Who Has Adopted eSignatures?

Who Has Adopted eSignature?

We are in the midst of a movement away from wet, blue ink on contracts and towards electronic signatures. The reasons for the strength of this movement include speed, efficiency, verifiability, customer experience, and the cost of printing, shipping, and storing all that paper. Those are just a few of the reasons that entire industries have made the shift and transition to eSignatures.

Below is a list of the industries that jumped to bring eSignature into their processes and some of the applications for how they have put the technology to great uses.

  • Insurance – believe it or not, the insurance industry was one of the early adopters of electronic signature technology. At first, the players were not sure that their customers – you and me – would embrace electronic signatures, but the customers wanted to get their insurance paperwork done faster, and eSignatures moved that piece of the process along nicely.

  • FinTech – except for mortgages, which are still reeling from 2008 and actually took some steps backwards from going digital in many areas, the world of financial technology has thoroughly embraced eSignatures for things like opening an account, transferring money, and agreeing to terms and conditions. Today, even the mortgage industry is beginning to move towards eSignatures again.

  • Government – yes, government has actively sought out electronic signature technology to become more efficient. You can file your taxes completely electronically because you don’t have to sign the 1040 with blue ink anymore.

  • Schools – mainly colleges and universities utilize the technology, but schools of all sizes and levels have made it much easier to enroll, get loans, and pay for classes without physical paper to sign.

  • Franchises – the reason a business embraces the franchise model for expansion is to expand into other markets. Electronic signatures fit perfectly into this model for applying for and signing the contracts to join just about any franchise.

  • Sports Teams – imagine how painful it is to buy season tickets when you have to actually sign and mail your order! Or even worse, when you have to sign it in person. Sports fans appreciate speed, and electronic signatures are simply faster than blue ink.

Across the board, the industries who adopt eSignature technology into their everyday business processes do so because it saves everyone time and money.

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