The 4 Core Values that Define Your eSignature Pioneers

AssureSign: The 4 Core Values that Define Your eSignature Pioneers

What are core values, really ? For some businesses, they’re the feel-good, warm and fuzzy words plastered through the company hallways, in the breakroom, and behind the CEO’s desk. They’re the well-intended, yet seldom practiced buzz words that a public relations team concocted after months of market research. Their goal is to create a pleasant illustration… Read more »

AssureSign Exec Talks Partnerships & Diversity within Microsoft Communities: Collab365 Session with Microsoft Evangelist, Joe Darko

eSignature goes to Collab365 Global Conference

AssureSign has been a proud member of Microsoft’s partner-led community for nearly a decade. While our involvement with this community produces many lucrative opportunities… it’s through fostering partner relationships  that we’ve recognized the role that partnership and partner diversity play in generating mutual success. Join the Conversation On November 1st, AssureSign’s Director of Sales and Marketing,… Read more »

The Secret to Gaining More Volunteers? Electronic Signatures.

eSignature integration brings more capability to JA of Kansas City

For more than 17 years, AssureSign has helped enterprises, small businesses, non-profits, and all types of organizations advance their bottom  line by reinventing its dotted  one.   eSignature is the horizontal product that brings greater velocity, decreased cost, and mitigated risk to nearly every organization, regardless of industry. Despite the need for electronic signature spanning nearly every market, the uniqueness of business operations and transactions highlight the need for different, versatile solutions.   For… Read more »

AssureSign + LinkedIn + Dynamics 365: A Seamless CRM Integration for Your Sales Team

AssureSign, Dynamics 365, and LinkedIn CRM integration

Countless eSignature use cases span many industries, they are exceptionally vital  to the success of any modern sales organization as they’re the final step to complete your sales teams end-to-end process.   But with eSignatures being just one piece of this larger sales cycle… how does an organization set their selves up for success to create an entirely digital and seamless sales process? Let’s take a look at the parts that make up your basic sales cycle….   Sourcing, prospecting, product demonstrations, follow ups, pricing negotiations… all contributing fundamentals to a complete sales process that—hopefully—lead to a successful close. And while our product rests in this much desired closing phase, we’re invested in providing integrations that can simplify and streamline your… Read more »

Change is in the Air: Fall 2017 eSignature Updates and Enhancements

AssureSign's Fall eSignature updates and enhancements

What’s the best change about fall?… The transition from green to warm yellow-ish orange leaves?   Trading in the sweltering heat for mild days and crisp nights?   Shorter days accompanied by an extra hour of zzzzz’s?  As fall makes itself at home, we begin to see changes long anticipated by autumn-lovers everywhere. But… the best changes fall will bring have… Read more »

AssureSign’s Director of Marketing and Sales Recognized as a Marketing and Social Media Leader Finalist

TAG One in a Millennial Award Recognizes Michelle Cloninger of AssureSign as a FInalist

At AssureSign, we pride ourselves in offering a dynamic and exceptional eSignature solution that creates extraordinary potential for businesses in multiple industries.  “Dynamic ” and “exceptional ” describe not only our product, but also our team standing behind it. Our company has a lot of moving parts, all designed to work in unison to provide an exceptional eSignature experience for… Read more »

Jadu Adds AssureSign’s Electronic Signatures to eForms

Jadu adds AssureSign Electronic Signatures to eForms

eSignature is often a necessary last step for enterprises within the SaaS eCommerce market. Because businesses and organizations offering SaaS rely on eSignatures to complete their solution’s transaction cycles, they often seek an eSign vendor that provides a seamless integration with their solution. That’s why enterprises like PowerObjects, SpruceBooks, and many others leverage our partnership program, AssureSign Connect.    AssureSign Connect enables our… Read more »

On-Demand Podcast: AssureSign President and CEO Talks Blockchain

ESRA Podcast: AssureSign talks Blockchain

We’re proud to announce our President and CEO, David Brinkman, recently co-hosted a podcast “Blockchain and You,” where he delves into all things blockchain!  What’s Blockchain?  Blockchain is a key platform of underlying technology that empowers digital assets, including the growingly popular digital currency, Bitcoin. Many of us may be familiar with the currency itself, but lack familiarity with the digital infrastructure supporting it.  David, an executive board member on the Electronic Signature and Records… Read more »

AssureSign Responds to Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

AssureSign Responds to Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

The past few months have proved to be an extremely trying time for the United States. With a grave amount of uncertainty swirling around the political arena, many speculate this is one of the most divisive eras our country has experienced in decades. And it’s not just politics. While the flood of current events make… Read more »

AssureSign Highlighted as a Hot Vendor in Digital Transaction Management

AssureSign Recognized as 2017 Aragon Research Hot Vendor in DTM

AssureSign’s hot, red hot! In looking for leaders in the Digital Transaction Management (DTM) sector, Aragon highlighted AssureSign as an innovator in their newly published “Hot Vendors in Digital Transaction Management, 2017” ((2017-27) Jim Lundy, June 29, 2017). Click here to access the full report–for FREE.  Who is Aragon? As thought leaders, Aragon has 50+… Read more »