How to Build a Capable Cybersecurity Framework (4 Steps)

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In late 2017, we introduced a mini-series centered on cybersecurity framework.

The prevalence and persistence of threats haven’t let up and are only forecasted to grow, causing a record number of projected business intrusions through 2020.

SMBs and Mid-Sized Companies in the Crossfire

Until recently, many SMBs to mid-sized organizations have avoided being considered primary cyber targets by observing a few select “best practices.”

Yet, the advanced nature of today’s cyberwarfare along with evolving tactics and methods employed by hackers have required a change of approach.

Hackers typically seek the most valuable data in the largest of quantities from the most vulnerable companies. Many black hat hackers are switching focus to smaller companies in the supply or service chains of enterprises rather than directly attacking large companies. When successful, this method gifts the most valuable data with minimal effort.

This intrusion methodology is rapidly gaining traction, leaving virtually no business exempt from sophisticated cyberattacks and causing organizations that simply observe “best practices” to be extremely vulnerable.

The Simple Cybersecurity Framework Designed for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

The digital interests of our customers—and non-customers—is our fore concern.

Our eSignature product heightens business flexibility and agility while enabling a better customer experience. Yet, to maintain its—and all other digital process’—efficiencies and benefit, users must ensure that comprising data is protected and secured from breaches.

Because of this necessity and our investment in the digital market, we at AssureSign are doing our part by helping small to mid-sized businesses develop the robust cybersecurity framework capable of preventing and defending against intrusion attempts.

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