Winter 2018 eSignature Updates and Enhancements ❄

❄ Cool Updates: Winter 2018 eSignature Updates and Enhancements

With a new season comes a new wave of product enhancements and updates that make your eSign experience with AssureSign even more interactive and useful.

Our latest enhancements comprising the AssureSign winter update is rather fitting, because by any objective standards… they’re pretty cool. From formerly announced enhancements going live to simplifying the functionality of our customer-facing UI, AssureSign’s winter eSignature updates and enhancements gift you with an even better (and faster) performing eSign!

SSO and Account Central Page Come to Life!

In a prior updates post, we announced the now live  AssureSign eSignature Single Sign On (SSO) interface—incorporating Microsoft Logins—and a centralized account screen that queued all your active AssureSign accounts in one place.

SSO with Microsoft Logins

Ditching multiple passwords is made easy when new AssureSign users use their pre-existing Microsoft LoginsAzure Active Directory (Azure AD), Live IDs, and other select Microsoft platforms—to sign in to AssureSign. Keeping up with only one set of login credentials? Yes, please!

AssureSign's eSignature Single Sign On (SSO): Login Screen with Microsoft Login

With AssureSign’s eSignature SSO, users can still opt to use a username and password unique to the AssureSign platform and reap the convenience of a one-time login for multiple account access.

Account Central—Your New Login Page

Do you have sandbox (trial) environments? What about multiple production accounts?

The AssureSign 6.0 release centralizes account access to include all your active eSignature environments under one domain/URL (! Immediately after logging in to AssureSign, all your active accounts and environments are queued on-screen… from there, you can select the desired environment and quickly get to work!

AssureSign's eSignature Single Sign On (SSO): Central Login Screen


We’re kicking off 2018 with updates that pivot on simplicity.

The year’s first round of updates and enhancements streamline our product design by bridging gaps in the UI and affording more control to account admins and users.

IP Address Restrictions

Leveraging IP address restrictions is easier than ever before! IP restrictions allow account administrators to disable other users from accessing administrator report pages, document signing pages, and DocumentNOW APIs.

Administrators can now use these IP restrictions to prevent users from accessing an AssureSign account from outside a company’s network.

AssureSign Web Portal Settings Page

Password Resets

Passwords are inevitably forgotten now and then…

But when you’re talking about a company full of employees… that mounds up to quite an anarchy of forgetfulness…

With the latest updates to AssureSign, account administrators can complete a password reset without any assistance from our client services team!

So, not if, but WHEN users forget their passwords… an administrator can simply select the “Reset password and send login information to user via email” option under the “Administration” tab via the AssureSign web portal. A temporary password is then automatically  sent to the user’s email.

Resetting Password in AssureSign eSignature Web Portal

If an admin isn’t available, users can still reset their own passwords using the “Forgot Password?” link on the login screen…

AssureSign's eSignature web portal: User reset password

For security, temporary passwords expire 72 hours after being generated.

And simplicity by design doesn’t end with your  experience…

We’ve made improvements to the signer interface, making it easier than ever for your customers to eSign using AssureSign…

Adopt-a-Signature Enhancements

When eSigning with AssureSign, users can opt to have their initial signature—or initials—replicated throughout the remaining documents’ jotblocks (places for signature).

For use cases with extraordinary document (and signature) counts, like franchising a business or insurance policy agreements, our “Adopt-a-Signature” feature is the Santa Claus of eSign… gifting saved time to signers and faster completion rates to businesses.

AssureSign's Adopt-a-Signature: Santa Claus of eSignature

To eliminate confusion for signers, we’ve migrated the option to adopt a signature to where a signer first begins signing a document. Now, signers can preview documents before choosing to adopt a signature for the duration of their signing process.

What’s more, an adopted signature can now be edited after created and/or used in the signing process! For whatever reason a signer wishes to edit his adopted signature after signing some, but not all, included documents, he can now do so without reverting to page one! The modified signature will then appear from the point of edit moving forward.

What’s Coming…

Unified Billing

Prior to hosting all AssureSign logins on a single domain, billing formatting for AssureSign Connect resellers included only individualized invoices, making revenue determinations tedious. AssureSign will soon conjoin billing for eSignature reseller partners

Housing all AssureSign accounts in a centralized location enables conjoined billing for resellers, taking the guess work out of profit margins.

Resellers can look for these billing enhancements in the coming months!

More Adopt-a-Signature Improvements

Currently, the improvements made to AssureSign’s Adopt-a-Signature feature is exclusive to our new Simple Setup UI.

Our next release is slated to include the feature in our “Classic Templates” UI, enabling all  AssureSign users to leverage the time-saving functionality.

If that weren’t enough, we’re also working on optimizing the responsiveness of Adopt-a-Signature when used during eSigning on a mobile device.

… And More!

Look out for other exciting updates like additional signature fonts with our soon to come 6.2 release!

Interested in learning additional ways to use eSignature? Contact our team of client service all-stars for a complementary opportunity assessment to discover how else your business can be improved with AssureSign!