Since its roots in 3rd century A.D. Rome, the observation of Valentine’s Day has looked very different from century to century. Some suggest its origin had very little, if anything to do with romance or love until the age of Chaucer and Shakespeare.

Even in modern times, as hallmark cards and sentimental enchantments reign supreme, the holiday is flooded by diverse labors of love…

Some have a bouquet of flowers and accompanying chocolates delivered to their loved one, others commemorate their endearment with a fancy meal and glass of Merlot. Then there are those who prefer to indulge in an abundance of heart-shaped treats, bringing lots of love to the palate.

No matter your method of sweet loving madness, the day is filled with… well, yes, red and pink hearts…  but also, too, the celebration of matches made in heaven!

We here at AssureSign LOVE a good match… especially when it comes to eSignature! So, this Valentine’s Day, we’re playing matchmaker!!!

We’ve taken the market’s most eligible industries and found their perfect pairing with one of AssureSign’s equally eligible solutions and features to create, dare we say it, a beautiful collision.


 Legal eSign Solution

Eligible Industry #1: Legal

Favorite Activity: Running, racecar driving… anything fast, really.  Whatever the task may be, getting it signed, sealed and delivered in record time makes for a grand time!

Enjoys Talking About: The 6th amendment—right to a speedy  trial. 

Likes to Dance?: Yes—except slow dancing.

Favorite TV Show: Law & Order

Ideal Quality in a Mate: Accelerates the natural workflow of things.

Perfect Match: AssureSign’s SMS/Text to Sign

We’ve met the legal industry’s desire to have documents signed and returned quickly with the eSignature industry’s only eSign capability via SMS/text message. AssureSign’s SMS/Text to Sign is quick enough to keep up with demand for a swift client signing process. Bringing eSign to the device in every client’s pocket makes our SMS/Text to Sign feature the yin to this eligible industry’s yang.


eSign Solution for Franchising

Eligible Industry #2: Franchising

Favorite Activity: Enjoys pragmatic games that require holding patterns. Playing red light/green light. Prefers playing the long game.

Enjoys Talking About: multiplication

Likes to Dance?: Eh, in spurts.

Favorite TV Show: The Nanny (favorite character: Fran)

Ideal Quality in a Mate: Knowing when to take a break.

Perfect Match: AssureSign’s Delayed Signing Feature

There’s someone for everyone!… ehrr… a solution for every industry, we should say. We’ve found the franchising industry’s match in AssureSign’s delayed signing feature (not to mention, it’s a reason Dwyer Group designated our eSignature for its franchisers). With delayed signing, franchisers can effortlessly remain compliant with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations, which require a holding period between the presentment of a contract and obtaining a signature. Maybe these two can catch a flick while they wait.


eSignature eSign for Microsoft Dynamics

Eligible Industry #3: Microsoft Partner Community

Favorite Activity: Puzzles, hands down. Although, in spare time, matchmaking provides quite the thrill (we’re so proud). Integrating separate things provides endless joy for this eligible industry.

Enjoys Talking About: Anything but Apples.

Likes to Dance?: Only square dancing

Favorite TV Show: Whatever’s streaming online…

Ideal Quality in a Mate: Plays nicely with others.

Perfect Match: AssureSign’s Dynamics eSignature Integration

This is likely our best work yet! This is a match that will go down in Valentine history! AssureSign’s Dynamics eSignature integration is the perfect fit for any Microsoft Partner, or any user of Dynamics 365! This eligible industry couldn’t have hoped for a better match… we’re just that good. Take that, cupid.


eSign solution for public sector

Eligible Industry #4: Public Sector

Favorite Activity: Staying grounded. Keeping everything under one roof is priority for this eligible industry. Not certain if kids are in the future. But if so, under its roof… a SaaSy mouth isn’t likely to be tolerated.

Enjoys Talking About: Not much. Ironically private.

Likes to Dance?: Especially in public. 

Favorite TV Show: Parks & Recreation

Ideal Quality in a Mate: No one flighty with their head in the clouds

Perfect Match: AssureSign’s On-Premises Deployment

For this to work, we knew we’d have to find a match that would keep data out of anyone else’s SaaS/cloud and on site. Which is why we just knew the public sector would immediately hit it off with AssureSign’s on-premises deployment. We’re thrilled it’s a quality match! Normally, we assure there to be plenty of fish in the sea… but in the world of on-premises eSignature… it’s a party of one!



