5 eSignature Updates That’ll Make Your Summer Even Hotter ☀ | AssureSign

5 eSignature Updates That’ll Make Your Summer Even Hotter ☀

Another round of warm summer weather means only one thing for us here at AssureSign.

We’re not talking about the ocean’s breeze or a weekend barbecue… we’re talking eSignature updates and enhancements.

But don’t be fooled, our summer 2018 product updates are as hot  as they come. 🔥

1. Quick Navigation Bar (Web Portal Home Screen)

First up on the updates docket… a refreshed AssureSign home screen.

After first logging into AssureSign, you’re ready to get to work… which is why the features you use the most are now easier to find and access on the new AssureSign web portal quick nav bar!


AssureSign eSignature updates and enhancements- Home Screen Quick Nav BarQuickly create a document (or a template for repeated use) using our intuitive and, well… simple UI, Simple Setup. The Send Document (Simple Setup) tab lets you get creating, sending and signing in no time.

It’s not all about the sending and signing, though… administrative tasks are likely a large part or your day-to-day. With the View Reports tab, you can easily search for the sales or employment contract you sent yesterday, last month, or last year. No one wants to go over their document/envelope quota unnecessarily… stay on track by accessing your daily totals, sub account totals, template use and other stats from this tab!



Stay on top of user management with the Manage Users tab. Easily modify user settings and roles or monitor individual use with one click on your AssureSign home page.

We’ve moved all your account feature and security settings to one place! Users can now access account information, application features, signing customizations, signer authentication and DocumentNOW integration settings from the 🆕 Configure Settings tab. You’ll also find document, report and notification preferences here, too!

In January, we introduced AssureSign’s single sign-on (SSO) for electronic signature… complete with Microsoft Login (Azure Active Directory) capability along with all your AssureSign accounts (sandbox, production, etc.) in one, central location. Ready to stop playing in the sandbox? Easily switch to your production (or any other) account by clicking on the View My Account tab.


 2. Redesigned Simple Setup UI

If you like the simplicity of the quick nav bar, you’ll definitely enjoy the improvements to AssureSign’s most intuitive UI…

Simple(r) Design…

We’ve taken customer and focus group feedback and given AssureSign’s Simple Setup a face lift…

Along with a softer color scheme, Simple Setup’s getting started page now has two rebranded tabs at the top of the page:

AssureSign eSignature updates and enhancements- Home Screen Quick Nav Bar

Once entering Simple Setup, you’re defaulted to begin on the “Envelope” tab, which is perfect for creating a single or multiple documents for signature. Quickly digitize your sales orders, timesheets, or any other document… just upload your document, add your signer(s), use jotblocks—now featuring word wrapping for unpredictable input length—to support signer input, hit send and it’s on its way!

Need to give your signer some options? Our multiple choice jotblocks are the perfect fit. What’s more, this feature is now even simpler to use with the help of grid trails… guiding your radio buttons or checkboxes to their exact  placement on a document!



Plan on using the document layout again? Don’t continuously recreate your NDA or on-boarding packet… use the “Templates” tab to create and save a document’s template for signature for immediate and/or future use!

The new layout isn’t just simpler… it’s mobile minded. We’ve enhanced our Simple Setup UI to be even friendlier with mobile UIs.

Common Features are More Accessible…

Many of your documents will require a signer to upload an attachment. Whether it’s a driver’s license for new employment forms or bank records for a mortgage application, enabling your signer to include document/image attachments is easier than ever.

In addition to turning this option on during the ‘add signer’ process, we’ve added a jotblock specific for signer attachments. Now you can simply drag and drop where on the document you would like for the signer to upload a document or image.

Want your signers to sign the document in a specific order? Creating the order in which your signers can sign a document has never been easier! Simply drag and drop signers to structure the signing flow!


3. 🆕 Simple Setup Features

Source grouping allows you to pre-populate signer input, while enabling them to modify the text if necessary.

(Think names, dates, phone numbers, etc.)… you may have this information, wish to pre-populate the text for the signer, but want to allow them to update or change the information if necessary (after all, (s)he is the subject expert). Source grouping is still available in our Classic Template UI but is now ready to go in Simple Setup!

Regular expression is another newly added feature to our simplest UI!

Many documents ask signers to input a series of characters or numbers into pre-defined text boxes, like with SSNs on a W-9


AssureSign eSignature updates and enhancements- regular expression allows SSN and EIN numbers to appear on any form naturally


Gone are the days of choosing between creating separate jotblocks for each box OR allowing the numbers/characters to overwrite a document’s pre-defined boxes. Use regular expression to ensure the numbers or characters naturally align with the boxes’ parameters.

Simple Setup now also supports password prompts. You can now provide your signer with instructions when extending a password-protected signing process.


4. Adopt-a-Signature Enhancements

AssureSign’s “Adopt-a-Signature” allows signers to choose between a typed or drawn signature and ‘adopt’ that signature throughout the signing process. In other words, the signer can sign one time and apply that signature (or initials) to all places requiring a signature throughout a document(s).

  • Adopt-a-Signature is now available in AssureSign’s Classic Template UI.
  • Signers are prompted to adopt a signature (if desired) when first coming to a place on a document that requires their signature.
  • Font styles are now easily viewed in a drop-down menu when a signer wishes to type his or her signature.
  • Signers are no longer required to adopt a signature and initials if the document does not require both.

5. Security Enhancements

AssureSign eSignature updates and enhancements are complete with security enhancements, including revisions to our privacy policy and user agreements to align with the EU's GDPR We’ve added additional security features to enhance the privacy and security of data exchanges between you and your customers:

  • AssureSign account users are now required to change their (temporary) password after their first login.
  • Minimum password length/complexity requirements are now more robust.
  • Passwords will expire and users will be required to choose a different password after a set period of time.