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Three Major Considerations Before You Move to eSignatures

According to Aragon Research, enterprise businesses today have many reasons and motivations to begin the movement towards digital transactions. In the 2015 research report, Moving Beyond Paper, Aragon provides solid industry data for three major reasons that any enterprise should be considering electronic signature technology as an integral part of its digital transformation. At a […]

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Remember “Analog”?

There are many things that we can look back on fondly about 20th century life that have significantly changed in this new digital world. Just to name a few, we’ve seen the transformation of music, telephones, accounting, research, books, data, and connectivity.   The Content Remains the Same These things that have been transformed before […]

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The Cloud Isn’t for Everyone: A Case for On-Premise Electronic Signature

While the adoption of cloud usage continues to accelerate (greater than two out of three enterprises are incorporating the cloud today), a report issued by U.K.-based communications services provider BT Group indicates that IT decision makers’ confidence in the security of the cloud is at an all-time low. Moreover, a report issued by telecomm company […]

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Defining E-Signature: Sound, Symbol or Process and What it Actually Means

Since the ESIGN law of 2000 passed, electronic signature in the United States has been formally defined as… “an electronic sound, symbol or process that is attached to or logically associated with a record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.” Yet, now, more than 18 years later, […]

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