With AssureSign, The Jacksonville Jags eSign Like Pros

Sign Like a Pro: Learn How AssureSign Helped the Jacksonville Jaguars Improve Their Signing Process

Waking up to cold  crisp air is not only a reminder that the holidays are right around the corner, but for us sports fans, it’s a reminder that football season is here! Football is one of America’s favorite past times… and for good reason! There’s food, friends and even if you don’t have a home team to root for, games and libations will undoubtedly keep you entertained! What’s not to love!?

But what goes unnoticed by all us excited fans are the weeks and months leading up to an action-packed season! Football franchisees everywhere work around the clock to ensure each season is a success! One all-too-important part of prepping for a game-changing season is packing a stadium to bring down the house. So, how do they get it done? Experienced franchisees know the trick of the trade rests in implementing a seamless sales processes that keeps employees efficient and fans happy.

A few years ago, the Jacksonville Jaguars set out to heighten their team’s success by streamlining their own processes through eSignature. After discovering AssureSign, the Jags quickly learned what makes AssureSign a fan favorite:

3 Reasons AssureSign & Football Make a Great Team:

  1. Fast: Marquise Goodwin with the acclaimed San Francisco 49’ers is currently one of the fastest players in the NFL, touting a 40-yard-dash time of 4.27 seconds. His speed on the field fuels more points and wins for his team and adoring fans! Similarly, AssureSign’s electronic signature software eliminates the manual processes that slow your team down, keeping your fans as pleased as Goodwin’s. eSignature is the time and money saving game-changer that gives you more time to woo clients & close sales. (Leaving your boss all the more likely to becoming your  biggest fan😉)

  2. Special: In football, special teams are 11-man units on the field during kicking plays. Despite accounting for only 20% of an average football game’s plays, these “special teams” are in still in play for about a third of the game, making them largely influential to the end result! The same goes for eSignatures. While obtaining an electronic signature to complete a sale cycle is typically one fourth of your sales process (discovery, demo, develop, contract/sign), your eSignature has a huge impact on closing your deal. Without it – there is no deal.

  3. Fan Experience: If you’ve ever been to a football game – pro, college, or even your home town’s high school—between the yelling student body, tumbling cheerleaders, and marching band… football games are known for providing a great fan experience! When you implement electronic signatures into your workflows, you’re not only improving efficiencies for your internal business, you’re providing an overall better experience for your own fans – your customers!  With the number of businesses already utilizing eSignatures, the seamless signing experience has already become a fan favorite among consumers and lends a competitive advantage to enterprises leveraging the technology.

Since implementing AssureSign’s electronic signature software, the Jags have improved their ticket sales and fan experience before, during and after their games.

So, while you’re cheering on your favorite team this season, think about your own [business] team. Ready to become a fan favorite in your market by simply streamlining your business process with eSignatures?!


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