Top 5 Tech Conferences for Q3 2019

Oh, The Places You’ll Go: Top 5 Tech Conferences in Q3 2019

Want to keep tabs on what’s going on this quarter? Look no further than our list of the top five conferences taking place in Q3 2019:

CompTia’s ChannelCon 2019
August 5-7 | Las Vegas, NV

A conference headlining Shaquille O’Neil doesn’t require much explanation to appear rather enticing. For this reason, CompTia ChannelCon tops the list of worthy tech conferences for Q3 2019 (that, and chronological order). But Shaq isn’t the only reason CompTia caught our eye… It’s a great opportunity for those belonging to Dynamic Communities or who utilize Dynamics applications to gain industry insight and network with industry peers. CompTia will recognize its Member of the Year and ChannelChangers—young professionals propelling industry innovation—during the conference, along with announcing recipients of their Advancing Women in Technology Spotlight awards. You can register for CompTia’s ChannelCon here.

August 25-29 | San Francisco, CA

VMWorld is geared towards IT professionals and is aims to “capture the momentum of today’s rapidly changing IT environment…” Attendees will be equipped with the necessary information, tools and partnerships to take their IT efforts to “the next level.”  With tracks and sessions related to hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments, modern apps, networking/security, digital workspace, and emerging tech trends, there’s not much left to be desired for those in the information technology space! You can register for VMWorld here.

September 15-17 | Phoenix, AZ

Everything and anything as a service. That’s the mindset behind GlueX as over 70 percent of SMBs say it’s critical to their success. Everything as a service, XaaS, is gaining momentum across the market as consumer demand expands beyond traditional digital products. For two days, attendees will learn from leading thinkers and innovators and gain actionable insight that can be implemented immediately after returning to the office. Keynote speakers include Captain “Sully” Sullenberger, David Robertson, Paul Dippell, Mark Copeman, among others. Register for GlueX here.

September 15-18 | Austin, TX

There are multiple reasons to consider attending Pure//Accelerate. In fact, Pure gives you SIX good reasons to consider heading to Austin, Texas come mid-September—courtesy of the conference’s “Why Attend” page:

  1. Receive the tools necessary to become a thought leader, challenger and innovator in your field
  2. More than 130 sessions that build on your current skillset
  3. Become certified in an area of interest
  4. Discover solutions that can elevate your status quo
  5. Exchange ideas with industry experts, industry peers, and more
  6. Experience the city of Austin like never before

Need help justifying the trip? Pure provides talking points and a pre-drafted approval request letter to help “convince your boss” here.

Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit
September 23-25 | Las Vegas, NV

Hosted by 451 Research, the Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit positions itself as “a new blueprint for success in the digital age.” In recent years, markets have shifted dramatically towards a service focused economy, replacing physical assets for digital ones. The shift to a service-centric and digitally driven market will affect every industry, vertical and organization differently. Yet, despite the effectual differences across industries, “all organizations will succeed or fail based on their ability to embrace change in an era of unprecedented IT innovation.” Attendees will discover ways to leverage the digital revolution with both off and on-premises solutions that empower them to deliver a heightened CX to their audience. Register for the Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit here.

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