The Secret to Gaining More Volunteers? Electronic Signatures.

The Secret to Gaining More Volunteers? Electronic Signatures.

For more than 17 years, AssureSign has helped enterprises, small businesses, non-profits, and all types of organizations advance their bottom  line by reinventing its dotted  one.  

eSignature is the horizontal product that brings greater velocity, decreased cost, and mitigated risk to nearly every organization, regardless of industry. Despite the need for electronic signature spanning nearly every market, the uniqueness of business operations and transactions highlight the need for different, versatile solutions 

For example, our in-person method of signing via digital signing pads works exceptionally for many of our public sector and financial services clients, while it’s our eSignature via SMS/text message feature that attracts many in the legal and customer service industries. Industry, use case, and clientele are some determinants of which eSign product(s) best fit the current practices within an organization. Yet they aren’t the only deciding factors…  

Preexisting processes and workflows can also heavily influence which eSignature solution(s) can best meet the current needs of an organization.  

In fact, it was their preexisting processes that led Junior Achievement of Kansas City to choose AssureSign to redefine their dotted line with eSignature.  

Who is Junior Achievement of Kansas City 

Junior Achievement of Kansas City is a non-profit serving the student population of metro Kansas City schools. Kansas City is one of 109 Junior Achievement markets throughout the U.S., whose mission is to inspire and prepare students for future global economic success. The youth development program provides students with real-world simulations involving business management, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship to drive the knowledge and skill set necessary for tomorrow’s workplace.  

One of the predominant goals of the educational non-profit is to bring the vital tools and resources that can generate these skills to students in low-income homes.  

A few years ago, the organization experienced tremendous volunteer growth, allowing the organization to serve a growing number of students each year… but the growth spurt brought the non-profit a few growing pains.  

More Students Served + More Volunteers = More Paperwork 

As the number of volunteers grew, the paper-laden process of consenting to the organization’s terms and conditions became increasingly difficult to sustain. Not only did it become more tedious to track the process of capturing signatures, storage space for the growing mound of paperwork was wearing thin. 

AssureSign's eSignature alleviates paper processes


The non-profit decided that an electronic method for volunteers to consent was the only logical way forward.  

JA of Kansas City first crafted a rudimentary online system, which allowed volunteers to accept and consent to codes of conduct—among other agreements—online. Yet, the non-profit quickly learned that its electronic signature process did not meet all the legislative requirements of an electronic signature per the ESIGN and UETA acts.  

eSignature Brings Relief 

Discover how AssureSign’s electronic signature software enabled volunteers with Junior Achievement of Kansas City to browse, sign up, and consent to documents online without disrupting any of their existing practices! 

“It’s absolutely worth the investment… It’s helped us streamline our business practice while allowing us to provide a quality and timely response to our volunteers.” 

– Junior Achievement of Kansas City Executive 

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