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Remember “Analog”?

There are many things that we can look back on fondly about 20th century life that have significantly changed in this new digital world. Just to name a few, we’ve seen the transformation of music, telephones, accounting, research, books, data, and connectivity.

The Content Remains the Same

These things that have been transformed before our eyes have at least one thing in common: the content that they deliver remains. We still listen to music, talk on the phone, enter numbers, look for information, save data, and relate people and items to one another. However, the way we do all those things has changed. Many would argue that all of those things have changed for the better, no offense to fans of vinyl records, wall-mounted phones, filing cabinets, and keeping the books literally in a book.

Why Make Exceptions?

Why should signatures be excepted from this trend of changing the process for the better? There are many reasons that wet blue ink is resistant to change. It’s the real thing. It’s genuine. It’s original.

Or is it?

How many organizations made full use of signature stamps 10 years ago? Isn’t the signature stamp the equivalent of the 8-track tape when compared to vinyl? It’s an accurate representation of the real, genuine, original signature, but just not quite as good. Yet signature stamps were – and still are – widely used to save time, effort, and – ultimately – money in the process of getting an important document signed.

It’s not as good as you remember

In other words, that wonderful old blue wet ink we love and require may not be the real McCoy we’ve been pining over all these years. It can’t be verified. It can be very easily replicated (since that’s actually the definition and function of a signature stamp). It can be stolen.

Time for a Change

So, as fond as we may be of our wet blue ink on the contract, just like music, phone calls, data, and spreadsheets, electronic is better, faster, more secure, more efficient, and more cost effective. In other words,electronic is an improvement over analog, even for our signatures.

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*Image Credit: Music Oomph