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Accelerate client onboarding and document turnaround

Onboard Clients with a Single Text Message

Rapid onboarding made simple. Turn prospects into clients with a single text message.

Maintain Document Security & Legality

Collect legal signatures without sacrificing file and data security with the legal industry's preferred eSign provider.

Simplify & Streamline Workflows

Create, send, receive and archive client documents and forms with a single digital solution.

Digital meets legal.

Manually filing intake forms, onboarding packets, NDAs, business contracts, and other legal documents in multiple repositories is burdensome—not to mention costly and risky.

Transform your company’s processes without expensive or arduous tech implementation. With innovative solutions like eSign In Person and eSign via Text, you’ll empower clients to complete documents on their favorite digital device. Convenience for them, faster close rates for you.

Sending documents that require multiple signers to sign in a specific order? Use signer sequencing to create an automated sending workflow. For example, if a document requires Signer A and Signer B to sign in order, Signer B will receive the document only after Signer A finishes the signing process. What’s more, you can always review who’s already signed, pending and next in order at any time.

With Nintex AssureSign’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can generate ready-to-sign documents in minutes. Save even more time by storing signing templates for commonly executed forms—NDAs, conflict of resolutions, client contracts, etc.—all with your trademark and brand white labeled at every customer touchpoint. Available as a custom integration or web-based solution, Nintex AssureSign’s Legal Suite increases your company’s efficiency and lowers cost, all while providing you with the tools necessary to remain competitive in a digital ecosystem.

Start simplifying and streamlining your processes today with a 7-day free trial of Nintex AssureSign for Enterprise.

Over 60 percent of our own deals are closed with Nintex AssureSign’s text to eSign feature. Both our customers and my own sales team agree… mobile eSign determines whether deals are won or lost!

- Chris O’Brien, President & CEO, Captorra

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