit, users must ensure that comprising data is protected and secured from breaches.

Because of this necessity and our investment in the digital market, we at AssureSign are doing our part by helping small to mid-sized businesses develop the robust cybersecurity framework capable of preventing and defending against intrusion attempts.

Download your Ultimate Cybersecurity eGuide to discover:

  • The essence of a cybersecurity framework to your organization’s success

  • Your organization’s and data’s vulnerability

  • How to prevent a data breach

  • How to form digital policies, procedures and trainings

  • Methods of responding and recovering from a data breach



Click to Download your eGuide to a Cybersecurity framework




When you look around this St. Patrick’s Day, there’s not likely to be any shortage of festive green decor. But for us at AssureSign, going green is a year-round effort—minus the leprechauns and shamrocks.

Companies in nearly every industry are undergoing a digital transformation… and for good reason. Not only are paper processes more expensive and time consuming, they contribute to a sizable amount of global waste and pollution.

Did you know that…

Paper comprises 25% of landfill waste

5 liters of water are used to produce one standard piece of paper

It takes 75,000 trees to print one edition of the New York Times

U.S. government offices use ~12.1 trillion sheets of paper per year

Consumes enough paper yearly  to build a 12-foot-high wall from New York to California


…that’s a LOT of paper.


But paper processes aren’t just wasteful, they’re slow.

According to one of our favorite partners, United BioSource Corp., it previously took up to 11 days to complete many of their document lifecycles when using the print, send, receive, and scan method. After adopting AssureSign’s eSign through custom integration, UBC accelerated their lifecycle completion time to just a few short minutes. That’s a 530% faster lifecycle! (… and luck  had nothing to do with it 🍀)

When considering the wasted resources and time brought on by paper-laden transactions, it’s no surprise that a record number of businesses recycled their traditional processes and took a digital approach to going green!

… and when it comes to digital—and eco-friendly—efficiencies, eSignature is ground zero.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers and partners say about eSign:


“It’s absolutely worth the investment. [eSignature has] helped us streamline our business practice while allowing us to provide a quality and timely response to our volunteers.” 🍀 J A of Greater Kansas City


Go Green with eSign


“It’s made me a better salesperson…” 🍀 PowerObjects


Go Green with eSign


“texting, eSignature, [and] drip campaigns help us stay on top of our clients and grow our business.” 🍀 EZLynx


Go Green with eSign


“[eSignature] is such a valuable service to our clients…” 🍀 – Captorra 


When users go green with eSign, they not only launch their companies into the digital age by relying on an eco-friendly alternative, they:


Create a competitive edge

Provide a better customer experience

Decrease time and cost

Increase velocity and productivity



Ditch the shamrocks this St. Patrick’s. 🍀 Go green with eSign!


Did you know that 86% of customers are willing to pay more  for a product accompanied by a better customer experience (CX)?

With this statistic in mind, the projection that customer experience will outrank key differentiators like price and product by 2020 provides little  shock value.

It’s statistics like these, coupled with the growing influence CX has on tech companies’ profit and rank, that create a thirst for the CX consultative services offered by companies like our newest AssureSign Connect platinum partner, Avtex.

Who is Avtex?


Avtex and AssureSign: a new partnership promoting eSignature for Dynamics 365


Specializing in enterprise, Avtex is a full-service customer experience consultancy that aims to build or enhance their clients’ CX strategy in the domains of:

Avtex consults within these domains by engaging their “Avtex 360° methodology,” incorporating end-to-end solutions  and support  that shore up CX strategy, innovation, implementation and management initiatives among enterprises.

Many of these customer-facing initiatives engender innovations, such as SMS/text communication, social media engagement, telephony, web chats and chatbots. Businesses can then leverage combinations of these innovations to provide their customers with exceptional experiences in what’s become a digitally pervasive market.


Avtex brings customer-facing solutions to its customer, which now includes eSignature for Microsoft Dynamics 365


Clients of Avtex receive counsel on ways to maximize their external  facing CX innovations, but their internal  processes and strategies receive just as much consult. Avtex works with clients to optimize processes involving their use of internal software, applications and digital solutions.