Perfectly Paired Industries & eSign Solutions


It wasn’t easy… well… actually, it was….

When it comes to the unique and curtailed needs of industries, we’re the eSignature matchmaking experts!

We’re actually pretty good at this. Maybe we’ll give Patti Stanger a run for her money… 


Don’t see your industry? Find it on our full list of perfect pairs!



Electronic signatures guarantee a modernized workflow, digitally transforming an organization’s method of gaining consent or assent from their customers and prospects.

Yet, to transform their entire front-to-back business process, many businesses must leverage other solutions to arrive at their digital nirvana.

AssureSign Connect, the industry’s leading partner program, lends businesses the opportunity to combine the power of eSignature with industry-specific applications to meet the unique digital needs of the companies and industries that comprise a modern market.

AssureSign recently joined forces with yet another solutions partner, whose assortment of customizable digital tools and resources create the conduit for business efficiency and growth.


Who is Computer Solutions East, Inc.?

Computer Solutions East, Inc. (CSE) is a company devoted to providing information technology (IT) services and digital solutions across the SaaS landscape.

Specializing in small to medium business markets, CSE partners with digital product vendors like AssureSign to offer robust integrations capable of streamlining the entire spectrum of a client’s end-to-end workflow.  

In addition to offering custom solutions and integrations, CSE offers education, training, and specialized support for the array of digital tools a client subscribes to or licenses. Providing this support are knowledgeable and industry-certified specialists who are trained to provide best-in-class service to CSE’s 600+ licensed subscriber base.


New eSignature Partnership: AssureSign and Computer Solutions East—A Microsoft Dynamics Duo


The solutions, custom integrations, and support services offered in CSE’s marketplace lend SMBs the capacity to compete with mid- to large-scale enterprises.

From network design overhauls to troubleshooting a user’s application, CSE simplifies the use of technologies that allow businesses to remain competitive and current.


Microsoft Focused

While CSE offers a range of products and services for a wide-variety of digital systems—Symantec, Cisco, Lenovo, BlackBerry Servers, etc.—many of their utilities cater to Microsoft solutions and products. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, CSE provides well-suited add-ons and support for popular MS platforms, such as SharePoint, Azure Active Directory, Office 365, and Dynamics 365.


AssureSign and Computer Solutions East are Microsoft Dynamics Focused


Users of Dynamics 365—Microsoft’s branded CRM—can leverage more ways of engaging with their consumer through purpose-built add-on applications available in CSE’s marketplace. From Delve analytics to cloud storage options to social posting applications, CSE yields intelligent solutions capable of enhancing Dynamics users’ entire  front-to-back workflows.

Remaining devoted to enhancing the full spectrum of user workflows, CSE recently made the power of AssureSign eSignatures available to its subscribers.


AssureSign and CSE: A Dynamics  Duo

Because of its dedication to Microsoft platforms, CSE builds integrations with the digital solutions that best harmonize with Microsoft’s intelligent business applications.AssureSign and Computer Solutions East—A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Duo

When CSE discovered AssureSign’s premiere Dynamics 365 eSignature integration, their search for the optimal eSign integrator was over! As the newest member of AssureSign Connect, CSE can now license Dynamics eSignature integrations within its marketplace.

The best part? CSE can incorporate other valuable solutions when it sells eSignature to its subscribers! So, whether it’s an eSign add-on or a combination of our electronic signature with other solutions to form a multi-function integration, as an AssureSign Connect partner, CSE can provide the industry’s most capable and secure eSignature to users of Dynamics 365 and beyond!


Together, AssureSign and CSE are enabling more businesses to lower cost, improve time to market, and propel positive change in processes and business models.



AssureSign Connect: an eSignature partner program


With a new season comes a new wave of product enhancements and updates that make your eSign experience with AssureSign even more interactive and useful.

Our latest enhancements comprising the AssureSign winter update is rather fitting, because by any objective standards… they’re pretty cool. From formerly announced enhancements going live to simplifying the functionality of our customer-facing UI, AssureSign’s winter eSignature updates and enhancements gift you with an even better (and faster) performing eSign!


