The Future of Insurance is Digital

The Future of Insurance is Digital: Applied Net Post-Show Wrap-up

We already brought the Applied Net conversation live to you last week via Twitter and in our Day One post. Today, we’re focusing on the crux of Applied Net 2015 – the Future of Insurance.

Applied Net 2015 included several product release announcements, five inspirational keynotes, including former U.S. Secretary of State Dr. Madeleine K. Albright and more than 200 informative educational sessions, training, workshops and panel discussions that all resonated with the same fact: The future of insurance is more digital than ever before.

Companies and individuals are interacting with agencies in more ways than in the past. In fact, the total amount of laptop/PC users has declined by 12 percent while mobile users increased by 18 percent. Internet users are on smart phones, iPads and laptops all at the same time and they expect insurance agencies and brokers to keep up.

Individuals demand the services and products that they pay for to be more mobile, easy to use and, overall, more intuitive. The insurance industry’s need to foster innovation resonates on a global scale, from the private sector to the public and government sector. Dr. Albright sums this up by saying, “People are talking to governments on 21st century technology, the government hears them on 20th century technology, and responds with 19th century ideas.”

Today’s highly digital world demands more mobile, more intelligent solutions. With this in mind, our AssureSign team made a significant new features announcement to our eSignature offerings during the Applied Net – which garnered the top news tweet during the first two days of the show.

Insurance agents and brokers could see, first hand, at Booth 216 how these new features enable the creation of an eSigned document in minutes – the fastest in the market!

Other features include:

Live tracking of the eSignature process

– In-line document markups and editing

Drag-and-drop document uploading from desktop to the app

– Easy-to-save, customizable templates for future use

We even had the pleasure of meeting with some insightful analysts, such as Steve Anderson, Ron Berg and Barry Rabkin to keep the #FutureofInsurance conversation going.

Without question, Applied Net 2015 was the ideal environment to showcase how we’re re-shaping the future for insurance agents and brokers. Our new general manager for global insurance solutions, Dianna George, along with the rest of the AssureSign team, walked away from the conference with a greater understanding of insurance agents and brokers’ evolving needs – and how our new features directly meet these needs.

“Having worked in the industry for more than 15 years, I know that insurance agents are entrusted with sensitive information from their clients and are responsible for life-impacting decisions,” said George in the recent AssureSign new features release. “They need a trustworthy, reliable e-signature solution to meet these needs. AssureSign has built long-lasting relationships with its insurance customers and today’s news is an indicator that we’re meeting the ever-changing needs of insurance agents and brokers nationwide. We are thrilled to have a presence at the 2015 Applied Net Client Network Conference and look forward to improving the insurance industry with these new features.”

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