4 Core Values that Define Your eSignature Pioneers

The 4 Core Values that Define Your eSignature Pioneers

What are core values, really ?

For some businesses, they’re the feel-good, warm and fuzzy words plastered through the company hallways, in the breakroom, and behind the CEO’s desk. They’re the well-intended, yet seldom practiced buzz words that a public relations team concocted after months of market research. Their goal is to create a pleasant illustration aimed at enticing prospective consumers and retaining current business.

For others, core values describe the products and services offered by their company.  They illustrate exactly what their products do for customers or how life is simply unsustainable without their services. Consumers are left knowing WHAT the company does along with a compelling argument to purchase what’s on the table.

While these approaches may work for other businesses, buzz words and product lineups don’t depict the core of who we are.

So… what does?

AssureSign: The 4 Core Values that Define Your eSignature Pioneers

The Journey that Brought Us Here

17 years in the eSignature industry has lent us a roller-coaster of successes and challenges… and we’re equally grateful for both. Our tenure as an eSignature vendor has underscored two important realities:

  1. Our brand can experience tremendous success at the hands of determination, strategy and effort.

  2. Challenges are inevitable and it’s how we learn and progress from them that define our viability.

It’s our experiences that comprise these realities that allow us to cement and define our vision forward. We’re determined to work towards our business goals, yet equally important are the principles and fiber that characterize our company and brand.

For some years now, we’ve recognized these values and our unwavering commitment to uphold them. Yet, until recently, we had yet to put pen to paper, taking them from conceptual to concrete.

Earlier this year, our team of eSignature pioneers recognized the importance of crystalizing and publicly affirming the values that define the fabric of our company and brand.

So how did the best eSignature team in the game define their core values?

The answer isn’t difficult… in fact, it can be summed up with one word…


Why: Defining our Core Values

The Why behind what we do is what drives our every move as a company.

The Why behind what we do steers us forward.

The Why behind what we do influences every decision our team makes, everyday.

We’re not interested in telling you what  we do or how  we do it, because—while important—it’s not what drives us. Today, we would much rather tell you the reason  we do what we do. To do this, we’re going to introduce what defines the best qualities of our team… what creates the filter through which we make decisions… what guides who we hire… what defines our culture.

Today, we’d like to introduce our core values.

So, if you’ve read this far, then you likely have one question for us… “Why?”

We’re glad you asked.

AssureSign: The 4 Core Values that Define Your eSignature Pioneers

AssureSign: The 4 Core Values that Define Your eSignature PioneersBecause we’re… People of Character

Superior service necessitates benevolence. Trustworthy commerce demands sincerity. Having a “hold the elevator mentality” requires empathy. As professionals, we consider it our responsibility to lift up our colleagues through positive work culture, and others through acts of selflessness.

As a company, we’re rather selective of who we choose to bring on to our team. Aiming to earn the respect of our local and extended community requires that we hire only those committed to embodying dignity and mutual respect with their every action.

Being true people of character requires an inclusive mentality. Maintaining a diversified workplace and partner portfolio fosters greater understanding of those belonging to various walks of life. We encourage expression of thought while maintaining professionalism, respect for colleagues, and mindfulness of alternative views.

AssureSign: The 4 Core Values that Define Your eSignature PioneersBecause we’re… Genuine

Those representing our brand embody our underlying values during every interaction and transaction. Having honest and trustworthy team members is paramount to remaining steadfast in our values.

Honesty and trustworthiness are huge considerations at AssureSign when it comes to interactions with consumers… yet, upholding transparent internal interactions is equally vital. It’s through the freedom of open dialogue between colleagues, counterparts and our superiors that we can create and sustain realistic expectations that yield results.

AssureSign: The 4 Core Values that Define Your eSignature Pioneers

Because we’re… Innovative

We’re not interested in generating a satisfactory product so businesses can maintain a status quo. We lend enterprises the confidence to know they’re empowering their employees to be extraordinary  through robust solutions. No matter your occupation, our goal is to generate capable eSignature solutions and integrations that ease the way you do business.

To achieve this, we actively develop new processes, capable technologies and unparalleled mobility that positively impact the work and lives of our customers, team and community. Status quo, no matter how lucrative, is never something we’re comfortable accepting.

Past challenges and successes lend us the tools we need to transform tomorrow.

AssureSign: The 4 Core Values that Define Your eSignature PioneersBecause we’re… Invested

We want those that work with  us to know that we provide a best-in-class product because we’re in the business of empowering organizations to surpass their goals.

We want those that work for  us to know that we provide a constructive workplace because we’re in the business of enabling professionals to advance their career.

Sustaining a constructive work culture is easier said than done. It takes strategic dedication and commitment to produce a culture that empowers our customers and employees to be all that they can be. So, why do we continuously put in the time and resources to secure positive environments? Because we advocate for the best version of our brand and our team.

Transforming into the best possible version of our brand depends on accountability both to customers and ourselves. It’s our job to be the watchdogs of our brand, which means that we don’t shy away when desired results require tough conversations. We engage in collaborative internal accountability so that we can continue to excel in our industry and achieve overarching success.

These aren’t the beliefs we forecasted, ranked, and tested for popular approval, nor are they the principles that will increase our profit margins. These are the values we strive for based on who we are, where we want to go, and how we want to get there.

Do you hold these same intrinsic values? Interested in becoming an eSignature pioneer? Discover AssureSign’s career opportunities on our Careers page.