SSO and Account Central Page Come to Life!

In a prior updates post, we announced the now live  AssureSign eSignature Single Sign On (SSO) interface—incorporating Microsoft Logins—and a centralized account screen that queued all your active AssureSign accounts in one place.

SSO with Microsoft Logins

Ditching multiple passwords is made easy when new AssureSign users use their pre-existing Microsoft LoginsAzure Active Directory (Azure AD), Live IDs, and other select Microsoft platforms—to sign in to AssureSign. Keeping up with only one set of login credentials? Yes, please!


AssureSign's eSignature Single Sign On (SSO): Login Screen with Microsoft Login


With AssureSign’s eSignature SSO, users can still opt to use a username and password unique to the AssureSign platform and reap the convenience of a one-time login for multiple account access.

Account Central—Your New Login Page

Do you have sandbox (trial) environments? What about multiple production accounts?

The AssureSign 6.0 release centralizes account access to include all your active eSignature environments under one domain/URL (! Immediately after logging in to AssureSign, all your active accounts and environments are queued on-screen… from there, you can select the desired environment and quickly get to work!


AssureSign's eSignature Single Sign On (SSO): Central Login Screen



We’re kicking off 2018 with updates that pivot on simplicity.

The year’s first round of updates and enhancements streamline our product design by bridging gaps in the UI and affording more control to account admins and users.

IP Address Restrictions

Leveraging IP address restrictions is easier than ever before! IP restrictions allow account administrators to disable other users from accessing administrator report pages, document signing pages, and DocumentNOW APIs.

Administrators can now use these IP restrictions to prevent users from accessing an AssureSign account from outside a company’s network.


AssureSign Web Portal Settings Page


Password Resets

Passwords are inevitably forgotten now and then…

But when you’re talking about a company full of employees… that mounds up to quite an anarchy of forgetfulness…

With the latest updates to AssureSign, account administrators can complete a password reset without any assistance from our client services team!

So, not if, but WHEN users forget their passwords… an administrator can simply select the “Reset password and send login information to user via email” option under the “Administration” tab via the AssureSign web portal. A temporary password is then automatically  sent to the user’s email.


Resetting Password in AssureSign eSignature Web Portal


If an admin isn’t available, users can still reset their own passwords using the “Forgot Password?” link on the login screen…

AssureSign's eSignature web portal: User reset password

For security, temporary passwords expire 72 hours after being generated.


And simplicity by design doesn’t end with your  experience…

We’ve made improvements to the signer interface, making it easier than ever for your customers to eSign using AssureSign…

Adopt-a-Signature Enhancements

When eSigning with AssureSign, users can opt to have their initial signature—or initials—replicated throughout the remaining documents’ jotblocks (places for signature).

For use cases with extraordinary document (and signature) counts, like franchising a business or insurance policy agreements, our “Adopt-a-Signature” feature is the Santa Claus of eSign… gifting saved time to signers and faster completion rates to businesses.


AssureSign's Adopt-a-Signature: Santa Claus of eSignature


To eliminate confusion for signers, we’ve migrated the option to adopt a signature to where a signer first begins signing a document. Now, signers can preview documents before choosing to adopt a signature for the duration of their signing process.

What’s more, an adopted signature can now be edited after created and/or used in the signing process! For whatever reason a signer wishes to edit his adopted signature after signing some, but not all, included documents, he can now do so without reverting to page one! The modified signature will then appear from the point of edit moving forward.  


What’s Coming…

Unified Billing

Prior to hosting all AssureSign logins on a single domain, billing formatting for AssureSign Connect resellers included only individualized invoices, making revenue determinations tedious. AssureSign will soon conjoin billing for eSignature reseller partners

Housing all AssureSign accounts in a centralized location enables conjoined billing for resellers, taking the guess work out of profit margins.

Resellers can look for these billing enhancements in the coming months!


More Adopt-a-Signature Improvements

Currently, the improvements made to AssureSign’s Adopt-a-Signature feature is exclusive to our new Simple Setup UI.

Our next release is slated to include the feature in our “Classic Templates” UI, enabling all  AssureSign users to leverage the time-saving functionality.

