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The Digital Transaction Management Race: Aragon Research ranks AssureSign a Contender in Tech Spectrum Report

The rise of digital transformation among daily business workflows is disrupting the fundamental ways in which companies are engaging with customers, growing clientele and, overall, increasing revenue. Specifically, organizations are looking to document transaction management (DTM) applications and cloud-based software services to automate a variety of business processes.

At the end of last year, Aragon Research published Aragon Research Tech Spectrum™ For Digital Transaction Management that identifies electronic signature as a key focal point to successful DTM. Within the report, AssureSign was ranked as a Contender in the Aragon Research Globe (Tech Spectrum).

SMB and Enterprise Focus
For small businesses, the current electronic signature process has been complex and expensive and lacking in areas of flexible deployment. To keep up with the pace of digital transformation, small businesses are looking for an electronic signature that allows them to create a single platform signature experience immersed in their own brand identity – one that is ad-free, but also secure, with a high level of integration.

For enterprises embracing automation for a variety of business areas – from IT and human resources to marketing, customer service and sales, making the electronic signature process not only more seamless, but also easier to share among teams and partners is more critical now than ever before.

What we’ve been saying for the past year is now validated: electronic signature is evolving from a corporate luxury into a fundamental need of businesses both large and small. As such, electronic signature providers must embrace the needs of both SMBs and the enterprise. At AssureSign, we do so by offering competitive pricing, and a flexible and adaptive API, where internal IT departments dealing with legacy systems and small business servicing a variety of customers can create seamless experiences for customers and partners.

Our flexible API and our highest level of integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Azure and were highlighted as top strengths for us.

Cloud Deployment Options
Another key criteria outlined in the report for DTM is flexible deployment options. Companies and enterprises are seeking to deploy digital software via a variety of ways depending on their specific needs, including via public, private and hybrid cloud deployment or via on-premise.

Mid to large sized companies, whose financial and operational stability depends on securing and organizing hundreds to thousands of signatures, need an electronic signature solution that’s deployable in multiple ways. Enterprises may have legacy content stored on-premise, while newer digital workflows, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, offer a better experience when electronic signature is deployed via hybrid cloud.

AssureSign is the only electronic signature provider to offer cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premise deployment, which Aragon Research noted in the report.

Partner Channel
A final area in which AssureSign excels is through the strong partner program that we offer, AssureSign Connect.

Businesses are looking to cut costs wherever they can, whether it be consolidating teams or maximizing productivity. Executives are looking to automate areas where manual operation is no longer needed and, as such, are deploying processes to improve productivity, save time and money.

As businesses start to deploy more automated, digital workflows for their customers and partners, they’re looking to for a solution that can not only be integrated into their current business processes, but also one that can be leveraged in a variety of ways via a variety of outlets. AssureSign Connect is the industry’s only electronic signature software partner program with a proven revenue stream for referral, integration and resellers alike.

Improve Your Digital Transaction Management
Without question, businesses are finding themselves in the middle of the race to digitize workflows and need the right kind of tools and solutions to help them with this process. Companies recognize that digitizing transactions creates a better experience for their customers, increases internal productivity and speeds up time to revenue.

We’re proud to be ranked as a contender in the Aragon Research Tech Spectrum for Digital Transaction Management report. As we see the DTM movement take shape, AssureSign is well equipped to support this transformation. Whether it is a company, small business or global enterprise, organizations must consider short and long term needs when choosing an electronic signature provider.

If you’re interested in improving your digital transaction management processes with a full-package electronic signature solution, contact us today.

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*This Aragon Research Globe or Tech Spectrum graphic was published by Aragon Research Inc. and is part of the Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Mobile Management, 2015.