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Provide Medical Forms Online with eSignature

eSignature isn’t just a versatile product, it’s a powerful  one.

Often labeled as the liberator of antiquated, paper-laden processes, electronic signatures introduce unparalleled efficiency to the workflows of nearly every enterprise. However, the diminished cost, time, and overhead hassles that coincide with digitally transformed processes only scratch the surface of eSign’s benefit…

eSignature’s range of capability strengthens the performance of your product or goal. Whether it’s training an athlete, equipping a student, insuring a client, or franchising a product… eSignature advances your bottom line while delivering a seamless experience to both employees and consumers.

For United BioSource Corporation (UBC), eSignature advances the capacity to provide rapid  and critical medical support by providing medical forms online.

Who is UBC

Since 2003, United BioSource Corporation (UBC) has provided the healthcare market with a diverse repertoire of services aimed at providing pharmaceutical and medical support to myriad patient communities. The company has sustained market gains throughout its tenure in the medical and pharmaceutical support industry, leading UBC to be considered a pillar of enhanced patient care.

Serving pharmaceutical companies and patients in tandem, the health support services company transforms the latest scientific research into tangible improvements in a patient’s healthcare experience.

Using Traditional Signatures = Delays in Patient Care

Prior to providing an avenue for consent and medical forms online, UBC facilitated the healthcare exchange—pharmacists, PCPs, specialists, medical care, insurance providers, etc.—of both chronic and acute patients, while providing financial assistance for various medical services… Yet, leveraging a traditional signature process imposed a lapse in aid.

The reason? The time required for legal documents to be printed, shipped, signed, returned, and processed delayed UBC’s ability to extend care to those needing it the most.

The lengthy, outdated practice prevented critically ill patients with urgent pharmaceutical or medical needs from receiving timely treatment.

“Timing is critical to linking patients with medications, and patients often require them as fast as possible…”

-Jason Doiron, Director of Product Management—Commercial Insights and Analytics

eSign Delivers Medical Forms Online & Faster Patient Care

With AssureSign’s eSignature, UBC now provides support 530 percent faster than before! Which means critical patients waiting up to 11 days for urgent medical support is a thing of the past.

But that’s not the only benefit electronic signature brought to UBC…

Read the UBC Success Story to learn how AssureSign’s eSignature integration:

  • Migrated patient’s consent and medical forms online
  • Improved overall patient health
  • Eliminated extensive delays
  • Provided proactive troubleshooting and support
  • Obliterated extraneous costs
  • Improved efficiencies with a single integrated solution

Download the UBC Success Story to learn more