Back to School in Digital Style!

Digitize your class or school with AssureSign's eSignature

It’s August, which means it’s back to school season for millions of kids, teachers and parents. Ahhh yes, another summer fades and school year begins—a transition that’s spanned decades. Students heading back to school is nothing new, but many of the processes inside their classrooms will be! In recent years, many classrooms across the world… Read more »

How to Stay Ahead of Competitors with eSignature for Insurance

4 reasons why eSignature for insurance is a cut above other ECM solutions and claims management solutions

Digital transformation has been pervasive for nearly a decade or so. But it’s not just our smartphones or day-to-day processes that are transforming… so are client expectations. In a survey of nearly 300 insurance buyers*, more than a third said online self-service was “very important” when deciding who to do business with. Clients are willing… Read more »

4 Ways Legal Firms and Servicers use eSignature to Outperform Competition

4 ways the legal industry uses eSignature

DYK?… Lawyers, judges, legal tech providers, and other legal staff process and manage more documents than any other industry. Consequently, they have quite the comfortable lead regarding time spent (and wasted) on managing documents and signatures. By the numbers: Lost productivity within the legal industry… Document creation, delivery and management: 11.2 hrs./week Time wasted (searching… Read more »

How to Use Electronic Signature: Use Cases for Your Business

how to use electronic signature

  It’s an exciting time when a new technology or process is implemented… We’re amazed at the ease, convenience, and “cool factor” of its use. Yet, the true goal of any new business initiative—whether it’s a company acquisition, changing HQ locale, or purchasing new software—is to generate ROI. Many times, the ‘newness’ of a process… Read more »

Insurance Industry Trends: Digital or Bust!

People holding thought clouds discussing popular Insurance Industry Trends and insurance innovation

Do you know how digitization fits into insurance innovation and today’s insurance industry trends?  You need to! The insurance industry, like others, is grappling with evolving customer expectations as the digital era ushers in convenience and innovation at an unprecedented rate. Moreover, the modern consumer, quite frankly, expects all the legwork to be done for… Read more »

Ready to Take Labor Out of the Equation?

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, autumn will officially begin on September 22nd. However, for many, Labor Day marked summer’s unofficial departure. Today, it’s rather customary for the first Monday in September to be celebrated with boats, backyards and barbecues. Yet, despite the fun-filled summertime gatherings, Labor Day has historically honored the contribution… Read more »

3 Steps: How to Send a W9 Form with AssureSign… an email attachment alternative!

3 steps to How to fill out a W9 form with AssureSign eSignature:

New employment forms and on-boarding comes with a healthy dose of papers and signatures. For industries and enterprises that routinely hire independent contractors and other non-traditional employees, this process can seem never-ending with what seems like a revolving door of new employees. What’s more, this “independent workforce” is increasing quite rapidly. Over 40% of the U.S…. Read more »

What Is Electronic Signature?

What is Electronic Signature (eSignature)

The 21st Century, third millennium, digital decades, electronic era… no matter which way you spin it… the digital age is upon us and seems to only garner more momentum and speed with each passing year. Since its inception nearly two decades ago, the fabric of the new millennium has been sewn together with defining digital… Read more »

eSignatures and Dynamics 365: Trends Shaping the Technology

on-demand Webinar co-hosted by AssureSign and MSDynamicsWorld that will show attendees how consumers can sign documents on a phone with AssureSign's eSignature

  Did you know only 45% of smartphone users have mobile access to their email?   Did we just blow your mind? Even more daunting? The implications for your business… When consumers can’t sign documents immediately, the chances of having them completed within 24-72 hours decreases significantly. So, what are businesses like yours–with time crunches… Read more »

AssureSign’s in AppSource! Try eSignature FREE for 30 Days.

AssureSign is in AppSource and you can try eSignature free for 30 days

When was the last time you purchased an app outside of an app marketplace? On your smartphone for example, the marketplace defines itself based on the phone’s brand… Apple has its “The App Store” and Android has “Google Play.” These stores provide what makes having a smartphone worth the hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of dollars… Read more »