AssureSign's Passionate About Reinventing the Dotted Line

We’re Passionate About Reinventing the Dotted Line – Here’s Why

The Start

Dave Brinkman and retired business partner, Dale Combs, in 2007
Dave Brinkman and retired business partner, Dale Combs, in 2007

As a serial entrepreneur from the age of 18, I’ve always been one who loves to solve problems. Whether it’s something to do with my car, house, barn, building a WiMax Internet service for my house and those of my remote neighbors – any of it – I like tinkering with and fixing things.

Along Came 3PV

So in 1999 when Sprint approached my previous company about a new problem they faced, my business partner and I decided to build a solution that became Third Party Verification (3PV). 3PV’s technology enabled verbal authorizations for Sprint and eventually hundreds of telecomm clients to come.

Shortly after the establishment of 3PV, two fellow technologists joined me: Don Kratt and David Madison. Don and David, like me, have a passion for solving problems. In addition to creating a verbal authorization solution (3PV), we created electronic signature software, now called AssureSign, to serve the needs of Vonage and their VoIP revolution. Once we deployed it for Vonage, they collected critical business authorizations faster than ever before.

Forever Changing The Dotted Line

AssureSign team in the early days
AssureSign team in the early days

Even in the early days, all of us at AssureSign knew that businesses and partner technologies would require lots of flexibility in how they used and deployed electronic signature to speed up the execution of critical business documents. It’s for that reason that AssureSign can be deployed on-premise, via the cloud or via a hybrid cloud — as this allows our customers to e-sign critical documents in a way that’s quick and jibes with their current business workflows. (By the way, we’re the only e-signature software in the industry that can be deployed either on-premise or via cloud while maintaining the exact same software and functionality; we call it “deploy as you like.”)

Since those early days, AssureSign has continued to innovate our software routinely, making e-signatures easier to use and more mobile. AssureSign’s executed more than 300 million electronic signature transactions, which has allowed some of the world’s best-known businesses to run more effectively and conduct critical business operations and negotiations from anywhere.

The same passion for solving problems that initially drove my partners and I to launch 3PV, which recently merged with AssureSign, is what drives us forward today. Currently, the AssureSign team continues to reinvent the dotted line with even more mobile signature capabilities, through iOS and Android applications, in order to make doing business while on-the-go easier than ever before.

Learn more about the AssureSign team and our company story here.

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