While Avtex will work with a client’s current or preferred software, they focus on strategic partnerships with industry-premiere solutions capable of providing clients with the most qualitative of CX platforms, like Microsoft applications and software.


Avtex & AssureSign: A Microsoft Inspired Partnership

Avtex has found Microsoft products to be the ultimate catalyst of a superior customer experience and looks to exclusively partner with vendors delivering the most coveted and robust of Microsoft integrations… making the decision to partner with AssureSign a no-brainer.

With our Dynamics 365 integration coming highly recommended by a member of their own team, Avtex looked to AssureSign as they sought to add electronic signature to their portfolio of Dynamics solutions.

AssureSign's Dynamics 365 eSignature Integration

Avtex was pleased to learn of our Silver Partnership with Microsoft—with an upgrade to Gold on the way—and that many MSFT partners use our preferred  eSignature solution for Dynamics to digitally transform and expedite workflows.


Avtex found that AssureSign’s robust APIs enabled their clients to:

  • Launch and send documents for signature at any point within their CRM workflow

  • Use their custom trademark branding for customer-facing interfaces

  • Simultaneously send multiple documents to a single or multiple signers

  • Create event triggers to automate multi-step document sending or processes


“AssureSign’s Microsoft Dynamics eSignature solution is simple to configure and works seamlessly with CRM and its add-on solutions. Its capable APIs and unique features far outrank its competition. I highly  recommend AssureSign’s eSign solution to Dynamics users.”

Michael Shrall, Vice President, Industry Alliances


What’s more, because AssureSign solutions and integrations embody industry-leading innovation, Avtex can offer their clients unparalleled features, like SMS/Text to Sign, that accelerate  the signing process and bolster CX initiatives.

As customer experience quickly becomes the market’s champion differentiator…

AssureSign and Avtex are providing enterprises with the CX advantage necessary  to outperform competition.



Electronic Signature eBook: Getting Started with eSignature and AssureSign (eSign for Dynamics 365)


“This year’s Top 40 was more competitive than ever. In our quest to showcase the most innovative companies in Georgia, we had to make hard decisions, resulting in the exclusion of numerous deserving companies, many of which had been recognized as a Top 10 company in the past. The companies that we selected this year are truly outstanding.”

– Dennis Zakas, Managing Partner, Zakas & Leonard, LLP | Chairperson, Top 40 Selection Committee


On Wednesday of last week, the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG)—Georgia’s leading association devoted to promoting and advancing the state’s tech industry—announced the winners of the acclaimed “Top 40 Innovative Technology Company” award.

Purposed with naming Georgia’s most innovative companies in the state, the award honors those making the biggest waves in the regional and national tech scene.

More on that in a moment, but first, we thought we’d take this opportunity to explain how and why AssureSign found its home in Atlanta, Georgia with a 30-second history lesson…


30-Second History Lesson: Why Atlanta, Georgia?  

When we decided to migrate from Orlando to pursue the best talent and opportunity in the technology space, we put a lot of thought into end-locations.

We chose Atlanta for myriad reasons, one of which being its outstanding growth and influence with respect to IOT and all things tech.

Atlanta’s increasing influence in the national digital market has stimulated some very  lucrative opportunities for Georgia and is largely why Fortune 100 companies like The Home Depot, UPS, Coke, Delta, and possibly  Amazon’s HQ2  all call Atlanta home.

(That’s it for today’s lesson… but we still need you to stay after class …)


Classroom: AssureSign Receives TAG Top 40 Award


One initiative helping to proliferate Atlanta’s national tech influence is embodied by TAG’s mission… and part of that mission includes recognizing innovation sparked by the city and state’s top-performing companies.


TAG Recognizes AssureSign as a Top Innovative Company

“The 2018 Top 40 finalists are an elite group of innovators who represent the very best of Georgia’s Technology community. The 2018 Top 40 finalists are shining examples of what makes our State such a hotbed for technology and we applaud them for standing out as leaders in Georgia’s technology community.”

