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2020 AssureSign Product Enhancements: 7 Updates That’ll Make Your Summer Sizzle!

The official summer solstice of 2020 begins in just nine days and the seasonal forecast is chock-full of exciting updates and product enhancements!

Here’s some of the highlights among AssureSign’s recent products releases:

1. Smart Forms Powered by Conditional Logic

Introduced in late 2019, conditional logic brought several enhancements to many existing functions within the AssureSign web portal while also spurring brand new functionalities such as Smart Forms.

With Smart Forms, AssureSign users can transform their static documents into intuitive forms that simultaneously simplify and curtail the signing process as signers input the requested information. When completing Smart Forms, signers longer have to deal with hassles like tabbing through inapplicable fields or retyping repetitive information. Powered by if-then mechanisms, hidden jotblocks, and a combination of other AssureSign functionalities and conditional logic formatting, Smart Forms bring a simplified form-filling process to signers while supporting an accelerated customer experience!

2. Customize Email Alerts

One size doesn’t always fit all, which is why you can now customize the email alerts and notifications you receive as signers progress through the signing process. Some of the available customization options include editing default alert verbiage and creating new/additional notifications.

3. Support for KBA in Simple Setup

Knowledge Base Authentication (KBA) is an additional security measure/authentication method and has been available for purchase among AssureSign Classic interface users.

For those unfamiliar with KBA, it involves signers answering a series of questions that are generated from public data sources. An example of one of the questions might be “Which of the following addresses have you never resided at or been associated with?” Once a signer successfully answers the short series of questions, they’re then able to begin completing and signing the sent documents.

KBA is ideal for industries or businesses with an interest in elevated security and can now be leveraged in both Classic and Simple Setup interface users!

4. Template Transfers

Gone are the days of perfecting templates in a sandbox account only to have to recreate the wheel in your production account.

For those who prefer testing or trialing templates in a sandbox account before publishing live in a production account, you can now effortlessly transfer your templates for immediate use among both accounts!

For instructions on exporting and importing your templates or for more information, visit the 6.38 product release page.

5. Support for Additional File Types

This year’s Mid-March product release includes support in Simple Setup for several additional underlying document file types. The additional file types, together with those previously supported, create a wide range of supported file types for underlying documents, including PDF, .doc, opendocument, html, tiff, richtext, and more.

6. Customize Terms & Conditions

AssureSign users now have the option of customizing the terms and conditions that signers must agree to before viewing or signing documents. Easily incorporate additional communications on behalf of your company or other messages within the terms and conditions presented immediately prior to document viewing and signing.

To activate this feature, reach out to your account manager or email our customer success team today!

7. Much, Much More!

To discover even more updates and enhancements to the AssureSign eSignature and Document Management solution, head over to the AssureSign Knowledge Base’s Announcements tab for an exhaustive list of all product releases!

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