AssureSign Highlighted as a Hot Vendor in Digital Transaction Management

AssureSign Recognized as 2017 Aragon Research Hot Vendor in DTM

Update (December 4, 2017 ) It may have cooled down since June when AssureSign was recognized by Aragon Research as a 2017 Hot Vendor, but eSignature’s momentum in digital transaction management (DTM) continues to sizzle !   This week, we’re heading to the San Francisco Bay Area for Aragon’s Hot Vendor & Innovation Awards Ceremony, where selected vendors will be recognized for their notable… Read more »

Trick or Treat! The 4 Scariest eSignature Myths Debunked.

Trick or Treat! The 4 Scariest eSignature Myths Debunked.

Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls bring quite a fright  to this day. Whether it’s at a haunted house or in your own neighborhood, it’s quite a spooky sight on All Hallows’ Eve. Yet, it’s not a witch’s cackle or a loud chainsaw emerging from the ominous haunted house door that gets us spooked… eSignature provides helpful… Read more »

ESRA Talks eSign Compliance: What’s Coming for 2017-2018

Electronic signatures bridge the gap of time and geography, making once tedious tasks timely and seamless. From banking, to insurance, to the legal sector, nearly every industry employs elements of electronic signatures to streamline business processes and run more efficiently.   eSignatures host a variety of conveniences for consumers and vendors alike. It may seem like these conveniences have been around for decades… Can you remember a… Read more »

Happy National eSign Day. Sincerely yours, AssureSign

There’s plenty to celebrate in the month of June! Whether welcoming the summer solstice, attending a LGBTQ+ pride parade, or hunting down fireworks to celebrate America’s up-and-coming 241st birthday, you likely had something to treasure during this busy month. We, too, are fairly big fans of June. In addition to all that makes June special,… Read more »

The Digital Revolution for Insurance: There’s a Webinar for That!

digital revolution and eSignature

It’s no secret that every industry is affected by the onset of our digital revolution. Moreover, some industries, such as online streaming and catalogs, have come to fruition because of this technological shift. While little doubt surrounds Netflix and Amazon welcoming the influx of digital reliance, tenured industries are still analyzing how best to adapt.  … Read more »

Counting the Costs of eSignatures

The phrase “cost of doing business” is used so often we forget what it means. What are the costs of doing business, your business? One such cost is signatures. Yes, the physical act of signing a piece of paper costs money, mainly in the form of the paper that your customers are signing. Do you… Read more »

eSignatures: Use Cases for Any Organization

Anytime a new technology, innovation, or specific process makes its way through several industries, those people who are always looking for ways to make their own improvements will seek out the best uses of the best new tools. Further, these same people don’t just jump on the bandwagon just to be cool. Rather, they first… Read more »

Who Has Adopted eSignature?

We are in the midst of a movement away from wet, blue ink on contracts and towards electronic signatures. The reasons for the strength of this movement include speed, efficiency, verifiability, customer experience, and the cost of printing, shipping, and storing all that paper. Those are just a few of the reasons that entire industries… Read more »

Customer Experience Is King

The movement towards electronic signatures continues to accelerate for many sectors of the enterprise. Businesses big, small, and medium are making the digital transformation for more than just what we in the business would consider “obvious” reasons. As the e-signature marketplace continues to grow, mature, and accelerate across the enterprise, we continue to see new applications… Read more »

Three Major Considerations Before You Move to eSignatures

According to Aragon Research, enterprise businesses today have many reasons and motivations to begin the movement towards digital transactions. In the 2015 research report, Moving Beyond Paper, Aragon provides solid industry data for three major reasons that any enterprise should be considering electronic signature technology as an integral part of its digital transformation. At a… Read more »