– Larry Williams, President & CEO of TAG


AssureSign Named a TAG Top 40 Innovative Technology Company for 2018


To fill this “elite group’s” roster, TAG seeks Georgia-based tech companies having made significant strides in:

  • tech innovation,

  • financial impact, and

  • regional & global tech initiatives.


AssureSign has always made these—among other—facets of the digital economy a priority, yet having received the acclaimed Top 40 award for 2018 is rather fitting…


In 2017, we celebrated the 2-year anniversary of AssureSign’s relocation to the Atlanta market, and those two years were chock-full of progress, as we

  1. redefined our core values;

  2. overhauled our partner program, AssureSign Connect;

  3. deployed a completely new drag-and-drop UI;

  4. introduced the industry’s only eSign via SMS/text message; and

  5. built on our existing Microsoft partnership by growing our presence within the MS One Commercial Partner Group.


It’s these and other innovations that also inspired our recent Hot Vendor designation by Aragon Research along with being assigned to the “innovator” quadrant in their 2018 Globe publication—purposed with comparing 16 electronic signature and DTM vendors.

“By leveraging our robust and capable solutions, businesses can digitally transform their document completion process with a regionally and nationally acclaimed electronic signature product. Seeing our innovation earn the attention and recognition of TAG is both an honor and exciting as Georgia continues to expand its footprint among the nation’s top technologically innovative states.”

– David Brinkman, President & CEO of AssureSign


AssureSign will be recognized at TAG’s 2018 Summit on March 20th and 21st at the Cobb Galleria Centre just outside of Atlanta.





Learn more about our Top 40 honor and where to find AssureSign at TAG’s 2018 Summit by viewing the official press release here.


If you’re in the business of handling consumer data, you’ve likely heard about regulatory changes on the horizon.

Many businesses are eager to understand how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union (EU) will propel the need for changes (1) within their own operations and (2) how companies they do business with, like AssureSign, aligns with the impending regulation.

In this post, we’ll provide:

  • an outline of the GDPR and its intercontinental reach,

  • how AssureSign can help businesses meet its requirements, and

  • additional resources for more information


Did you know that most  U.S. businesses will be impacted by the GDPR? If you didn’t, you’re not alone…

75 percent of U.S. companies falsely  assume the GDPR does not apply to them—a troubling statistic considering the EU had no reservations recently fining the search engine powerhouse, Google $2.73 billion for violating its current data regulations (which are far less stringent than the GDPR’s provisions—FYI).

Speaking of Google, you may be tempted to think that large enterprises conducting business in multiple countries are the only ones need worry about the impending regulation. Unfortunately, it’s this very logic that landed 75% of U.S. businesses on the wrong side of this assumption.

We at AssureSign encourage you to use this post to help determine if you will be affected by the impending legislation and what you need to do to prepare before it becomes law.

Though, before we delve into specifics, let’s review some GDPR basics 


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Defined.

For those that haven’t heard, the GDPR is impending legislation in the EU that requires major changes on behalf of how organizations process the personal data of its citizens. 

The regulation in its 99 articles outlines the rights and privileges afforded to EU citizens regarding their personal information and defines how organizations—both in the EU and abroad—must approach data privacy when processing it.

Why the Change?

The GDPR replaces the EU’s previous Protection Directive 95/46/EC adopted in 1995. Its purpose is to modify or enhance the dated legislation’s two decade-old provisions, while introducing new ones as necessary in what’s now a very different cyber landscape.

Referred to by many as the most profound change in data protection regulation in 20+ years, GDPR aims to harmonize data laws across the EU, removing ambiguous regulatory differences among its member states.

Is the GDPR Already in Affect?

No… but, soon.

After four years of debate among its member states, EU’s Parliament adopted the legislation in April 2016. However, Parliament included a grace period of just beyond two years before the regulations would come into effect.

Effective Date

Businesses will be subject to penalty if failing to adhere to the GDPR on or after May 25, 2018 

The GDPR’s Scope

Prior to the new regulations, most of the Union’s data protection laws were individually established by each member state through “territorial ambiguity.” Therefore, laws and regulatory standards often varied among the states—much like state laws vary within the U.S. 

