Electronic Signatures vs Digital Signatures… What’s the Difference?

difference between digital signature and electronic signature

Electronic signatures have been legal in the United States for nearly 20 years… In fact, the turn of the millennium, or sometime close to it, marks the start of many countries legally accepting some type of virtual signature. In its infancy, eSignatures were considered a business luxury. However, in 2018, electronic signatures are widely recognized… Read more »

What Is Electronic Signature?

What is Electronic Signature (eSignature)

The 21st Century, third millennium, digital decades, electronic era… no matter which way you spin it… the digital age is upon us and seems to only garner more momentum and speed with each passing year. Since its inception nearly two decades ago, the fabric of the new millennium has been sewn together with defining digital… Read more »

🍀 Go Green With eSign This St. Patty’s Day 🍀

Go Green with eSign

When you look around this St. Patrick’s Day, there’s not likely to be any shortage of festive green decor. But for us at AssureSign, going green is a year-round effort—minus the leprechauns and shamrocks. Companies in nearly every industry are undergoing a digital transformation… and for good reason. Not only are paper processes more expensive… Read more »

Digital Transformation Begins with eSign

Digital Transformation begins with eSignature

Electronic signatures are a powerful business tool, capable of streamlining digital processes, eliminating extraneous cost, returning wasted time, and so the list goes on. Yet, implementing eSignatures as part of your transactional processes yields more than mere perks… it enables businesses to move towards the digital transformation needed to remain competitive in the marketplace.  … Read more »

#Transformation Tuesday: The eSignature Transformations of 2017

AssureSign eSignature Transformations of 2017

2017 was quite the year. From solar eclipses to a record-setting Primetime Emmy Awards, last year was full of exciting and memorable occasions that won’t soon be forgotten. Yet, it’s not the sun’s momentary absence or historic award wins that define what we at AssureSign loved most about 2017. Last year lent tremendous success to… Read more »

AssureSign Highlighted as a Hot Vendor in Digital Transaction Management

AssureSign Recognized as 2017 Aragon Research Hot Vendor in DTM

  📢  UPDATE: December 4, 2017 It may have cooled down since June when AssureSign was recognized by Aragon Research as a 2017 Hot Vendor, but eSignature’s momentum in digital transaction management (DTM) continues to sizzle !   This week, we’re heading to the San Francisco Bay Area for Aragon’s Hot Vendor & Innovation Awards Ceremony, where selected vendors will be recognized for their notable… Read more »

Give Thanks… to eSignature

Thankful for eSignature

It’s that time of year again. Football, family gatherings, a few days off, food… all define the fast approaching Thanksgiving holiday. Another common practice around this time of year… giving thanks! Whether it’s friends, family, a great job, or a pumpkin spice latte, there’s common ground in having something to be thankful for. When we think… Read more »

Trick or Treat! The 4 Scariest eSignature Myths Debunked.

Trick or Treat! The 4 Scariest eSignature Myths Debunked.

Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls bring quite a fright  to this day. Whether it’s at a haunted house or in your own neighborhood, it’s quite a spooky sight on All Hallows’ Eve. Yet, it’s not a witch’s cackle or a loud chainsaw emerging from the ominous haunted house door that gets us spooked… eSignature provides helpful… Read more »