If that weren’t enough, we’re also working on optimizing the responsiveness of Adopt-a-Signature when used during eSigning on a mobile device.


… And More!

Look out for other exciting updates like additional signature fonts with our soon to come 6.2 release!



Interested in learning additional ways to use eSignature? Contact our team of client service all-stars for a complementary opportunity assessment to discover how else your business can be improved with AssureSign!



AssureSign gifts all enterprises with simplification and convenience through a paperless signature.

Our capable eSignature solutions and robust integrations return the time, cost and convenience stolen by outdated, paper-laden processes. Despite the velocity and acceleration our technology brings to your workflows, our commitment to eSign innovation translates to making our product better today  than it was yesterday…

… an impossible task without consumer feedback.


So, we asked how AssureSign could be even more efficient and simple… Here’s what you told us:

  • Centralizing access to multiple accounts (i.e. production and/or sandbox environments)
  • Allowing users to sign into AssureSign with their Microsoft Login account
  • Streamlining account administration and management


In our latest release, we aimed to give you exactly  what you asked for…

Signing On: One place. One time. One environment.

Prior to the AssureSIgn eSignature Single Sign On (SSO) interface, accounts were segregated into different domains depending on environment type. AssureSign’s new eSignature Single Sign On (SSO) funnels all  your accounts onto one screen.


AssureSign's eSignature Single Sign On (SSO): Central Login Screen


After logging in via the new AssureSign domain (, all your active eSign production and sandbox environments are readily available… letting you get to work faster !

Use Microsoft Login with AssureSign!

Tired of juggling multiple usernames and passwords? We get it.

Our new eSignature Single Sign On (SSO) UI introduces the option for new AssureSign customers to use their preexisting Microsoft Logins to sign in to AssureSign! Microsoft Logins include Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Live IDs and other select Microsoft platforms, and can now be used to access your eSign environments!


AssureSign's eSignature Single Sign On (SSO): Login Screen with Microsoft Login


Prefer using unique credentials separate from your Microsoft Login?

New users can still use the traditional login method with eSignature Single Sign On (SSO) by creating an email address and password combination. Even if new users create traditional login credentials, they can still begin using the Microsoft Login option at any time.

Existing users: Stay tuned for details on how you can soon begin using Microsoft Login to access AssureSign!

More Control

We’ve made managing multiple AssureSign accounts easier!

Account administrators can now add parameters to environments—such as IP address restrictions—to control when and where users have access to an AssureSign account. This feature can prevent employees from using accounts at home or on unsecured networks.


AssureSign Web Portal Settings Page


Forgot your password? Resetting it is now a breeze ! Simply have an administrator select the “Reset password and send login information to user via email” option and a temporary password will automatically be sent to the user’s email.

For security, the temporary password expires 72 hours after it’s generated.


Resetting Password in AssureSign


What’s Next…

Prior to unifying our sign on domains, billing format for AssureSign Connect resellers only included individualized invoices, which made determining revenue a tedious chore…

Housing all AssureSign accounts in a centralized location enables conjoined billing for resellers, taking the guess work out of profit margins. Resellers can look for these billing enhancements in the coming months!



What's next with AssureSign eSignature enhancements


Other planned enhancements will bring even more efficiencies to account management and are expected to be live  in early 2018!


They may be the latest and greatest… but these enhancements are just a fraction of our electronic signature’s capacity. Schedule your free demo to see how AssureSign can modernize the way you do business.



Electronic signatures are a powerful business tool, capable of streamlining digital processes, eliminating extraneous cost, returning wasted time, and so the list goes on. Yet, implementing eSignatures as part of your transactional processes yields more than mere perks… it enables businesses to move towards the digital transformation needed to remain competitive in the marketplace.


Staying Relevant in a Digitized Marketplace

As the millennium begins its 18th year, the stronghold that advancing technologies have on the modern market is only subject to increase. These technologies have defined what it means to be not only competitive, but relevant among today’s consumers. Meeting the rising demand of expeditiousness in today’s digital ecosystem is imperative and can only be achieved by embracing digital infrastructure.   

In its recent release of the “Aragon Research Globe for Digital Transaction Management, 2018,” Aragon Research notes the market’s sweeping digital shift and growing expectations for rapidity among consumers.