The GDPR is different from prior legislation in that it not only applies to all states within the EU, but also to any organization processing or otherwise handling an EU citizen’s data.


So, what does this mean for organizations in the U.S.?


Does Your Organization Have to Comply with the GDPR?

Many businesses believe only multinational corporations doing business oversees need to entertain the prospect of the GDPR.

Not Exactly.

The GDPR is written in terms that (purposely) widen its scope to include a vast majority of the globe’s commerce, regardless of a business’s country of origin or current location.

Earlier, we mentioned that 75 percent of U.S. companies falsely assume they need not adhere to the GDPR’s standards.

Join the remaining 25 percent of informed businesses by understanding the primary elements of the GDPR and how they may affect your organization…


“Personal Data”

The GDPR applies to an organization when any EU citizen’s “personal data” is being handled or otherwise processed.

According to, personal data is defined within the legislation as: “Any information related to a natural person or ‘Data Subject’, that can be used to directly or indirectly identify the person. It can be anything from a name, a photo, an email address, bank details, posts on social networking websites, medical information, or a computer IP address.”

Do you have a website? Of course you do.

Assuming it’s accessible to EU citizens, your organization is likely handling the computer IP address and perhaps more of the aforementioned “personal data.” This is merely one of multiple caveats that illustrate how most U.S. companies fall under the GDPR’s jurisdiction. 



The new regulation modifies the way businesses must obtain consent to leverage EU citizen data.

Essentially, the goal is to eliminate unnecessarily lengthy or illegible jargon from terms & conditions regarding data use, allowing a citizen to fully understand how their information will be used by an organization before consenting.

The EU deciphers what they refer to as “explicit” and “unambiguous” consent: “Explicit consent is required only for processing sensitive personal data – in this context, nothing short of “opt in” will suffice. However, for non-sensitive data, “unambiguous” consent will suffice.

Click here for more information on the differences between the two types of consent.


Controller” and “Processor”

The GDPR segregates organizations that handle any sort of data (nearly 100%) into two categories:

A controller is the entity that determines the purposes, conditions and means of the processing of personal data, while the processor is an entity which processes personal data on behalf of the controller.”

Consider this example:

A sales representative at your organization stores the name, telephone number, and email address of a prospect into your customer relationship manager (CRM), Microsoft’s Dynamics 365.

In this example, your organization assumes the role of a “controller,” as you initially collected and determined the data’s use. Microsoft assumes the role of a “processor,” as Microsoft’s cloud is processing and housing the data for you.

BOTH your organization AND Microsoft must abide by the GDPR mandates.

One of the unprecedented implications of the GDPR is that it applies to both controllers and processors, along with the fact that it does not exonerate organizations outside the EU. If found noncompliant, the fine can be as great as €20 Million ($24.6 million) or 4% of your annual global turnover.


How AssureSign Aligns Your  Business to the GDPR

The GDPR strengthens requirements around

  1. international scope/compliance,
  2. data consent and withdrawal on behalf of citizens,
  3. breach notification (time frame and reporting methods),
  4. release of data to citizens (in legible format),
  5. data protection officers, and
  6. other data safeguards.


We understand that regulatory changes may modify the way your business handles data or the third-parties chosen to process it… Take a look at our statement regarding our own GDPR alignment:


“At AssureSign, we’re committed to aligning our business practices with the highest of applicable ethical standards. In 2016, we voluntarily and publicly subscribed to the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework upon its joint approval by the U.S. Department of Commerce and European Commission, requiring us to subscribe to a much higher standard of data protection and oversight than what’s required by U.S. law. The Privacy Shield is parallel to the European Union’s (EU) “Privacy by Design” framework, which comprises the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) taking effect on May 25, 2018. Resultingly, AssureSign has long been positioned to fully align with GDPR and its provisions, allowing our network of current and future electronic signature customers to legally and safely engage in multinational business affairs.”


Whether leveraging our on-premises, hybrid or cloud electronic signature deployment options, you can count on the safe and legal transfers of your organization’s and customer’s data… no matter where  you do business!


