Thankful for eSignature

Give Thanks… to eSignature

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It’s that time of year again. Football, family gatherings, a few days off, food… all define the fast approaching Thanksgiving holiday. Another common practice around this time of year… giving thanks! Whether it’s friends, family, a great job, or a pumpkin spice latte, there’s common ground in having something to be thankful for. When we think… Read more »

AssureSign: The 4 Core Values that Define Your eSignature Pioneers

The 4 Core Values that Define Your eSignature Pioneers

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What are core values, really ? For some businesses, they’re the feel-good, warm and fuzzy words plastered through the company hallways, in the breakroom, and behind the CEO’s desk. They’re the well-intended, yet seldom practiced buzz words that a public relations team concocted after months of market research. Their goal is to create a pleasant illustration… Read more »

eSignature integration brings more capability to JA of Kansas City

The Secret to Gaining More Volunteers? Electronic Signatures.

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For more than 17 years, AssureSign has helped enterprises, small businesses, non-profits, and all types of organizations advance their bottom  line by reinventing its dotted  one.   eSignature is the horizontal product that brings greater velocity, decreased cost, and mitigated risk to nearly every organization, regardless of industry. Despite the need for electronic signature spanning nearly every market, the uniqueness of business operations and transactions highlight the need for different, versatile solutions.   For… Read more »

AssureSign, Dynamics 365, and LinkedIn CRM integration

AssureSign + LinkedIn + Dynamics 365: A Seamless CRM Integration for Your Sales Team

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Countless eSignature use cases span many industries, they are exceptionally vital  to the success of any modern sales organization as they’re the final step to complete your sales teams end-to-end process.   But with eSignatures being just one piece of this larger sales cycle… how does an organization set their selves up for success to create an entirely digital and seamless sales process? Let’s take a look at the parts that make up your basic sales cycle….   Sourcing, prospecting, product demonstrations, follow ups, pricing negotiations… all contributing fundamentals to a complete sales process that—hopefully—lead to a successful close. And while our product rests in this much desired closing phase, we’re invested in providing integrations that can simplify and streamline your… Read more »

AssureSign's Dynamics 365 eSignature Integration

Your Search for THE Premiere Dynamics 365 eSignature Integration is Over

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Microsoft’s CRM User Group (CRMUG) is currently hosting its tenth User Group Summit, where end-users of the tech giant’s CRM—Dynamics 365— gather to network and learn of new solutions and innovative trends. Summit garners many of Microsoft’s MVPs and integrated partners, yielding great networking opportunities and even offer solutions showcases in the conference’s expo hall.   While AssureSign’s platform integrates with many popular CRMs, it’s our Dynamics integration that distinguish us from the competition. In fact, it… Read more »

AssureSign: Your Organization was Breached. Now what?

Your Organization was Breached… Now What?

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Data breaches and intrusion attempts aren’t the first thing on anyone’s mind when starting a business or organization, but the realities of today’s cyber ecosystem have pushed cybersecurity to the top of the priority list.   Knowledge of cyberthreats and your organization’s vulnerability have become paramount to ensuring the continued success of any company or organization. It’s this information that allows… Read more »

AssureSign's Fall eSignature updates and enhancements

Change is in the Air: Fall 2017 eSignature Updates and Enhancements

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What’s the best change about fall?… The transition from green to warm yellow-ish orange leaves?   Trading in the sweltering heat for mild days and crisp nights?   Shorter days accompanied by an extra hour of zzzzz’s?  As fall makes itself at home, we begin to see changes long anticipated by autumn-lovers everywhere. But… the best changes fall will bring have… Read more »

CRMUG Summit 2017: Assuresign brings eSignature to Microsoft CRM User Group Summit 2017

See You at CRMUG Summit 2017!


Summer 2017 has certainly been a busy one for your favorite eSign vendor. We’ve traveled to MS Build, MSDW’s Innovation, MS Inspire, The Dwyer Group’s Reunion, and most recently Applied Net to meet a diverse range of business needs with viable eSignature solutions.  We’re continuing the expo momentum right into the Fall, kicking the season off with the annual event hosted by one of… Read more »

TAG One in a Millennial Award Recognizes Michelle Cloninger of AssureSign as a FInalist

AssureSign’s Director of Marketing and Sales Recognized as a Marketing and Social Media Leader Finalist

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At AssureSign, we pride ourselves in offering a dynamic and exceptional eSignature solution that creates extraordinary potential for businesses in multiple industries.  “Dynamic ” and “exceptional ” describe not only our product, but also our team standing behind it. Our company has a lot of moving parts, all designed to work in unison to provide an exceptional eSignature experience for… Read more »