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Summer Updates

We’ve had a busy summer updating AssureSign e-signature features. Our product roadmap is filled with ideas and features that you – our customers – have asked for in order to improve your digital transaction management efforts. We hope you enjoy these updates, and, as always, we love your feedback. These updates are for you.

  • Envelope Addendum: Not to be confused with Envelope Attachments, Envelope Addendums provide a way for clients to easily include supporting documents that do not require additional signatures. These items do not have to be documents; they can be images, short videos, compressed files or anything else. Signers are able to download & view the addendums during the signing process. 
  • Support for SharePoint: If you prefer storing files in SharePoint as opposed to your CRM, your life just got easier! AssureSign now offers built-in support that will easily allow you to take a document from AssureSign and drop it directly into SharePoint. 
  • Working with Envelopes: Users now have the ability to send multiple files from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Simply select Envelopes, add files, and close to seal & send the envelope out.
  • Sending from desktop: Now you can send a document from virtually anywhere. Avoid the additional steps of uploading and saving, and instead send documents in your CRM directly from your desktop.
  • Re-vamped signing pad support: Signing pad compatibility has been revamped to include support for all the latest devices from Wacom

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