More Questions?

Still have questions about whether you’ll need to make changes before the GDPR takes effect? Want to learn more about how AssureSign’s electronic signature can help support GDPR compliance?


Contact us today!


The sales industry. Some think of door to door salesmen, others think of telemarketing.

The reality? Enhanced and increasingly available technologies have enabled salespeople to do more in less time by working smarter- not harder.

The marketplace is more saturated with products than ever before, but with increasing dependency on technology and digital transformation, a growing piece of the product pie consists of tech products and solution selling.

There’s certainly no shortage of competition in the market of tech—how easy would that make things for us!?—so to shore up consumption, companies have started investing more money into products that allows for a more strategic sales process.

Every good sales team—be it in technology solution selling, clothing, vacuums or otherwise—has pretty awesome talent that play matchmaker with their product and enterprises across the globe.

But the question—which is nothing new for those of you in the industry—is…


What makes selling (more) effective?


To help answer that question we decided to interview our own rockstar sales manager, Anna McDonald. In only four years, Anna has become quite the sales connoisseur with a treasure trove of tactics and knowledge…  all of which proving instrumental to closing more business.

With such an impressive track-record, we thought we’d ask Anna what begets her success…




Q&A: How to Create a More Effective Sales Process


1. How long have you been in the business of solution selling?

Well, prior to starting with AssureSign in 2016, I was a recruiter for a recruiting firm in the Atlanta area for more than two years. So, between pairing people with a career (people selling) and now businesses with a SaaS solution (solution selling), I’ve been in a “sales” role for nearly four years.


2. How have advances in technology and evolving sales performance software contributed to your bottom line as an account executive and now as a sales manager?

I’ve found that advantages brought on by advancing technology is two-fold for those of us in sales. …

While some advances can introduce additional barriers to reaching decision makers—ever heard of caller ID or spam filters?—many tech advances have become crucial to streamlining my processes, especially within CRM.

These efficiencies have helped me to find better ways to quickly locate desired prospects, keep information centralized, and integrate the moving parts of my workflows.


Q&A: How to Create a More Effective Sales Process


3. You mentioned workflow integration to be useful. What integrations have you found particularly helpful in maintaining a successful sales process?

That’s tricky. There are countless integrations I can think of that accelerate the process of sourcing, working and closing a deal.

When I think of the most helpful integrations, I think of the ones that enable me to do the most amount of work in one spot. When I can achieve multiple tasks in a central location, it cuts down time exponentially, allowing me to nurture my pipeline more effectively—which we all know can help to close more  deals.

One of the better examples I can think of with respect to workflow synergy and time saved would be the new AssureSign-LinkedIn-Dynamics 365 integration. It allows me to prospect, connect and add new leads, all within CRM.

Additionally, it supports documents being sent for signature at any point of the sales process!


AssureSign, Dynamics 365, and LinkedIn CRM integration


4. Can you illustrate how the AssureSign-LinkedIn Sales Navigator-Dynamics 365 integration saves you time and syncs information across solutions?

People don’t consider the time that tedious, manual tasks take from their daily schedule…

A sales executive typically has a wide variety of duties, including prospecting, note taking, calling, e-mailing, conducting demos, etc. Switching to a new task and logging in to a new tool takes up more time than you’d think.

Taking information from one location and passing it to the next, manually, can add  up to five minutes or so per prospect. When you handle 50+ leads per day, the idea of transferring information back and forth becomes nearly impossible—I’m getting a headache just thinking about it 😖.

Leveraging the AssureSign-LinkedIn-Dynamics integration allows me to not only complete many of these tasks and duties in one spot, but also collects a given prospect’s information from multiple sources and places it directly into the lead.


AssureSign's eSignature for Dynamics 365 home screen



5. Is using information on social media and having it funneled into a prospector’s profile truly helpful?

It’s funny to think of LinkedIn as a social media platform, as it’s become such a useful tool for driving my sales!

But YES! It provides the ability to delve deeper into a company or contact in ways I can’t if I were to “Google” them.