“… a fully digital business process is what consumers want; it’s all about ease of use.”

This digital shift is, perhaps, an initiative you’ve come to consider… but where to even start!?…


Where to Begin?

In its Globe, Aragon recommends that businesses look first at the foundational elements of DTM when beginning to replace paper-laden processes with digital alternatives. For this reason, eSignature is the pivotal element of DTM highlighted in Aragon’s release.

“Many firms that have deployed basic eSignatures have seen a dramatic reduction in the time it takes to get a contract signed.”

When identifying eSignature use cases, businesses must first evaluate their current processes to determine where automation should live within the lifecycle of their workflows. Yet, because all eSignature vendors aren’t created equal, businesses must also use this process to determine the eSign provider best aligned with their automation needs.


6 Things to Look for in an eSign Vendor

eSignatures are like the businesses that comprise today’s market in that no two are exactly alike.

However, in its Globe, Aragon illustrates these six eSign fundamentals as pervasively sought after when buyers look for DTM platforms:

  1. Core eSignature Capabilities

AssureSign introduces these “core” capabilities in the form of unparalleled technology, capability and security. Our robust solutions and unique deployment methods—including the industry’s only on-premises electronic signature—afford businesses the choice and versatility needed to support their go to market strategy.

Whether it’s with modern signing options like SMS/text message, a unique AssureSign feature, or through universal solutions that invite signers via email, businesses choose AssureSign to secure legally binding signatures with ease.

  1. Ability to Assemble a Document or a Series of Documents for Signature

We understand obtaining an eSignature often involves sending more than just one document. That’s why AssureSign’s pricing model incorporates the idea of “envelopes” rather than per document pricing.  No matter how many documents a single transaction consists of, they’re all part of one envelope… and an envelope is always  the same price—no matter the number of documents inside!

When creating documents for signature, AssureSign users can create a single document on the fly with our drag and drop eSign creation interface or creating re-usable templates for frequently used documents. Moreover, users can send these document(s) to a single recipient or to multiple signers with our bulk sending option!

  1. Document Routing and Workflow Automation

When you integrate AssureSign with Dynamics, Salesforce, or your preferred relationship management system, automating workflows becomes effortless. AssureSign can be launched from any entity or process within CRM, enabling users to send documents for signature at any point in their workflow.

AssureSign’s Dynamics 365 integration also supports the creation of trigger events, which “trigger” document sends following a specified instance (e.g. receiving back a previously sent document).

What’s more, users can leverage DocumentTRAK web hooks to automatically  update data in CRM with a signer’s input (i.e. what a signer types into a document). Wave good-bye to manually updating addresses, phone numbers, and emails… 👋

  1. Basic and Advanced Analytics Based on Organization Level

We constantly receive feedback about how eSignature improves our customers’ workflows and processes, but having access to basic and advanced analytics is something many businesses tell us is a game changer.

Your activity, as well as your signer’s, is stored within the AssureSign platform and is accessible at any time. You can view recent activity, daily totals, document statistics and other reports with the click of a mouse.

Also, with live document tracking, you can easily review whether signers have opened a document or what phase of the signing process they’re in.

  1. Integration with Leading Content Management and other Line of Business (LOB) Platforms and Systems

Leveraging AssureSign’s integrations is the best  route to tapping the full capacity of electronic signature.

Our premiere eSignature integration with Dynamics 365 is the preferred  eSign solution among users of Microsoft’s CRM. As a Microsoft Silver Partner and internal user of Dynamics, we’re able to better position our integration to fit the CRM’s UI and afford users with an exceptional eSign experience.

Users of Salesforce, too, can put the power of eSign to work within their CRM environment, generating a streamlined workflow from start to finish.

In addition to universal CRMs, AssureSign has out-of-the-box integrations with industry-specific content management software—like EZ LYNX for insurance and Jadu for education—gifting even more companies with eSignature automation!

For companies with another LOB software or system, AssureSign provides tools and resources necessary to build custom, proprietary integrations! Organizations like Junior Achievement of Kansas City and United BioSource Corp (UBC) leverage our open and flexible APIs to incorporate a custom eSign integration within their existing processes or software.

