Change is in the Air: Fall 2017 eSignature Updates and Enhancements

AssureSign's Fall eSignature updates and enhancements

What’s the best change about fall?… The transition from green to warm yellow-ish orange leaves?   Trading in the sweltering heat for mild days and crisp nights?   Shorter days accompanied by an extra hour of zzzzz’s?  As fall makes itself at home, we begin to see changes long anticipated by autumn-lovers everywhere. But… the best changes fall will bring have… Read more »

How to Enhance eSignature Workflows with Dynamic JotBlocks

eSignature, jotblock, dynamic jotblock

Electronic Signatures have come a long way since the revolutionary ESIGN Act of 2000, making eSignatures legally enforceable for businesses within the U.S. Since then, enterprises have utilized eSignature solutions to provide many benefits, like a polished end-user experience. Selecting an eSign provider with robust features will pave the way to accomplishing this improved customer… Read more »

Solution Spotlight: Trigger App

Trigger AssureSign esignature

  By now you may know that adopting electronic signatures provides many benefits, such as saving your company time and money. However, choosing the right eSignature solution is critical to reaping benefits like these.  At AssureSign we understand that not every solution is one-size-fits-all, so we’ve built solutions to accommodate your business and your customer’s… Read more »

Spring Updates

Spring is in the air! Along with the sweet scent of cherry blossoms and cheerful chorus of chirping birds comes the roll-out of several new features sure to delight you just as much as that first day warm enough to leave your coat at home.     New Dynamics Features – If you’re a Dynamics 365… Read more »

Introducing SMS eSignatures

For more than 15 years, our mission has been to make it easier and easier to sign anything electronically. From digital signature pads to Salesforce integrations, we take every possible step to simplify your eSignature transactions.   Recently, we have witnessed a digital transformation, and you might have noticed it, too: people everywhere are glued to… Read more »

Integrating eSignatures into Existing Web Forms

When you think of electronic signatures, you might think of the signature pads you sign at a brick and mortar store front location. Or if you’re in business, chances are you think of an email with a ‘begin signing’ link. Although they may seem different, both of these methods to obtain signatures are legally equivalent… Read more »

Post-Thanksgiving-Pre-Christmas-Not-Yet-Winter Updates!

OK, it’s not quite “winter” officially yet, nor is it snowing here in Atlanta, but we did get our first rain in a long, long time, and we’ve rolled out some fantastic updates! Let’s call them “Post-Thanksgiving-Pre-Christmas Updates” just for fun. As always, these updates are from you and for you, because we love our customers. Sliding… Read more »

Introducing LocalSign 2.0 for AssureSign

AssureSign has been processing electronic signatures for more than 15 years. As more and more consumers and businesses embrace not using paper to complete credit card transactions and legal agreements, we remain focused on making it easier and easier to sign for anything electronically. For those who still want to actually, physically add your signature,… Read more »

Football, Fireplace, or Software Code Updates?

AssureSign's Fall eSignature updates and enhancements

Fall is leaf season, fireplace season, and football season, but at AssureSign, it’s the season for new code! We’ve rolled out seven great updates since the last 90-degree day here in Atlanta, and they’re all for you, our fantastic customers! Prepare API – Submit/Prepare is available in our new V3 DocumentNOW API. This new functionality… Read more »

Summer Updates

We didn’t take the summer off   We’ve had a busy summer updating AssureSign e-signature features. Our product roadmap is filled with ideas and features that you – our customers – have asked for in order to improve your digital transaction management efforts. We hope you enjoy these updates, and, as always, we love your feedback…. Read more »