The intuitive nature of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator generates an easily navigated and integrative platform, which brings quite the relief for us Dynamics users!


6. Can you describe the other functions of the AssureSign-LinkedIn Sales Navigator-Dynamics 365 integration you’ve found helpful in your day-to-day process?

Where I find this integration to be most helpful is with prospecting. Trying to find the right person to reach out to isn’t always easy when you work with horizontal products. Being able to easily switch between multiple leads within a company and it instantly being tracked within CRM is a gamechanger!

The Navigator plug-in displays company profiles, current employees and other helpful demographics—a huge benefit when calling on sourced leads.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Account Profile


Another one of my favorite functions is the ability to send documents out for signature from any point in my workflow. I think any Dynamics user, well, users of any CRM system, really, would agree that being able to work from all types of entities (accounts, leads, etc) is invaluable in keeping the sales process functional. When you start having to leave a workflow to initiate transactions or activity things take longer… and as we know, time kills all deals.

AssureSign’s Dynamics integration allows me to send our sales contracts out directly from the Account level without ever leaving CRM.


7. How does personalizing conversations with prospects drive more closed sales?

With C-suite employees typically receiving hundreds of product pitching e-mails and calls per day, it becomes paramount to differentiate yourself and personalize the message.

Something I find that works well, and that I recommend to my team often, is to avoid sounding as if you’re calling in from a company. Using demographics and other information found in Navigator, we can get pretty creative with our phone personas!

With emails, that subject line is crucial.

Incorporating recent events based on a prospect’s location can be highly effective. For instance, if a prospect were based in Philadelphia, I could use subject lines like “Congrats on the SuperBowl Win!” or “Eagles Win Overturned…” to heighten the likelihood of that email being opened.

In the end, with your only connection to prospects being your words and your voice, setting yourself apart from the noise is key… This integration gives me the resources to do exactly that.


8. Can you give us a recent example of how personalization and efficiency played a major role in a closed sale?

Actually, a deal I recently closed with a financial services company comes to mind…

I was able to first connect with someone from the company via Navigator. From there, I kept the conversation rolling by leveraging information I found from the company’s profile.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Customer and Lead Profile


I built such a strong rapport with their administrator, she remembered me by name—thanks Navigator.

When the time came to send out our sales contract, AssureSign’s SMS feature was a life saver! The decision maker was out of office at another conference and was unable to get to his corporate email account. But it was the end of the month for me, which means we needed every deal we could muster. I was able to send the contract for signature via SMS and had it in my CEO’s hand before the weekend.


Q&A: How to Create a More Effective Sales Process


Also, the capacity to easily see a signer’s progress via AssureSign document tracking in CRM is a huge help when you’re on a deadline like that! You can see where they are in the signing process every step of the way.

AssureSign's eSignature Signer Audit and Activity


9. What advice would you give to account executives, sales managers, and those in similar job roles?

Take advantage of technology! Learn ways to streamline what you’re already doing and don’t be afraid to experiment with techniques and software that could potentially save time and energy.

Just as one of the hallmarks of being in sales is to exude confidence, so, too, should embracing innovation to enhance what you’re already doing… that goes not only for those in tech solution selling, but all facets of the sales industry!

The bottom line?

Constantly ask, “how can I make what I’m already doing more efficient…”

Nora Roberts put it beautifully…

 “If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it… If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.”



AssureSign: The Electronic Signature Industry's Leading eSignature Solution



Leveraging innovation in your sales cycle leads to

  • more quality leads
  • more time to nurture your pipeline, and
  • more closed business.

Taking time to discover innovative tools and integrations like AssureSign-LinkedIn-Dynamics leads to a streamlined sales cycle and less manual processes.

Psssst…. The time you take securing an integration or solution and learning new mechanisms will be made up for (plus much, much more) on the back end. 👍



Looking for new ways to drive your business forward in today’s digital landscape? Watch Anna along with our friends from Microsoft and LinkedIn demo the AssureSign-LinkedIn Sales Navigator-Dynamics 365 integration


Q&A: How to Create a More Effective Sales Process