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Businesses expanding their footprint through franchising opportunities have unique needs compared to traditional or independent companies.

Brand consistency, training, financing, franchisee support, real estate purchasing and leasing… all noteworthy considerations that benefit from a document sending automation tool like eSign. Yet, maintaining compliance with one element, specifically, can be particularly daunting—the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Franchise Rule. This mandate requires phases of a franchise transaction to observe defined time intervals (‘cooling off periods’) before the next phase can begin. If documents are sent or received too soon or too late, game over.

The AssureSign for Franchise Suite is the only eSignature tool designed with the FTC Franchise Rule in mind, making it the preferred vendor for franchise networks like Neighborly across the globe! When creating a repeating or one-time workflow, simply configure your desired time parameters and you’re set! AssureSign’s unique timing feature includes a variety of parameter configurations, including how long a signer must wait before completing and sending documents back! It’s FTC compliance made easy.

Discover how to simplify compliance while saving thousands in paper, ink, postage and other material costs. Start your 14-day trial of AssureSign’s Franchise Suite today.


cannot say enough about AssureSign’s client services team in terms of intelligence, helpfulness and patience... their responsiveness to calls and emails is top notch.

- Shelly Walsh, Firehouse Subs Franchise Accounts Manager

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