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4 Benefits of Streamlining TCPA and FCC Compliance with AssureSign’s eSign via Text

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It’s common for us here at AssureSign to hear of business success among eSign via Text users…

 “Providing the electronic signature process on a consumer’s smartphone is invaluable. With over 60% of our deals closed using AssureSign’s eSign via Text solution, it’s clear that eSign agility and mobility determines whether deals are won or lost.”

– Chris O’Brien, President & CEO of Captorra.

Yet, increased revenue is just one benefit of using AssureSign’s eSign via Text solution to mobilize the document review and signing process. AssureSign’s mobile signing platform completely automates your compliance with select FCC regulations like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Enacted in 1991, the TCPA aims to curb telemarketing calls and spam texts by prohibiting businesses from sending unsolicited messages. The mandate requires businesses to obtain explicit consent prior to communicating with consumers via SMS. Failure to obtain consent or observe other parameters within the statute can lead to steep regulatory fines or suspension of SMS marketing privileges.

Here are four benefits of automating your business’s compliance with the TCPA and other FCC regulation:

1. Enhanced Security

Every business using eSign via Text to send documents for signature is assigned a 5 or 6-digit short code. This short code is the unique sending proxy (phone #) utilized by a business’s AssureSign account when sending documents via SMS. By leveraging short code proxies instead of standard 10-digit phone numbers, AssureSign can provide your business with superior security and improved communication controls.

Every eSign via Text transaction is backed by a court-admissible, digital audit trail, including the signer’s name, email address, authentication method, public IP address, signing activity, document hash value, and timestamp. An audit trail further authenticates the lawful means by which a signature is collected, further sealing the integrity of your documents and signatures while providing legal recourse if necessary.

2. Communication Controls

When using eSign via Text to send documents for signature, recipients first receive a prompt to reply “YES” if they wish to communicate with your business via SMS. Their mobile service provider then validates your sending proxy (phone #), which guarantees delivery of your business’s messages.

This opt-in mechanism provides two favorable outcomes:

  1. Prevents your messages from being filtered as spam/undeliverable by mobile service providers
  2. Automatically aligns your business with the TCPA and other regulatory mandates

3. Avoid Fines

Failure to comply with TCPA mandates becomes very costly, very quickly. According to the FCC, businesses communicating via SMS with consumers that haven’t provided consent are subject to a maximum fine of $1,500 per message, per recipient. For perspective, assuming the maximum fee applied, your business would amas $15,000 in fines after sending only ten documents.

With TCPA compliance automation, eSign via Text accelerates the way you do business while eliminating any potential compliance missteps.

4. Better Experience

Countless businesses have improved their service delivery model by mobilizing the customer signing experience. By leveraging the only mobile signing platform with automated TCPA compliance, you can offer your customers enhanced security, controlled communication, and increased mobility—all while guaranteeing your business’s regulatory compliance.

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