  1. Mobile Apps (Remote, in-person and offline signing, managing)

According to a poll conducted in 2017, 69% of consumer digital media consumption is via a mobile device… making clear that today’s market isn’t just digitally transformed… it’s mobile minded !

AssureSign not only has one of the best mobile responsive UI’s, but offers an array of unparalleled eSignature features and solutions that make use of emerging mobile technology and trends.

AssureSign offers the industry’s only  eSignature via SMS/text message

After receiving the text, a signer can complete a transaction in less  than 60-seconds—gifting closing rates a much-appreciated raise.

Those with use cases for mobilizing the in-person signing method can also do so securely with the AssureSign Trigger app for IOS and Android operating systems.

So, whether sending  documents for signature or having them signed in-person, AssureSign generates a mobilized signing experience that awards convenience to consumers and businesses alike.

(Click here to purchase the entire “Aragon Research Globe for Digital Transaction Management, 2018)


 Schedule your free demo to see how the power of eSignature innovation can transform  your existing workflows.

2017 was quite the year. From solar eclipses to a record-setting Primetime Emmy Awards, last year was full of exciting and memorable occasions that won’t soon be forgotten.

Yet, it’s not the sun’s momentary absence or historic award wins that define what we at AssureSign loved most about 2017. Last year lent tremendous success to enterprises adopting the pivotal component of digital transformation… AssureSign’s eSignature returned more time, money and efficiency stolen by paper-laden processes to our customers than ever before!

And we think that’s a pretty big deal…

So, as we begin the millennium’s 18th year, we’re hopping on the all too relevant “#TransformationTuesday” train to look back at 2017’s top 4 #transformations brought to you by eSignatureall aboard!


#1 Tropical Smoothie Café

“It’s been an invaluable asset to remaining compliant… and all with little to no oversight!”

-Member of Tropical Smoothie Café Leadership Team

Kicking off our Transformation Tuesday trip is Tropical Smoothie Café. With more than 20 years in the health foods industry, TSC has spread its mantra of “eat better. feel better.” to nearly every region in the U.S. To franchise a new location, TSC must obtain signatures on multiple documents. Moreover, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces strict timing regulations that prevent all documents from being signed at one time.

Tropical Smoothie Café digitally #transformed its franchise process with electronic signature, alleviating frustrations left in the wake of pen to paper processes. AssureSign’s delayed signing feature allows TSC to effortlessly maintain compliance with all FTC regulations, creating a seamless franchise opening process. A great smoothie is no longer the only thing TSC can dish out with ease.

Click Here to see more efficiencies brought to TSC by digital #transformation

#2 Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City

“It’s helped us streamline our business practice while allowing us to provide a quality and timely response to our volunteers.”

-Senior level employee of Junior Achievement of Kansas City

The second stop on our Transformation Tuesday journey brings us to the central U.S. Equipping all students in Kansas City schools for success in tomorrow’s workplace through real-life simulation curriculum is what Junior Achievement of Kansas City facilitates day in and day out. The nonprofit connects classrooms with local business leaders, who volunteer to work with students throughout the year. As Ja of Kansas City began to see an influx of volunteers, the completion of required code of conduct and agreement forms via pen to paper processes became unduly burdensome.

This nonprofit #transformed their volunteer onboarding process by using AssureSign’s open APIs to build a proprietary eSignature integration. After building its own eSign web form integration, JA of Kansas City enabled volunteers to effortlessly complete all necessary forms online and in a matter of minutes. With the help of JA, Kansas City students have access to experiential learning on Transformation Tuesday … and Wednesday … and Thursday … and … well, you get the idea. 

Click Here to learn what other frustrations were #transformed by JA’s eSign integration


#3 United BioSource Corporation (UBC)

“… AssureSign agents find an answer for us no matter what. These are simply the kind of peoples you want to do business with, period.

-Senior level employee of United BioSource Corporation (UBC)

United BioSource Corporation (UBC) is our third stop on our Transformation Tuesday train, but they’re the first partner  to make the list! UBC optimizes patient healthcare services by working with partnering drug companies to execute administrative, financial and enhanced clinical support directly to patients. Signed consent, in addition to other required forms, took days to be printed, shipped, signed and returned, significantly delaying UBC’s ability to extend services.

