Reduce the Lifecycle of Insurance Documents with eSign via Text

Reduce the Lifecycle of Insurance Documents with eSign via Text

In a previous post, we highlighted the four-fold benefit of adopting an eSignature and document management platform among insurance carriers and agencies: Reduce cost and improve productivity Diminish error and omission (E&O) exposure Create a competitive edge Delight clients with a legal and secure digital alternative But did you know AssureSign offers unique eSigning features… Read more »

Win 60% More Legal Clients with eSign via Text Message

Win 60% More Legal Clients with eSign via Text Message

In a previous post, we illustrated the benefits that electronic signature brings to the legal industry. In case you missed it…firms are estimated to lose $9,071 annually per lawyer due to productivity lag and wasted time. Firms can reduce or eliminate these substantial losses—upwards of a million bucks for larger firms—by automating their document management… Read more »

3 Take-Aways from our First AssureSign Customer Advisory Panel

AssureSign Launches its First Customer Advisory Panel

The philosophy behind AssureSign’s core value, Innovation—“Learn from yesterday. Transform tomorrow.”—is embodied in everything we do, from our customers to our employees. Yet, innovation in isolation doesn’t define success. Imagine yourself holding “innovation” in one hand 🖐🏼 and your current processes in the other hand 🖐🏼. What does it look like when you put the two… Read more »

Give Mom What She Really Wants with Electronic Signature Waivers

Electronic Signature Waivers

    This Mother’s Day post is brought to you by one of our very own mothers, Andrea Schwartz, Director of Client Services at AssureSign   Raise your hand if you’re a mom… HA! That’s a trick call-to-action if there ever was one… and one that no  mother would have fulfilled… Why, you ask? Do… Read more »

eSignatures and Dynamics 365: Trends Shaping the Technology

on-demand Webinar co-hosted by AssureSign and MSDynamicsWorld that will show attendees how consumers can sign documents on a phone with AssureSign's eSignature

  Did you know only 45% of smartphone users have mobile access to their email?   Did we just blow your mind? Even more daunting? The implications for your business… When consumers can’t sign documents immediately, the chances of having them completed within 24-72 hours decreases significantly. So, what are businesses like yours–with time crunches… Read more »

Q&A: How to Create a More Effective Sales Process

Q&A: How to Create a More Effective Sales Process

The sales industry. Some think of door to door salesmen, others think of telemarketing. The reality? Enhanced and increasingly available technologies have enabled salespeople to do more in less time by working smarter- not harder. The marketplace is more saturated with products than ever before, but with increasing dependency on technology and digital transformation, a… Read more »

#Transformation Tuesday: The eSignature Transformations of 2017

AssureSign eSignature Transformations of 2017

2017 was quite the year. From solar eclipses to a record-setting Primetime Emmy Awards, last year was full of exciting and memorable occasions that won’t soon be forgotten. Yet, it’s not the sun’s momentary absence or historic award wins that define what we at AssureSign loved most about 2017. Last year lent tremendous success to… Read more »

Your Search for THE Premiere Dynamics 365 eSignature Integration is Over

AssureSign's Dynamics 365 eSignature Integration

Microsoft’s CRM User Group (CRMUG) is currently hosting its tenth User Group Summit, where end-users of the tech giant’s CRM—Dynamics 365— gather to network and learn of new solutions and innovative trends. Summit garners many of Microsoft’s MVPs and integrated partners, yielding great networking opportunities and even offer solutions showcases in the conference’s expo hall.   While AssureSign’s platform integrates with many popular CRMs, it’s our Dynamics integration that distinguish us from the competition. In fact, it… Read more »