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Playing Matchmaker: Find Your Industry’s Perfect Match Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Since its roots in 3rd century A.D. Rome, the observation of Valentine’s Day has looked very different from century to century. Some suggest its origin had very little, if anything to do with romance or love until the age of Chaucer and Shakespeare.

Even in modern times, as hallmark cards and sentimental enchantments reign supreme, the holiday is flooded by diverse labors of love…

Some have a bouquet of flowers and accompanying chocolates delivered to their loved one, others commemorate their endearment with a fancy meal and glass of Merlot. Then there are those who prefer to indulge in an abundance of heart-shaped treats, bringing lots of love to the palate.

No matter your method of sweet loving madness, the day is filled with… well, yes, red and pink hearts…  but also, too, the celebration of matches made in heaven!

We here at AssureSign LOVE a good match… especially when it comes to eSignature! So, this Valentine’s Day, we’re playing matchmaker!!!

We’ve taken the market’s most eligible industries and found their perfect pairing with one of AssureSign’s equally eligible solutions and features to create, dare we say it, a beautiful collision.


 Legal eSign Solution

Eligible Industry #1: Legal

Favorite Activity: Running, racecar driving… anything fast, really.  Whatever the task may be, getting it signed, sealed and delivered in record time makes for a grand time!

Enjoys Talking About: The 6th amendment—right to a speedy  trial. 

Likes to Dance?: Yes—except slow dancing.

Favorite TV Show: Law & Order

Ideal Quality in a Mate: Accelerates the natural workflow of things.

Perfect Match: AssureSign’s SMS/Text to Sign

We’ve met the legal industry’s desire to have documents signed and returned quickly with the eSignature industry’s only eSign capability via SMS/text message. AssureSign’s SMS/Text to Sign is quick enough to keep up with demand for a swift client signing process. Bringing eSign to the device in every client’s pocket makes our SMS/Text to Sign feature the yin to this eligible industry’s yang.


eSign Solution for Franchising

Eligible Industry #2: Franchising

Favorite Activity: Enjoys pragmatic games that require holding patterns. Playing red light/green light. Prefers playing the long game.

Enjoys Talking About: multiplication

Likes to Dance?: Eh, in spurts.

Favorite TV Show: The Nanny (favorite character: Fran)

Ideal Quality in a Mate: Knowing when to take a break.

Perfect Match: AssureSign’s Delayed Signing Feature

There’s someone for everyone!… ehrr… a solution for every industry, we should say. We’ve found the franchising industry’s match in AssureSign’s delayed signing feature (not to mention, it’s a reason Dwyer Group designated our eSignature for its franchisers). With delayed signing, franchisers can effortlessly remain compliant with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations, which require a holding period between the presentment of a contract and obtaining a signature. Maybe these two can catch a flick while they wait.


eSignature eSign for Microsoft Dynamics

Eligible Industry #3: Microsoft Partner Community

Favorite Activity: Puzzles, hands down. Although, in spare time, matchmaking provides quite the thrill (we’re so proud). Integrating separate things provides endless joy for this eligible industry.

Enjoys Talking About: Anything but Apples.

Likes to Dance?: Only square dancing

Favorite TV Show: Whatever’s streaming online…

Ideal Quality in a Mate: Plays nicely with others.

Perfect Match: AssureSign’s Dynamics eSignature Integration

This is likely our best work yet! This is a match that will go down in Valentine history! AssureSign’s Dynamics eSignature integration is the perfect fit for any Microsoft Partner, or any user of Dynamics 365! This eligible industry couldn’t have hoped for a better match… we’re just that good. Take that, cupid.


eSign solution for public sector

Eligible Industry #4: Public Sector

Favorite Activity: Staying grounded. Keeping everything under one roof is priority for this eligible industry. Not certain if kids are in the future. But if so, under its roof… a SaaSy mouth isn’t likely to be tolerated.

Enjoys Talking About: Not much. Ironically private.

Likes to Dance?: Especially in public. 

Favorite TV Show: Parks & Recreation

Ideal Quality in a Mate: No one flighty with their head in the clouds

Perfect Match: AssureSign’s On-Premises Deployment

For this to work, we knew we’d have to find a match that would keep data out of anyone else’s SaaS/cloud and on site. Which is why we just knew the public sector would immediately hit it off with AssureSign’s on-premises deployment. We’re thrilled it’s a quality match! Normally, we assure there to be plenty of fish in the sea… but in the world of on-premises eSignature… it’s a party of one!


Perfectly Paired Industries & eSign Solutions


It wasn’t easy… well… actually, it was….

When it comes to the unique and curtailed needs of industries, we’re the eSignature matchmaking experts!

We’re actually pretty good at this. Maybe we’ll give Patti Stanger a run for her money… 

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