Solution Spotlight: Trigger App

Solution Spotlight: Trigger App


By now you may know that adopting electronic signatures provides many benefits, such as saving your company time and money. However, choosing the right eSignature solution is critical to reaping benefits like these.  At AssureSign we understand that not every solution is one-size-fits-all, so we’ve built solutions to accommodate your business and your customer’s specific needs, in order to help you make the most of your digital transition. 


In a time where mobility is preferred over stationary, businesses must adapt and evolve to stay relevant. Tech mobility takes many forms, but applications—apps—have a rising monopoly on the mobile market. In fact, according to comScore, mobile apps account for 50% of all internet traffic. Considering the stronghold applications have in the mobile and internet space, it’s no secret that enterprises adopting application solutions not only stay alive, but thrive. Taking this into account, we want to introduce Trigger, an existing AssureSign application, and how it may be a lucrative solution for your electronic signature needs:  

Trigger AssureSign

What is It? 

Our Trigger App is a lightweight companion that complements our CRM integration and web portal. With the latest 1.5 version release, Trigger allows it’s user to: 

  • Capture eSignatures anywhere with an internet connection 
  • Access all templates created by a validated AssureSign user 
  • Utilize basic features found in our web portal and integrations 
  • Utilize immediate presentment– if using on a touch screen enabled device, your recipient can sign right then and there. Awesome, right? 

With Trigger, the user has the option to choose between immediate presentment or simply send an email to your signatory if they prefer to wait. 

Who Should Use It? 

Well, anyone can use the Trigger App–did we mention it’s free? But some users may find increased benefit depending on their business model, who they do business with, and where they typically conduct transactions. Trigger works exceptionally well for businesses that necessitate mobile transactions while increasing efficiency and mobility to you and the end user.  

How Do I Use It? 

If only everything was this easy! Simply put, using Trigger is a simplified way of utilizing our template workflow.

  1. Login using your validated AssureSign user credentials 
  2. Enter requested parameters (document name, signatory name, email, etc.) 
  3. Select a previously saved template 
  4. Send! 

See? Easy as one, two, three… four.  

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