With AssureSign’s open and flexible APIs, UBC #transformed its arduous process with a custom-built eSignature integration, white-labeled directly into its pre-existing health portal. AssureSign not only helps UBC’s budget stay in the green, we empower UBC to provide critical medical support to the patients who can’t afford another day’s wait.

Click Here to see how quickly UBC can now provide care to patients


#4 PowerObjects

“When I show the customers the technology, they get excited, too. It’s made me a better salesperson.”

-Sales Representative of PowerObjects

We have one final stop before de-boarding the Transformation Tuesday Express…

Considered a “go-to partner” in the world of Microsoft Dynamics, PowerObjects provides advanced service, support, education, and add-ons to the users of Dynamics 365. With an impressive suite of 365 enhancements, PowerObjects aims to improve its consumers’ sales, marketing, and overall productivity through a global team that spans more than seventeen countries. Providing world-class service to a growing CRM audience requires PowerObjects to scout and hire capable talent. As the company grew, its time-laden process to print, send, sign and receive hiring contracts and onboarding paperwork wasn’t meeting muster.

After leveraging AssureSign’s premiere Dynamics 365 eSignature integration, PowerObjects #transformed its onboarding process without adopting additional software or applications. Our eSignature integration with Microsoft’s CRM enables PowerObjects to sustain growth by hiring the talent they need… faster. Furthermore, AssureSign’s eSignature isn’t just #transforming PowerObject’s internal growth… customers, too, benefit by seeing the #transformative power of eSignature.

Click Here to see how customers and  sales benefit from eSignature at PowerObjects


There you have it! The best of the best  #transformations eSignature offered up in 2017!


Want to begin looking at #transforming your own processes? Download your free copy of our “Getting Started with eSignature” eBook and learn how eSignature can #transform your modern business transactions in 2018!

eSignature isn’t just a versatile product, it’s a powerful  one.

Often labeled as the liberator of antiquated, paper-laden processes, electronic signatures introduce unparalleled efficiency to the workflows of nearly every enterprise. However, the diminished cost, time, and overhead hassles that coincide with digitally transformed processes only scratch the surface of eSign’s benefit…

eSignature’s range of capability strengthens the performance of your product or goal. Whether it’s training an athlete, equipping a student, insuring a client, or franchising a product… eSignature advances your bottom line while delivering a seamless experience to both employees and consumers.

For United BioSource Corporation (UBC), eSignature advances the capacity to provide rapid  and critical medical support by providing medical forms online.

Who is UBC

Since 2003, United BioSource Corporation (UBC) has provided the healthcare market with a diverse repertoire of services aimed at providing pharmaceutical and medical support to myriad patient communities. The company has sustained market gains throughout its tenure in the medical and pharmaceutical support industry, leading UBC to be considered a pillar of enhanced patient care.

Serving pharmaceutical companies and patients in tandem, the health support services company transforms the latest scientific research into tangible improvements in a patient’s healthcare experience.


Using Traditional Signatures = Delays in Patient Care

Prior to providing an avenue for consent and medical forms online, UBC facilitated the healthcare exchange—pharmacists, PCPs, specialists, medical care, insurance providers, etc.—of both chronic and acute patients, while providing financial assistance for various medical services… Yet, leveraging a traditional signature process imposed a lapse in aid.

The reason? The time required for legal documents to be printed, shipped, signed, returned, and processed delayed UBC’s ability to extend care to those needing it the most.

The lengthy, outdated practice prevented critically ill patients with urgent pharmaceutical or medical needs from receiving timely treatment.


“Timing is critical to linking patients with medications, and patients often require them as fast as possible…”

-Jason Doiron, Director of Product Management—Commercial Insights and Analytics


eSign Delivers Medical Forms Online & Faster Patient Care

With AssureSign’s eSignature, UBC now provides support 530 percent faster than before! Which means critical patients waiting up to 11 days for urgent medical support is a thing of the past.

