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Welcome to the AssureSign blog.

Just another in a long list of exciting changes we’ve been introducing for the last 18 months. Speaking of changes, let me give you a glance at AssureSign’s heritage. The history starts back in 1991 when Dale Combs and I started Marketing Systems Group. Anchored primarily in the telecommunications sector with one primary customer (United Telephone/Sprint/EMBARQ), we leveraged our out-of-the-box thinking and our “strategic solutions” moniker to allow this customer to realize uncommon success without having to reinvest in hardware, software and the like. Our solutions were provided in a hosted environment, today recognized more commonly as Software-as-a-Service or SaaS. EMBARQ is still a customer of MSG and to date we’ve processed more than 20 million transactions.

Given an excellent relationship and being recognized as “being able to do anything” with then Sprint, we were approached about providing third party verification (TPV) services in as regulated requirement for long distance providers. TPV’s are essentially recorded verbal contracts and are required to change your long distance carrier or to port your wireline phone number to another carrier. We saw this as a challenge and an opportunity to expand our services and customer base. Through a brief prototype and evaluation process, the services provided were adopted and moved to 3000 desktops throughout Sprint’s local telephone company infrastructure. From there Third Party Verification, Inc. was formed and is now known more commonly within the industry as 3PV. 3PV’s customers include 7 of the top 10 cable companies, Voice over IP providers and traditional phone providers throughout North America.

A product developed to help Vonage shorten the lead-time to turn up customers that wished to transfer their current local number as eLOA or electronic Letter of Agency. eLOA is an electronic signature product in all facets as defined by eSign and UETA. In 2005 alone 3PV helped its customers collect over 2 million electronic authorizations for the e911 Information and Education project mandated by the FCC. Within the past month 3PV celebrated 20 million electronic and verbal contract verifications, all provided in a SaaS environment.

This all leads us to AssureSign. AssureSign, LLC was formally launched as its own company after being conceived in the MSG/3PV incubator in 2006. AssureSign, leveraging the infrastructure and experience used to deliver over 40 million electronic transactions for both MSG and 3PV, has grown from a concept of collecting an electronic signature to full-featured document management system. The same innovation has come into play again with our DocumentNow™ XML interface and our integration with the industry leading CRM, Salesforce. The forward thinking design and inherently flexible applications allow our customers to develop and integrate their own electronic signature processes using AssureSign. The AssureSign engineers are busy developing our next two releases which will be similarly innovative and provide even more flexibility to adapt AssureSign into any business process.

This blog will continue to document the progress of AssureSign, its innovations and benchmarks.