Cybersecurity Toolkit: Hashing 101

Implementing eSignatures is a true digital transformation for your company. While pen-and-paper may seem like the safer route, old-school signatures are actually easier to replicate and more difficult to verify than their electronic counterparts. eSignatures offer a fast, simple, and secure solution to guaranteeing your document gets signed when you want and by whom you… Read more »

The Cloud Isn’t for Everyone: A Case for On-Premise Electronic Signature

On premise

While the adoption of cloud usage continues to accelerate (greater than two out of three enterprises are incorporating the cloud today), a report issued by U.K.-based communications services provider BT Group indicates that IT decision makers’ confidence in the security of the cloud is at an all-time low. Moreover, a report issued by telecomm company… Read more »

Understanding NIST Standards When Dealing with Electronic Authentication

by Britni Zandbergen – IDology   The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is not only one of the nation’s oldest physical science laboratories, it is also a non-regulatory agency of the United States Department of Commerce. From nanotechnologies to the world’s largest and most complex creations, NIST conducts research in support of a… Read more »

How Legal Are Electronic Signatures?

Originally posted on Paperless Kitchen Blog 29 April 2013 Earlier in the month, we shared the findings of a survey conducted by Adobe that showed that paperless contracts continue to remain out of reach for most companies. One reason why many companies are wary of electronic contracts is because of signatures. Companies worry that if… Read more »

Are Electronic Signatures Secure Enough for Property Management?

by Tim Blackwell I have sort of a thing about perfecting my electronic signature so that it closely resembles my paper signature from a ballpoint pen. The stylus is a little cumbersome and the round point just doesn’t give me that feel of control with the pinpoint accuracy of a Mont Blanc. I’m a little… Read more »

Court considers electronic signature requirements for agency contract

By Caldwell and Kearns An Arizona appellate court recently examined whether a real estate licensee’s emails to her clients constituted electronic signatures on a buyer agency contract when the real estate licensee failed to physically sign the written agreement. The real estate licensee represented the buyers in a home search over an 18 month period…. Read more »