3 Take-Aways from our First AssureSign Customer Advisory Panel

AssureSign Launches its First Customer Advisory Panel

The philosophy behind AssureSign’s core value, Innovation—“Learn from yesterday. Transform tomorrow.”—is embodied in everything we do, from our customers to our employees. Yet, innovation in isolation doesn’t define success. Imagine yourself holding “innovation” in one hand 🖐🏼 and your current processes in the other hand 🖐🏼. What does it look like when you put the two… Read more »

Legal Sector: 3 Cybersecurity Practices to Protect Your Client Data

Did you know that only 33% of law firms report having some sort of data protection policy? Additionally, a mirroring 33% report adopting cybersecurity training for their counselors and staff. (source) According to many security experts and research on primary methods of cyber intrusions, most hackers gain access to a network due to the naive… Read more »

🆕 Ultimate Cybersecurity eGuide: Secure Your Business with These 4 Steps

In late 2017, we introduced a mini-series centered on cybersecurity framework. The prevalence and persistence of threats haven’t let up and are only forecasted to grow, causing a record number of projected business intrusions through 2020. SMBs and Mid-Sized Companies in the Crossfire Until recently, many SMBs to mid-sized organizations have avoided being considered primary… Read more »

GDPR: Here’s what YOU Need to Know

GDPR: eSignature

If you’re in the business of handling consumer data, you’ve likely heard about regulatory changes on the horizon. Many businesses are eager to understand how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union (EU) will propel the need for changes (1) within their own operations and (2) how companies they do business with,… Read more »

How the Grinch Steals Data: 9 Tips for Safe Online Holiday Shopping

Safe Online Holiday Shopping

‘Tis the season to be… online shopping. The hustle and bustle of everyone’s favorite season never fails to pick up its pace… With the time between Thanksgiving and winter holidays seeming shorter every year, it’s no wonder jack-o-lanterns share shelf space with tree ornaments and Menorahs. As the years progress, so do the number of… Read more »

Your Organization was Breached… Now What?

AssureSign: Your Organization was Breached. Now what?

Data breaches and intrusion attempts aren’t the first thing on anyone’s mind when starting a business or organization, but the realities of today’s cyber ecosystem have pushed cybersecurity to the top of the priority list.   Knowledge of cyberthreats and your organization’s vulnerability have become paramount to ensuring the continued success of any company or organization. It’s this information that allows… Read more »

Cybersecurity Strategy: 2 Steps to Best Your Incident Response

Cybersecurity Strategy: 2 Steps to Best Your Incident Response

With the exponential rise of cybersecurity concerns in 2017, we’ve been focusing on a cybersecurity mini-series that demystifies and simplifies building an all-encompassing cybersecurity strategy.  We’ve identified prevalent threats, your organization’s vulnerability to those threats, outsourcing v. in-house security efforts, and the prevention measures your organization should employ—or at least consider—in building a comprehensive security infrastructure. Prevention is where most… Read more »

Cybersecurity Strategy: Turn Your Organization and Employees Into Cyber-Heroes

Cybersecurity Strategy: Empowering Your Organization and Employees to be Cyber-Heroes

Adequately defending your organization and its digital processes heavily relies on building a robust infrastructure of preventative security measures.   Limiting user permissions, securing Wi-Fi connectivity, encrypting data, properly disposing of dated devices, and other key processes are vital functions of your cybersecurity strategy and implementation team. Lack of preventative securities leaves your data up for grabs, and no matter how different one… Read more »

The ONLY Checklist You Need for Your Preventative Cybersecurity Strategy

cybersecurity strategy checklist

The previous post in our Cybersecurity strategy series addressed whether to outsource or keep cybersecurity efforts inside your organization, a critical consideration in building an effective cyberdefense strategy.  To refresh your memory: An effective cybersecurity strategy is divided into 7 characteristics, which categorize your strategy’s various entities and functions. These characteristics and independent functions can… Read more »