But that’s not the only benefit electronic signature brought to UBC…

Read the UBC Success Story to learn how AssureSign’s eSignature integration:

  • Migrated patient’s consent and medical forms online
  • Improved overall patient health
  • Eliminated extensive delays
  • Provided proactive troubleshooting and support
  • Obliterated extraneous costs
  • Improved efficiencies with a single integrated solution


Download the UBC Success Story to learn more

AssureSign has been a proud member of Microsoft’s partner-led community for nearly a decade. While our involvement with this community produces many lucrative opportunities… it’s through fostering partner relationships  that we’ve recognized the role that partnership and partner diversity play in generating mutual success.

Cultivating Partnership through Relationship

In 2017, AssureSign’s own Michelle Cloninger joined Microsoft Community Evangelist, Joe Darko for a discussion on how partnerships necessitate relationships in order to thrive.

The “Partnerships within Communities & Diversity” session at the 2017 Collab365 Global Conference highlights the correlation between building business relationships and success in professional ventures. Moreover, the on-demand session–available for viewing below–hosts a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) panel, which focuses on the prosperity that inclusion and appreciation of diversity in thought and expression bring to professional partnerships.

AssureSign eSignature Executive discusses importance of partnership at Collab365 Global Conference:Partnerships within Community Coupled with D&I: An Overview

The two-part session focuses on Microsoft’s logic behind community infrastructure, and how partnerships within its ecosystem open doors for Microsoft MVPs and Community Leaders. CIOs, COOs, CFOs, CMOs, CTOs, consultants, end users, IT managers, IT pros, and power users can expect applicable take-aways that lend benefit to partnering efforts within their go-to-market strategy.

The on-demand session describes:

  • How partnerships within communities promote growth

  • How diversity propels growth and development 

  • Microsoft’s take on communities and how they’re driving the company forward

More from the Collab365 Virtual Conference

Michelle joined 120 other speakers from around the world at the Collab365’s 2017 annual conference. Ranging from market leaders to business owners to Microsoft productivity gurus, speakers and their respective sessions aimed to educate audiences on the role collaboration has played for both their own and Microsoft’s success.

Additionally, many of the conference’s on-demand sessions offer insight on furthering use case and functionality of popular Microsoft applications, such as SharePoint, Office 365, Flow, PowerApps, Azure, and OneDrive for Business.


View the “Partnerships within Communities coupled with Diversity & Inclusion” on-demand session




📢  UPDATE: December 28, 2017 – This article was updated since its original publish date for freshness and relevancy.


Last week, Aragon Research, a firm focused on providing thought leading research in technology sectors, recognized its 2017 Hot Vendors and Innovators at its annual Holiday Awards Ceremony.

Aragon’s CEO, Jim Lundy, began the event by conveying the firm’s hallmark successes along with its visual marketing forecast for 2018 before yielding the floor to the Women in Tech Panel. The panel’s discussion, “Digital Journey to the Intelligent Enterprise” illustrated the importance of the ongoing voyage to smarter technologies.

The evening hosted more than 60 vendors, who were recognized for their display of industry leadership and market innovation. While each of the recognized vendors are unique in their product offerings and niche markets within the technology sector, they all have one indisputable commonality: Innovation.

“…[the] annual award ceremony that recognizes the Hot Vendors selected by Aragon Research from across multiple markets that are doing something truly new or different – whether that’s a new technology that expands capabilities, a new strategy that opens up markets, or a new way of doing business that makes them worth evaluating.”                                     – Aragon

Aragon evaluates countless enterprises for certain qualities before designating the year’s Hot Vendors and Innovators, including:

  • Production of new technologies that expand capabilities

  • Execution of strategies that contribute to market value

  • Adoption of new methods to conduct business

  • Leading change in their market

  • Leveraging or Combining of technologies to create unparalleled market opportunities


Vendors to Watch in 2018…

AssureSign was one of several vendors recognized to have these and other qualities, making us valuable players in our respective markets…


AssureSign: one of several 2017 Aragon Hot Vendors


From new technologies to unprecedented business methodology, these are the vendors making waves in the technology sector as they propel digital transformation across a multitude of markets.

I & Streaming Analytics

AI Chatbots

Business Process Management

Digital Business Platforms

Digital Communications

Digital Transaction Management

Enterprise Video


Modern Content Management

Robotic Process Automation

Sales Enablement

Talent Management


Visual Collaboration


… again, congrats  🎉 to all the vendors whose devotion to innovation was recognized last week!


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